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Mini Sephora Haul - Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Fireball and Tarte Tarteist Tools Best-Sellers Kit - First Impressions!

Who's ready for a haul?! It's kind of a small haul, so don't get too excited...but it's from Sephora, so it's okay to be moderately excited!
It always feels kind of weird when the thing you paid the most money for ends up being in the smallest box. This was one of those instances where I was interested in a product and willing to wait a bit before buying it, but ended up purchasing it right away mostly because there was a deluxe freebie that I really wanted. Sephora is good at getting  me like that...

This mini haul includes an Urban Decay Razor Liquid Eyeliner in the color Fireball (the product I was interested), a Sephora Collection Algae Sleeping Mask (the product to get my order total to $25+), the Tarte Tarteist Tools Best-Sellers 500-Point kit (the 'freebie' I was moderately interested in), and a deluxe sample of the Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo in Adelio (the freebie I really wanted!).

With all Sephora online orders, I got three foil packet samples.
Sephora is pretty good at mixing these up every so often, and I like that they let you pick out the three samples you want (unlike some companies...). I try to pick things I will/can use and avoid fragrances unless I'm really interested in them, but sometimes I just grab stuff randomly.
Since I got my order over $25, I got to pick a deluxe sized sample, too! Sephora was running a 'Rebel Eyes' campaign (I think they still are, but the freebies aren't available anymore), and had a bunch of deluxe samples that related to strong, bold eye looks. I picked the Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo in Adelio because it sounded cool and, from what I've tried, I like Touch In Sol as a brand. I was a little disappointed by the size and packaging of the liquid foil part; it's in a teeny glass vial with stiff plastic brush attached to the pop-off cap. It's hard to close without making a complete mess or wasting product. The glitter is much easier to use since it's in a jar.
There were a couple color choices (the full size comes in five), and I went with Adelio (a burgundy) since it's fairly unique to my collection. The foil shadow applies smoothly with  a very metallic finish and the glitter layers well over it. Shortly after I got this sample, Tati (a Youtube 'Beauty Guru') raved about these duos and now the full sizes are all sold out online.
I also decided to spend 500 of my Beauty Insider points and pick up the Tartist Tools Best-Sellers Kit mostly because the name of the included lip paint was 'Hangry'. I honestly don't know why I wanted this kit so much; I don't even like most of Tarte's products. I even looked up reviews of the full sized versions included samples and the lip paint (almost the whole reason why I got this kit) and the lip crayon were almost universally panned.
In this set you get four products. One of the most interesting, and my favorite, is the sample of the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner in Bronze. To the best of my knowledge (and currently on the Sephora website) the only color of this product available in full size is black. I'm not sure if Tarte intends to release more colors in this formula later one down the road, or is this is a one-time only super special sample, but I'm pretty excited to own it!
This product is exactly like the full size; it's a squeeze tube with a special palette shaped tip that collects the product and helps you pick up just the right amount. I already own a full size Clay Paint Liner (in the standard black), and I have to say, it's one of my favorite Tarte products, which makes me even more happy about having it in another color.
Like the full size, this little liner comes with it's own little brush; I'll definitely use it, and I have seen worse, but it's not of the highest quality. This liner has great pigmentation, and it applied well; it's a little stiffer than the black version, but I'm not sure if Tarte designed it that way (the black version can be a little watery and can splatter if you're not careful when you squeeze it out) or if my tube is slightly dried out. I love the color; it's metallic but not glittery and I love how it has a more neutral/cool base. If Tarte releases this color in a full size, I'm definitely going to check it out!
Next is a deluxe sample of the Tarteist Lash Paint. I haven't used this yet (too many other mascaras already open), but I've heard good things. I have yet to actually like a Tarte mascara, however, so I don't have high expectations.
Which leaves us with the Lip Paint in Hangry and Lip Crayon in Mood Ring. The products I wanted to try the most, and the products I was most disappointed in.
I don't know what Tarte was thinking when they came out with their Lip Paints. These are supposed to be matte liquid lipstick with a moussey texture, and I hear the lighter/more neutral colors apply much better, but these seem like a bad version of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. They have a soft, slightly angled doe-foot applicator and a minty scent (it's light, but I really don't like mint flavors/scents so it bothers me).
The Lip Crayon is exactly the same as the one sampled in one of my Play! By Sephora boxes, but again, I think these work best in lighter/neutral colors. You get barely any product in this sample, though I do like the small tip since it helps with precision.
I don't know how well it shows up in the swatches, but the Lip Crayon in Mood Ring was incredibly stiff and difficult to work with (you can see all the little bits that wouldn't smooth out) and the Lip Paint in Hangry is super patchy. I wasn't able to get it to apply evenly on my lips and it felt goopy and slick and didn't seem to dry down at all. It caused my lips to tingle in a very unpleasant manner (most likely due to whatever Tarte added to make this product minty), and eventually irritated them so much that I had to take it off (not that I really wanted to leave it on anyways; I was testing it out at home and would never leave my house with how patchy and awful it looked). I did my research and knew going into this kit that these two products weren't going to be great, but I guess I didn't realize how awful and unworkable they'd really be!
Since the main item I was purchasing was only $22, I added on an extra product to bring my total over $25 to get my Touch In Sol freebie. This is an Algae Sleeping Mask from the Sephora Collection; it was $6, which is a little bit more than I want to spend on a mask, but I prefer to add-on products that I know I will use instead of anything that will get my total up, regardless if I actually want to purchase it or not (if that makes sense). I have yet to use this since I have a lot of masks I need to work through first, but my friend has used it and she thought it worked well.
Finally, the product I actually intended on spending my money on, the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Fireball. Urban Decay did a revamp of their liquid liners; they discontinued almost all their other liquid liners and replaced them these. These liners come in 20 different colors and a variety of finishes (though a significant chunk of them are shimmery/glittery). Liquid liner is still something I'm not 100% comfortable with (I much prefer a gel line, though the Kat Von D liquid liner is magical and even I can draw a good looking wing with it), but I had to get Fireball because it was such a unique, striking color.
These liners, as the Razor Sharp name implies, have very fine brush tips. I haven't had a lot of success with brush-type liquid liners, so I can't really attest to it's precision, unfortunately. If you look at the product, the liner is actually in the silver/grey part and the red part (it's color coordinated to the color of liner) is what you hold to apply it.
Before we even talk about performance, look at that color! Fireball, like the eyeshadow and highlighter that share its name, is a peach with a pink shift. I don't think I've ever seen a duochrome eyeliner, at least from a mainstream brand, and I really love how it looks. It goes especially well with my current pink/red eyeshadow obsession, too. I'm not sure if I would wear this liner by itself since you risk looking ill if you use too many red/pink tones around your eyes, but I think it would look really neat as an accent color. You do have to make sure to shake these liners up really well before trying to apply them since they can be on the watery/thin side, but I didn't have much trouble with Fireball (I actually forgot to shake it before I did my swatches).

I wouldn't purchase every color of the Razor Sharp liners, especially any that are easily found in other brands' liquid liner collections, but there are some unique offerings, like Fireball, that I do think are worth trying out. I definitely recommend going to a Sephora or Ulta and swatching them in person first, though, to make sure that the ones you like the most perform the way you're expecting them to.

But seriously, don't buy any Tarte Lip Paints, especially the darker ones. Save yourself some money and heartache and purchase the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams instead; you'll be a lot happier in the long run.

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. I just got the Bronze liner and I am loving it. I am scouring the internet to find out if they are planning on releasing it any time soon because I definitely will be purchasing it. Thanks for the info.