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June 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Indie Subscription - Unboxing & Review!

Let's continue our journey into the past and take a look at another beauty subscription from June that I'm behind on reviewing:
The June 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! Dark and vampy for the month of June? Very unexpected and very unique; just what you'd expect from an indie subscription service!

I have no idea what the exact theme for June is supposed to be; I'm pretty sure it's based on some kind of fandom, but unfortunately, I have no idea which one. Regardless, this month definitely has a dark, vampy, gothic feel to it, which is in stark contrast to the summer/beachy vibes of all the other boxes I've gotten this summer.
Quick Run-Down: $8 a month indie cosmetic subscription service from Glamour Doll Eyes; will ship internationally, base price of subscription stays the same but shipping varies (the total cost for this subscription including shipping in the US is $11 a month); will get a special, full size eye shadow each month called the 'Of The Month'; will also get about two (sometimes more) extra products that are either from Glamour Doll Eyes or another indie cosmetic company and some candy; since this is an indie subscription service, spots are limited and not everyone who wants to subscribe can, the best way to get a spot for this service is to join the Glamour Doll Eyes Facebook group and add your name to the wishlist.
Usually, all the products come in a drawstring bag (which is shipped in a small bubble mailer), though occasionally Vee, the owner/creator of Glamour Doll Eyes, will use other type of packing, such as boxes or mini stockings.
Each month you also get a couple Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE) business cards, along with the business cards of the indie company/companies that are also participating that month (sometimes they choose to include, sometimes they don't). Even though Kiss My Sass included a product this month, they didn't include a business card.
GDE changed up the design of the information cards this year and while I appreciate more focus on the theme and design, I think I preferred the original layout of the cards. You got a lot more information and both sides of the card were utilized. You still get a lot more information about the products compared to some other subscription service info cards, but I liked the extra things like TMI and 'next month's theme' spoilers.
The other side of the info card lists all the products included along with color descriptions and ingredient lists.
The first product, and the 'Of The Month' for June, is a loose eye shadow called Waitlist.
Waitlist is described as a 'shimmery metallic gold with a gold + aqua and red sparkle'. I love this Vee lists if the loose shadows are lip safe or not; you can create some really cool effects by layering these products over different lip colors.
Swatched dry, on bare, unprimed skin, Waitlist is a sheer gold sparkle. This would be great for a light wash of color that still has a lot of impact due to the sparkle or to layer over a lip color for a subtle enhancement.
Swatched over NYX Glitter Glue, however, this shadow really shines! The gold really comes out and you can see the aqua sparkles quite clearly. I imagine this shadow would become even more intense if used wet.
The other product GDE included this month is a Glitter Tube in the color Confidant.
Confidant is a 'black base with hints of brown, silver, and subtle specks of pink'. Again, I love Vee's thoroughness in labeling; she included the sizes of the glitter used in this mix (this can very important as different sized glitters are approved/not approved for different cosmetic uses). Vee also includes the warning that Confidant is not FDA approved for eye use in the US and to use so at your own risk (various countries have various rules for cosmetics, though certain glitters can be unsafe to use in the eye area and cause irritation, corneal scratches, and other unpleasant things).
I only swatch Confidant over NYX Glitter Glue since it didn't really stick to my skin on its own (most glitters won't and you'll need to apply them over a base). This is definitely a dark glitter; I mostly just see the black, with a little bit of silver.
The last product this month is a lip tint from Kiss My Sass called I Call It Winning.
This product looks like a standard lip balm and comes in a twist-up lip balm tube. I Call It Winning is described as a 'sheer berry tint'.
Considering how it was described as 'sheer', I was actually surprised at the amount of pigmentation I got from it; I've gotten the same amount of color from products labeled as 'lipstick' before. It's not opaque, and I don't think you'll be able to build it up as such, but I don't expect to be able to since it's a tint, not a full on lip color. It has a blackberry/pomegranate flavor, which is a nice departure from the mint I find in a lot of indie lip products (most likely because mint flavoring is easy to do naturally). I like the texture and color of this lip tint and will give it a try when I'm feeling a little vampy.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my June 2016 GDE Of The Month. I love supporting the indie community and small business, and I get to try a lot of really neat products at the same time! If you're interested in trying an indie beauty/makeup subscription, I recommend giving the GDE Of The Month a try (though be warned, it might take a while before a spot opens up).

Thanks for reading! <3

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