Sunday, July 31, 2016

My First Order From Live Love Polish - Color Club and Starrily Holos - Swatch & Review!

It's no secret, I love nail polish! It's my favorite beauty item to purchase and collect, and it's also the one that I wear the most often. I subscribe to quite a few nail polish-centric Youtube channels, one of which is Simply Nailogical. Recently, the channel hit over a million subscribers, so Cristine (the person behind Simply Nailogical) had a holographic nail polish giveaway sponsored by Live Love Polish. I had heard of Live Love Polish before, but for some reason, I had never purchased from them, which I now regret not doing sooner!
They even included a hand written thank you card! I don't have a picture of it, since I spilled pop all over it before I got a chance to take one..., but my polishes came in a sturdy box with a special foam insert that kept each individual polish safe and sound. Definitely a company that knows and understands the needs of us polish addicts!

After exploring the Menchie's Favorite Holos page (Menchie is one of Cristine's cats), I ended up purchasing three Color Club holos and, of course, Menchie The Cat from Starrily.
I seriously have no idea why I haven't purchased from Live Love Polish before; I love holo polishes, but they can be kind of hard to find from mainstream brands. Your best bet is to get them from indies (but make sure they're from trusted indie brands; you're still essentially buying a cosmetic product from a stranger), but they can be hard to track down and, if it's a company based outside of the US, it can be expensive and/or impossible to have it shipped. Live Love Polish is a very reputable site that carries polish from equally reputable indie brands (and some more mainstream brands, too) that you might not otherwise be able to get your hands on (plus you can combine shipping at a very reasonable rate of free with a $39+purchase!).
If you're into holo polish, you're likely aware of the Color Club holos. They're one of the only mainstream holo collections, at least that I know of and I've been interested in picking up a few for a while now. These aren't particularly hard to find online, but Live Love Polish definitely has the most in-stock at one time, at least from what I've seen. For my first order, I ended up getting three Color Club holos, the first of which is Harp On It.
Harp On It is a straight up liner holographic polish and it is gorgeous. Look at those rainbows!
 The formula of this polish was almost as incredible as its holo; it applied smooth and even, was almost completely opaque in one coat (you could easily get away with one coat, I just always use two no matter what), and dried quickly. And, again, look at that stunning holo!
The other linear holo I got is called Angel Kiss.
Live Love Polish describes this polish as a 'holographic shade with blue undertones', but it almost looks more green to me, like a light teal.
The formula of this polish is just as great as Harp On It; smooth, opaque, and quick drying.
The third polish I got from Color Club is a scattered holo called Date With Destiny.
I was slightly disappointed in the color of this polish; online, it looks likes a bright lavender, but in real life it's more of a dusty purple. It's still pretty, but it's quite different from what I was expecting.
 This polish is described as a 'pale lilac purple linear holographic', but I think it's more of a scattered holo. It's not as intense as Harp On It or Angel Kiss and it doesn't have clear, differentiated lines of rainbows, if that makes sense. It's still a holographic polish, it's just not as 'in your face holo'. This polish also has the same great formula as the first two; I'm really happy with the quality of these Color Club holos and will definitely be purchasing more!
Starrily has some pretty cute packing, especially for a semi-indie brand (heck, even for a mainstream brand, this would be some quality packaging)!
I couldn't not purchase Menchie The Cat, especially since it was Simply Nailogical and Menchie The Cat's Favorite Holos page that lead me to purchasing from Live Love Polish in the first place.
This polish is slightly different from the Color Club holos; the holo pieces are chunkier and a lot more scattered. While the Color Club polishes dry smooth, this polish will dry slightly textured due to the glitter (I love how Live Love Polish mentions this in the descriptions of the polishes!). It will also take a few more coats for total opacity (2-3 coats instead of 1-2 coats).
 Menchie The Cat is described as a 'light pink super fine scattered holographic'. It's a different look from the Color Club holos, but it's still beautiful and very sparkly. It is a little more difficult to apply since it is chunkier, so it's recommended to use a makeup sponge to apply it after the first coat (the sponge absorbs the extra 'goo', so you end up applying more of the glitter, which increases opacity and cuts down on drying time).

Overall, I'm very happy with my order, both with the quality of my polishes and the service from Live Love Polish! If you're looking to purchase these, and similar holos, be sure to check them out!

Thanks for reading! <3

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