Thursday, August 18, 2016

July 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Really A Mermaid - Unboxing & Review!

I'm going to be honest with you guys; I have no idea how to open this post. I was trying to do something clever and it just wasn't working (certainly not the first time this has happened...) and I've had this sitting on my desk for way too long now, so I'm just going to jump right on in!
I feel especially bad for not having a good opening since this is a great indie subscription service and I want to give it the recognition it deserves: this is the July 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month.

For July 2016, the Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month(GDE and OTM, respectively) is mermaid-themed! Mermaids are definitely a popular and common theme in the makeup world right now (and have been for a while now...), but in traditional GDE style, Vee (the creator/owner) puts her own spin on things...
Quick Run-Down: $8 a month indie makeup subscription service by the brand Glamour Doll Eyes; will ship internationally, everyone pays the same base price of $8 and adds on the appropriate shipping fee (so the total for this service in the US is $11 a month); the Of The Month is a special, limited edition loose eye shadow which is a $6 value; the bag also includes two other items (sometimes more, but three products total seems to be the minimum) either from GDE or from another indie makeup company and can vary from face, eye, lip, or nail products; can be difficult to get this subscription since it's all handmade and has a limited amount of available spots, the best way to get subscribed is to join the GDE Facebook group and add your name to the waitlist.
Each month we get a different drawstring bag (sometimes we get other types of packaging, like boxes, but it's normally in a bag) and this month it's a sheer red mesh.
Standard business cards are also included; I'm glad GDE went back to this older style. One month, we got business cards that were themed, but they weren't as professional looking as these. On the back is a picture of a GDE customer that varies every so often.
We also get candy each month! To go along with the mermaid theme, we got some whale-shaped gummies.
GDE changed up their info cards; last year they were less 'themed', but had a lot more information on them. This year, Vee decided to go with a more streamline, more design/theme focused card. They're a lot more comparable to other subscription service info cards (like Birchbox or Ipsy), but I liked the wordier ones a bit more (...and I think I complain about this every month, so I apologize).
All three of our products this month are from GDE! We got two loose shadows and a special cream shadow.I was really excited to see a cream shadow this month; I've gotten to try a couple GDE cream shadows before and I really like them!
GDE has packaged their cream shadows both in pots and in lip balm tubes, and I believe that the majority of people prefer the lip balm packaging. Unfortunately, I am one of the minority and prefer the pot. ...I don't have a good reason for it, since anything I can think of that I do with a potted shadow I can do with a shadow in stick form. I think I just find the jar packaging more familiar (though with all the makeup sticks out there now, that might change).
You twist the shadow up, just like a lip balm, and you can apply it straight from the tube or use a finger or brush. This shadow is sadly not lip safe (Vee puts what you can use her products for right on the labels), but you can use it on your eyes (duh) and face. This shadow is called Make Waves and is described as a 'soft lavender base with a subtle green shift and red sparkle'. I'm going to do things a little different and will have a swatch picture with all three products at the end.
The first shadow is called Really A Mermaid. See what I mean about Vee putting her own spin on a mermaid theme? I probably should have used a different color background, but I was trying to stop the shadow from getting on anything (which didn't work since I got it on my white backdrop anyways and that's why I had to make a new one).
You can use this shadow on your lips, so along with an eye shadow, it will make an interesting layering color on different lip products. This color is described as a 'semi matte brick red base with a subtle green shift, finished off with purple, gold, and green sparkles'.

The other loose shadow we got is a little special; this is Fiji Mermaid Remix and it's, well, a remix of another shadow called Fiji Mermaid! It even comes in the same packaging (Fiji Mermaid is part of the Circus collection; you can buy it individually or in a set), which is pretty neat. I actually own Fiji Mermaid, but I don't have a comparison swatch for you because I pressed a lot of my GDE shadows but struggled to label them properly and now I'm not totally sure which one it is...
Fiji Mermaid Remix is described as a 'deep ocean green base with a golden green shift finished off with green and red sparkles'. The original Fiji Mermaid is described as a 'greenish blue [...] with green shimmer undertones', so the remix is like a more glittery version of it.
Here's everything swatched! From top to bottom is Make Waves, Really A Mermaid, and Fiji Mermaid Remix. Normally, I do my swatches dry over bare, unprimed skin, but this time I did it over a base because I wanted the glitter in Fiji Mermaid Remix to really shine (I used NYX Glitter Glue, which is pretty awesome). GDE also recommends using a primer/base under the cream shadows as well since they're intended as a cream color and not a base in of themselves (I didn't use one here since the base would be more for longevity than for color payoff in this case).

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my July 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month. There is a part of me that misses what this subscription was like last year; it felt more...unique and less uniform, if that makes sense. I understand why Vee made the changes she did, and it's still a great service that I am happy to be a part of...but sometimes it almost feels like something's missing, something I can't quite put my finger on. If you are interesting in trying out an indie subscription service, the GDE OTM is a great place to start; just make sure to add your name on the waitlist as soon as possible since spots tend to fill up fast!

Thanks for reading! <3

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