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August 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag - Sugar Highness - Unboxing & Review!

The theme and bag for the August 2016 Ipsy Glam was aborable. When I saw the bag spoilers many moons ago (actually, it was probably like...two moons at most), I thought that this was going to be a great bag. When people starting posting their bags on Instgram, my excitement remained because there were some interesting products that I wanted to try/already knew I would.
Unfortunately, my bag was a bit of a let down; the bag itself is cute, and I'm always up for a nail polish, but the other products (minus the eye liner) are a little on the 'meh' side.

Ipsy is a $10 a month beauty/makeup subscription service that sends you five deluxe/full sized beauty products inside a unique makeup bag. You get more full sized products in Ipsy, but you also get more drugstore/online-only brands. Ipsy also has a point system where you earn reward points for reviews and referrals, but the variety of products you can exchange them for is limited and the most desirable products 'sell out' quickly.
There were two different bag variations; I really like the pastel, watercolor-esque scheme and the uniqueness of the design--it's almost surreal.
Again, I thought the theme itself was quite creative; the products inside don't have much to do with it (there were some face masks that were princess/fairytale themed, though I did not get them), but it matches the bag well and I like the play on words.
Ipsy information cards are more style than substance, so they don't include much info. Ipsy used to offer a chance to win a free year of Ipsy if you posted your bag to social media, but it looks like they no longer do (and I don't think they have for a while now).
I exchanged some of my rewards points (250, to be exact) for a pack of ManiGuard stickers. These are a latex-free solution for people who want to use polish barriers when creating nail art but you don't want to/can't use the latex based ones. I have a mild latex allergy (it makes me red and itchy), so I've been looking for something like this. First impressions, however, aren't good; they seem really small and probably wouldn't work for things like watermarbling, and you only get 26 guards in 10 different sizes. I think liquid latex barriers are a lot more cost effective and since you can put on as much or as little as you want, they are far more customizable. I haven't actually used these yet, so my opinion might change, but right now, I'm not too sure about them.
The first sample that caught my eye, and my nose, was the Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque. Since I have an argan oil allergy, I can't use this product, which is disappointing in itself, but this mask has a strong, cheap scent that I find very off-putting. When I first opened my mailer, I was afraid that something had leaked, the smell was so strong. Even if I wasn't allergic to argan oil, I probably still would pass this on because of the scent. A full size is 8.5 fl oz for $29, which makes this 2.03 fl oz sample worth about $6.93.
Let's get all the negativity out of the way, so I can finish this post on a high note. The next sample, then is the Winky Lux Diamond Powder in Light. Winky Lux is one of those online-only brands that Ipsy likes to feature (not Winky Lux itself, this is the first time I've ever heard of it, but online-only brands in general). The design of the box is intriguing, but the packaging and product itself seems a little cheap.
This is supposed to be a complexion powder, which I assume is a hybrid of a pressed powder foundation and finishing powder. It's also supposed to have crushed diamonds in it to reflect light and blur imperfections.
I'm not sure if this is an older sample, but on the box, talc is listed as the first ingredient. On the Winky Lux website, however, not only is talc not listed in the ingredients at all, but the product is labelled as being talc-free. Hmm.
I did not swatch this product since I knew I wouldn't be using it, so here's a close up of it in direct light; I was expecting it to have some kind of shimmer or sparkle, but it looks surprisingly matte in the pan. It also comes in a very limited shade range: light (which is what I got), medium, and medium deep. They say that there are multidimensional pigments to help it match a variety of skin tones, but I don't think a lot of people outside of the light-medium range will be able to get much use out of these. A full size is $20, but there's no weight listed; a full size MAC Mineralize Skin Finish is 10g, so that's what I'm going to assume a full size Diamond Powder is. Based on that, this 3g sample is worth about $6.
The last disappointing (and least disappointing of the three) product I got is the Pacifica Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer in the color Sunkissed.
I like the idea behind Pacifica's makeup (natural, vegan, cruelty-free) and they have some pretty cute packaging, but I just haven't been happy with the performance of the products. While you can purchase Pacifica skin care from a variety of retailers, I believe that the makeup line is exclusive to Ulta.
This bronzer is very standard when it comes to drugstore bronzers; it's warm, shimmery, and slightly orange. I don't have any specific issues with this bronzer, it works well for what it is, but I already have a ton of other bronzers that I much prefer. The full size of this product is actually a duo; on one side you get Sunkissed, and on the other you get a highlighter called Glow. It says that the full size is 0.05oz for $12, but I'm not sure that's correct since this sample is 0.88oz. I'm just going to assume that this sample is about half of the full size, making it worth around $6.
Moving on up now, we have an IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. I initially disappointed when I first opened my bag and saw this since it's a black eyeliner and I already own a ton of these, but my other liners are getting old and probably need to be replaced and I do think this is a good pencil liner. It's very creamy and it glides on without pulling (as the name would imply); the pigmentation is also excellent and I find that I only need to do one pass to get good, opaque color (I mostly use these types of liners to tightline). A full size liner is $22 for 0.017 oz, making this 0.012 oz sample worth about $15.50...which is surprising.
On top you can see a swatch of this liner; I don't think you can get as precise as a line as you can with a gel or liquid liner, but for what I'm going to use it for, it's perfect. This is one pass of the pencil and, after letting it set, I could barely even get it off using a makeup removing wipe so I know it won't smudge or bleed. The bottom swatch is of the Pacifica bronzer; it really shows how warm and shimmery it is (I also don't think this color would be flattering on me).
Lastly, nail polish! Nail polish is rarely a negative, at least for me, and I'm generally always happy to get more. I was kind of hoping for a Trust Fund Beauty polish because I really like their formula, but a Ciate Paint Pot isn't bad, though not a brand I would generally purchase on my own.
This is a full sized polish in the color Dangerous Affair, a deep burgandy/raspberry color. The back of this polish says it's not for resale, but this color is available in the permanent line.
It's a beautiful fall color with a juicy, glossy finish. I do think it's a bit of a jelly formula, so it might take two or three coats for full opacity and color payoff, but I like the finish it gives. This is a full sized product and it's worth $15.

Overall, I got four deluxe sized sample products, a full sized nail polish, and a free set of ManiGuards with a total value of about $49.43, which is pretty typical for Ipsy. I'm disappointed with three out the five products, but on the flip side, the two products I do like are worth about $30 on their own, which is over half the value of my bag (and three times what I even paid for it). This was not a great bag, but, in the end, it wasn't the worst bag ever, either.

Thanks for reading! <3

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