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Kat Von D #LockItRevolution Influenster Voxbox - Lock-It Concealer, Setting Powder, and Brushes - Review!

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to fully convey how excited I was when I found out I was going to get the Kat Von D #LockItRevolution Voxbox from Influenster.
Look at all those goodies! So excited! Trying to not burst into a meme because I'm an adult and find that can be kind of obnoxious so I apologize...

A while ago, Influenster asked me to pick out a concealer color that I thought would best match my skin that would be included in possible future Voxbox. They didn't give much more information, so I had no idea it would be for the new Kat Von D (KVD) Lock-It Concealers until just before these boxes shipped! I already love a lot of products from KVD, especially the Lock-It Foundation and Tattoo Liners, so I had high hopes for these new ones.

I was not disappointed.

Before we get started, I just wanted to quick talk about when Influenster is, and what a Voxbox is. Influenster is a website that anyone can sign up for where you link your social media accounts and take surveys called 'Snaps' to see if you qualify to receive free products from companies for testing purposes. I'm not sure how Influenster chooses who gets what, but there are different categories of items, from beauty to wellness to pets, and you can earn points in each category by reviewing products or answering questions other people have about said products. You also have a 'Social Impact' score based on the size of your audience on social media, so the more 'impact' you have, the more likely you are to get products to try. It's completely free and, if you like reviewing and telling people about products, I do recommend checking it out.
I love the script of the the KVD logo; it fits well with the 'gothic beauty' feel of the brand.
The main product being sampled in this box are the new Lock-It Concealers. These are actually a redesign/reformulation; the original Lock-It Concealers came in squeeze tubes, had a different formulation, and came in a more limited range of colors. Unfortunately, I never used any of the original Lock-It Concealers, so I won't be able to do a comparison with the new ones.
Based on the color you selected when first surveyed for this box, Influenster/KVD sent two concealers. I like that they sent two colors; it can be difficult to match your skin tone without being able to swatch and see the colors in person. With the two colors, you're much more likely to match at least one of them, or you can even mix them if you find that you fall between the two shades.
I'm normally on the light/medium end of the spectrum, depending on the time of year, and I tend to error on the lighter side with concealer, especially if I'm going to use it under my eyes. It's always better to get a color that matches exactly, but if that's impossible, going lighter is generally better since it's easier to layer other products over it to darken it. The exception to that is, in the new Lock-It Concealer line, there is a pure white one, called White Out, that you can mix with other colors  to lighten them. Based on the color I selected online, I got Light 3 Warm and Light 5 Neutral.
When I first opened the boxes, I was worried these would be way too light for me. These colors are almost the lightest shades available (the only two lighter colors are  Light 1 and White Out) but, like I said, I prefer to error on the light side and, surprisingly, these work well with my skin tone. Which means I'm paler than I thought I was...
These concealers  have an angled, soft doe-foot applicator. I like the triangle shape since it makes it easy to get the product in the inner corners of my eyes.
On the left is Light 3 Warm and on the right is Light 5 Neutral. The Light 3 has a very strong yellow undertone, which makes it look darker than the Light 5. I do have some warm/gold undertones in my skin, but I prefer neutral colors since warm tones tend to pull way too yellow and look unnatural.
Here they are blended out; you can still see the yellow of Light 3, but I think Light 5 blends in really well with my skin tone. I also like how well they blend together; when I 'tan', I tend to turn more gold than brown, so the additional warm tones from Light 3 help darken Light 5. I thought these concealers were creamy and easy to blend out; I have heard that they are more sheer than the original Lock-It Concealers, but I still found that they had good pigmentation. They're also easy to layer, especially if you use setting powder between layers and, no matter how much I put on, it doesn't feel or look cakey under my eyes and it's resistant to creasing. I'm quite impressed with these concealers and I feel like they live up to expectations I had, especially based on how much I love the Lock-It Foundation.
Along with the concealers, we got to test out the new Lock-It Setting Powder! I have a few setting powders already so I wasn't as excited about this product as I was about the concealers, but after using it, I'm really happy that they included it in this Voxbox.
This powder comes in a good sized plastic jar (you get 19g of powder) with the KVD logo embossed on the lid and a sifter in the shape of a star.
The color is called 'translucent', but I like how this powder has just a slight yellow tint to it, unlike other translucent powders that are pure white. Normally, you're not using enough product for a color to matter, but if you do get a little heavy handed with a regular translucent powder, you can get a weird white sheen. With the tint of this powder, you don't get that sheen, but you also don't have to worry about the yellow undertones like you would with a banana powder; it's really like a hybrid of the two.
I don't know why I swatched it...maybe to show that you can't see it? I don't know how well this powder will work on darker skin tones and whether or not the tint helps or hinders it, but it does work well with light/medium tones. My only complaint about this product is that it is not talc-free; if you have sensitive skin or know that talc bothers you might want to look into a different setting powder (Make Up For Ever makes a good one, but it's made with silica, which can also be irritating, so I guess you just have to pick your poison, so to speak).
Along with our concealers and powder, we got brushes to apply them! These aren't the first brushes from KVD, but they're the first brushes I've tried from them. While I don't mind investing in good makeup, I rarely invest a lot in brushes, so it's nice to experience a product that I most likely wouldn't have purchased for myself.
First is the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush. I love the design of these brushes; the tapered handles, black patent finish, and silver logo look very luxe and fit in well with the overall design of the collection. This brush is also different from every other concealer brush I own; instead of being a flat paddle shape, it's a sculpted, squared off triangle. It gives me a lot more control and precision in my undereye area and it blends out product well. I actually dislike traditional concealer brushes so much I avoid them all together and use my fingers or beautyblender instead, but I can see myself reaching for this brush instead. 
The other brush we got is the Lock-It Setting Powder brush (for obvious reasons). The brush has the same handle design as the concealer brush, just a bit bigger. I think this brush has a really good density for use with setting powders; it's dense enough to pick up product, but light enough for delicate application. I also like the more compacted size; some of the powder brushes I have are gigantic, which is good if you want to do one or two quick swipes on your cheeks, but they can be hard to maneuver around my eyes and nose. This brush is big enough to cover larger areas in one or two swipes, but it's also small enough to get into my undereye area and around my nose. It's not as groundbreaking for me as the concealer brush, but I still like it and I will definitely be reaching for it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the new Lock-It products from Kat Von D! There are a lot of concealers out there right now, and while the new Lock-It Concealers aren't super innovative, they work well and are a great option, especially if you already use the Lock-It Foundation and Primer since they're made to work together. There are also a lot of setting powders out there, but I think the soft tint of the Lock-It Setting powder sets it apart and makes it much more easy to use, especially for a beginner. The Lock-It Edge Concealer brush is definitely unique and very different from other concealer brushes I've tried, to the point where I will actually use it to apply and blend out my concealer. The Lock-It Setting Powder brush, while not as innovative as the concealer brush, is still different in that it's smaller and easier to use in tight places, which helps me achieve a more consistent and even powder application.

I received these products for free for review purposes.

Thanks for reading! <3

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