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Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit - Swatch & First Impressions!

I think one of the reasons why I never seem to win anything is that I use up all my luck when it comes to snagging limited edition products (technically, in this case, it was my husband who managed to purchase this, but since it was for me, I'm going to count it as both my luck and his speed skills).
For her 19th birthday, Kylie Jenner released a limited edition collection of products in special gold packaging. Along with some new eye products, a makeup bag, and a new lip color (among other things), she released a special mini set of six of her liquid lipsticks which included five current colors and the new birthday color, Leo.

There's a lot of hype, and a lot of differing opinions, around Kylie Cosmetics; I previously avoided purchasing anything from her since I didn't think the products were worth the price and aggravation, but morbid curiosity won out and I figured $36 to try six different colors wasn't a bad deal.

A lot of people felt the same way as me, so this kit sold out fast. We're talking in a minute, maybe even less, fast. I will say, though, I do appreciate the fact that this collection was released multiple times, on different days at different times; I think it makes it slightly more fair since not everyone is able to be at their computer on a specific day at a specific time and it gives you more than one chance to purchase something. I initially wasn't even going to bother with this kit since I didn't think I would be able to catch a stock, but I ended up being free at the time of the first release, so I tried my luck. I managed to get the item in my cart and had all my info entered, but I panicked and wanted to double-check to make sure I had entered my shipping address in correctly. In the five or so seconds it took me to go back and check, the kit had sold out and I wasn't able to purchase it. I was incredibly frustrated (mostly at myself) and now that I had come so close to getting the Mini Matte Kit, I needed it.

When the time and date of the next restock was announced, I was crestfallen since I would be at work at time and unable to take my lunch or a break to try and get it. Luckily, my husband was available and he agreed to try and get it. I was anxious, but I didn't want to get my hopes up since I knew how difficult it would be to get it, especially after seeing how quick it sold out the first time. Five minutes after it released, I got a call from my husband saying that he had been able to purchase it and, well, here we are!
One thing people note when purchasing from Kylie Cosmetics is that shipping is expensive; I don't know if I'm spoiled by free shipping, but it was just under $9 for standard shipping. As far as I know, you have to pay shipping regardless of how much you order, and it generally takes a week to arrive (3-5 days processing, 3-6 days to ship). I read that the packing used to be a bit more interesting (my kit arrived in a plain black box with the Kylie logo and drips on the inside lid), but it was so recognizable that a lot of people had issues with people stealing their packages so Kylie Cosmetics toned things down.
With my order, I got a 'handwritten' glossy thank you postcard; I think these come in regular orders, too, but this was a special birthday one.
Kylie probably did write this at some point, but this is just a printing, hence the quotes. It's not as nice as the actual handwritten thank yous I've gotten from other companies (bigger companies, too, like Live Love Polish and Beautylish), but it is a nice touch and I'm keeping it because I like to collect weird stuff like that.
To fit with the gold birthday theme, this kit comes in a metallic gold box; my camera has a hard time with shiny packaging, so I apologize for any oddities and my reflection. It also seems to attract fingerprints like crazy, but you can't really see them in real life, only in photos.
The mini themselves come packaged in an open-face box (the outer part is a sleeve you slide off); it reminds me of how candy canes are packaged, though you do have to open the box to get the minis out (you can't just pop them out, unless you don't mind damaging the box).
The back of the box lists ingredients and product size; the first five colors all have the same ingredients and the new color, Leo, has it's own set (the main difference is that it apparently contains gold and it has an extra chemical called polymethylsilsesquioxane). This info is only on the box, not on the sleeve (which is blank gold on the back).

