Saturday, September 24, 2016

August 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Road Trip - Unboxing & Review!

When I was little, I used to love road trips. Now that I'm older, I'm not quite as fond of them (I now have a tendency to get carsick and require frequent pit stops), but I still like the idea of them; of riding in a car when it's bright and sunny with the road stretching on before me. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see that the theme for the August 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month was a road trip; it was unexpected, but it brought back a lot of good memories.
I will admit, I'm not 100% positive that the theme is supposed to be Road Trips since Glamour Doll Eyes doesn't explicitly say it is, but based on the imagery and names, I think it's a pretty good guess.

The Of The Month (OTM) is an $8 a month makeup subscription service from the indie cosmetic company Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE). You get one special, limited loose eye shadow called the OTM, along with two different products, either from GDE or another indie cosmetic company (sometimes you get more, and it was a little more variable last year, but this year it seems to be a bit more standardized). This service does ship internationally, and the price changes according to shipping costs (it's always the $8 base price; in the US, shipping is $3, so I pay $11, and if you live somewhere else, you'd pay the $8 base plus whatever the shipping cost would be).
It looks like GDE either went back to the old-new business cards (these were new in January, but it seemed like GDE went back to the old style since I hadn't seen them again until now) or they're trying to get rid of the remaining stock. I actually like the 'older' style of cards and I hope that this is a case of the latter.
You also get some candy each month, though it sometimes gets eaten before I get around to taking pictures... This month we got mints, which is fitting for a Road Trip/Diner theme, but a little disappointing since we've gotten them before (I can't remember if it was this year, though, so it was probably a bit ago).
The information card is, as always, well designed and has the GDE name and theme-graphic on the front...
...and all the product info on the back. I do miss some of the extra info we got on the older cards, but I do appreciate all the thought and creativity that goes into make these more theme-intense cards. This month we got two products, a multipurpose blush and eye shadow, from GDE and a scented lip balm from For Goodness Grape. I remember that For Goodness Grape was featured in the Try More Indie section, but I don't think any of their products have been in an OTM before, at least not that I can remember.
First up is Pit Stop!, a multipurpose, full sized blush. All full size GDE blushes come with sifters; I don't like sifters on eye shadows since I have a hard time getting enough product out, but I really like them on blushes since it helps prevent me from over-applying.
Pit Stop! is described as a 'pinky coral with a subtle tangerine sheen' and it's even eye safe, so you can use it as a blush, highlight, or eye shadow.
I swatched it here both by itself (on top) and over NYX Glitter Glue to show the variable pigmentation you can get based on how you use it. You can also foil this product to increase pigmentation and shimmer, though using it over the Glitter Glue makes it quite opaque on it's own. I love this color both as a blush and as an eye shadow, so I'm really happy to have a big jar of it!
The OTM shadow this month is called Drive-Thru.
Drive-Thru is described as a 'dark cola brown base with a strong turquoise shift and sparkle'. Along with being eye safe, you can also use it on your lips to add another layer of color and dimension on top of another lip product.
I only swatched this Drive-Thru over NYX Glitter Glue, but you can use it on it's own if you want a more subtle look. I love these mixes of brown and blue, and the turquoise sparkle is quite intense when used over primer (or if you were to foil it). This isn't a completely unique color since I do have one or two similar brown/blue combos, but it's rare and especially not something you see in mainstream shadows.
Lastly, we got a Waffles W/ Syrup scented Lip Candy from For Goodness Grape. The ingredient list is short and full of good things, and I can always use another lip balm.
 While I do like getting color cosmetics, I've found that I prefer getting clear balms in my OTM since I feel like I can use them up before they go bad (instead of colors, which I only get one or two uses out of before they get too old). The fragrance is not bad, but I'm not sure I get 'waffles with syrup' from it. It's sweet and there is a syrup/maple note, but there's a hint of fruit and no real 'bakery' note that would imply the waffles. Again, it is a pleasant fragrance (just not waffely enough), and the balm feels very hydrating on my lips.

Overall, I'm very happy with my August 2016 GDE OTM; I will get use out of all the products, but I especially love the blush since the color is gorgeous and you can use it as a cheek and eye product. GDE makes great products and if you're new to the world of indie cosmetics, I highly suggest checking them out (you can buy sample baggies if you don't feel ready to commit to full sized shadows). If you're interested in this subscription, your best bet is to the join the Glamour Doll Eyes Facebook group and adding your name to the waitlist; since GDE is an indie company, the number of spots available for this service are limited.

Thanks for reading! <3

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