Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sugarpill Kim Chi Liquid Lipstick - Swatch & Review!

We're living in a golden age for indie makeup; thanks to the internet, it is very easy for a smaller company to get their name out there and for consumers to get their hands on more niche products that may not be quite so readily available from mainstream companies. With the rise of consumer desire for more unique products, smaller indie companies can grow and thrive and turn into what I like to call 'semi-indie' companies; companies that still make products in smaller batches or that are not sold in retail stores, but that have corporate offices and a larger staff of people to help them run their business. One of my favorite semi-indie companies is Sugarpill, a super cute cruelty-free brand from California owned and operated by a very lovely lady named Amy (she goes by Shrinkle on social media). Sugarpill makes amazing cosmetics; they're best known for their eye shadows, but they recently branched out into lip products. I already own and love one of their liquid lipsticks, the elusive Trinket, so I was very happy when they announced that they'd be releasing a second called Kim Chi.
 I was prepared to fight tooth and nail to get it when it launched, but due to the issues I had when ordering Trinket (this was when it was limited edition; they've brought it back as a permanent color), I was given a special code to order it early. Yay!

Everything about Sugarpill is cute, adorable, and well-designed, including their mailers!
I cut out the design this time around, but it's the same artwork by Bei BadGirl that was featured in my previous Sugarpill mailers (she also created the super cute mermaid that was on the original limited edition Trinket tubes). You also get a free sticker with your orders! These do vary somewhat; I've gotten the Sugarpill logo at least twice, but the pattern of the holographic background is different.
Kim Chi is a special liquid lipstick created by Kim Chi, the drag queen. It's described as a 'matte lavender mauve with a subtle, unique blend of transparent aqua and violet sparkles'. Like Trinket, the sparkles become more apparent as the lipstick dries down, but since these sparkles are transparent, they're a little less obvious than the gold in Trinket.
The tubes have Kim Chi in gold ballon letters on one side and a bleeding heart Sugarpill logo on the other. This logo is also on the non-limited edition Trinkets, instead of the mermaid. If these tubes look familiar, it's because Sugarpill uses the same supplier for their packing as Jeffree Star and Dose Of Color.
The applicator is a flocked doe-foot with a scooped out middle; the scoop really hugs your lips and helps with precise and smooth application. Did I mention that this lipstick smells like donuts?  It's a very vanilla-y bakery scent; if I didn't know it was supposed to be donut-scented, I might guess that it was cake batter-scented or something, but it's very pleasant regardless (I like it better than the creamsicle scent of Trinket).
On initial application, it's very smooth and almost mousse-like, but it spreads out well and has opaque coverage.
As it dries down, the sparkles start to show through, but again, they are a lot less obvious than they are in Trinket. I almost prefer this look since it's a lot more subtle--not that a matte lavender mauve is that subtle to begin with, but if there was a ton of obvious sparkle, it might be too over the top. If you want more shine, you can always pat a Sugarpill loose shadow on top, like Lumi or Grand Tiara (I'm 100% not sponsored; I bought this lipstick with my own money and Sugarpill has no clue who I am, but I really love their products).

Overall I am very, very happy with my Kim Chi liquid lipstick! The color is gorgeous; it's different from everything else I own, but it's still very wearable. It feels very comfortable on my lips; it's never dry or crumbly. When I was testing it out, I even forgot I was wearing it! I didn't eat much during my initial test wear, but I did drink water (from a glass) and soda (from a can) and I didn't notice any transfer or wear. Right now, Kim Chi and Trinket are out of stock, but they are both permanent shades so if you're interested in getting them, make sure to sign up for e-mail alerts when they go back in stock.

Thanks for reading! <3

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