All the minis are packaged like the full size lipsticks, except tiny and with gold details instead of black. Another thing that people noted about these minis is that they are quite small; a full size liquid lipstick is 3.25ml and these minis are 0.65ml each. Originally, I thought that the $36 for six minis was a pretty good price; Stila mini liquid lipsticks sell for $16 for two, but those minis are 1.5ml each, which is almost twice the size of the Kylie ones. After calculating some values, it looks like you're only getting about $21 worth of product in this $36 kit. Again, it is a less expensive way to try six colors, including the limited edition Leo, without having to commit to the full sizes, but you're paying a premium for it.
On to the actual lipsticks! This is a very nude-heavy set, which makes sense since the full line is also nude-heavy (there are more colors now, but it started with mostly nudes). First up is Exposed, a 'warm mid-tone beige'
I feel like there are stories/ideas behind each of these shades and names, but since I don't really follow Kylie or Kylie Cosmetics, I'm not familiar with them. I believe many of the original shades were designed to match colors that Kylie wears.
 Next is Dolce K, a 'deep beige nude'.
I also believe that many of these nude colors were designed with the idea that they will flatter a wide variety of skin tones; I struggle with nudes, as I think many people do, so I'm curious to see if these will work for me. ...I haven't actually worn these yet since they've been sitting on my desk waiting to get reviewed and, since they are kind of hard to get off, are a bit of a commitment to wear.
Koko K is described as a 'pale pink'.
These liquid lipsticks do have a sweet scent, almost like cake batter/butterscotch, but it's very artificial. It's not bad or anything, I actually prefer sweet vanilla scents over fruity or, especially, minty scents, but there is sharp, 'fake' tang to it.
Candy K is a 'warm pinky nude'.
Pinky nudes work better on me than straight beige or brown nudes, so I think this one will work best on me (unless it's true that these nudes will work for most skin tones, which will be quite impressive).
Kristen is described as a 'warm brown berry', but it looks a lot more berry/red than brown to me.
The stock photo for the mini kit makes it look super nude/brown and the stock photo of the full size makes it look more muted than does it real life. My photo is a little more saturated, but I feel like it's a lot more accurate. This is a color I would look up swatches online first before buying.
Finally, we have Leo, the special edition birthday color! Leo is a 'true deep burgundy' and has gold in it, apparently. You can't see it in the tube, and it doesn't add any shine or sparkle to lipstick itself, so it's more of a mental thing (I have purchased products because they had real gold in them, but the gold was at least somewhat visible; the only exception I can think of was a Smashbox powder foundation and I didn't buy it because it had gold in it, if that makes sense).
Regardless of it's gold status, Leo is a very pretty color and it really stands out in this set of otherwise nudes and pinks.
Since I don't own any full size Kylie liquid lipsticks, I don't know how the applicators on the minis compare, but they all have good-sized flocked doe-foot applicators. I felt like I had a good amount of control with this applicator, but since these are pigmented liquid lipsticks, I'm not sure if I'm going to get the amount of precision I need (I really like the flat, paddle-shaped applicators that the NYX Liquid Suedes have).
Left to right: Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen, and Leo. Again, I'm not sure how Exposed or Dolce K are going to look on me, but I'm glad I get to try them without having to invest in the full sizes. These liquid lipsticks have a very thin consistency; I was actually kind of surprised by it, even though I knew they'd be on the thin side. The thinness of the formula made it very easy to apply, but it was also easy to apply too much if I wasn't careful (and since these are so tiny, I want to avoid wasting any). They take a bit to dry down fully, maybe a minute or two, but once they are dry, they are quite hard to remove. I had to scrub at my arm with multiple makeup remover wipes to get them off (and even then, I had some left that I gave up on). I don't think they were on my arm long enough to see if any of them stain, but I will say that Leo seemed to stick around the longest.

Is this kit worth it? It's kind of a moot question since you can't purchase it any more, but since it was so popular, I'm sure Kylie Cosmetics will release something similar down the road. Value-wise, it's not; $36 for six minis doesn't sound bad (it breaks down to $6 a mini, full sizes are $17 each), but after comparing the amount of product you get, you're actually paying more by buying this kit (you get about $21 worth of product). And that's not including the almost $9 for shipping. That being said, this is a less expensive way to try multiple colors, including a special limited edition one (six full size lipsticks would be $102 and you would still have to pay shipping) and you're getting exclusive packaging as well. For me personally, I think it was worth it (and even if it wasn't, Kylie Cosmetics does not allow returns, so it doesn't really matter) just to be able to try a few different Kylie liquid lipsticks and to have the limited edition packaging, but I wouldn't say you have to rush out and purchase any of these unless you really, really want to.

Thanks for reading! <3

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