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Zoya Summer 2016 Seashells Collection - Swatch & Review - PixieDusts Are Back!

Hello! If you know only one thing about me, it's that I love nail polish (well, that or I'm a makeup junkie, which is kind of the same thing). Nail polish is so much fun to collect and since it's full of solvents and chemicals, it pretty much never expires so you can hoard it for years; sometimes polishes will dry out, but you can save them with a thinner; the only times I would say that a polish actually goes bad is when it separates and you can't mix it back together, no matter how much you shake/stir it, or if it's a polish that has been used by multiple people, like the polishes in nail salons.

Throughout my nail polish journey, I've experienced many different brands, and one of my favorites is Zoya. I won't wax too poetic here, but Zoya consistently makes excellent polish, is five-free, and has a huge range of colors and finishes, including one of my favorite finishes ever, PixieDust. Unfortunately, my favorite polish brand discontinued my favorite type of polish finish, so I was pretty heartbroken, but Zoya has brought them back for their summer 2016 Seashells collection!
I picked up four out of the six colors on a special promo (I forgot what it was, but I think it was two for $10, up to a max of four polishes, which is why I only got four. Otherwise, I would have gotten the green color, too).
Since Zoya is a salon-only brand, it can be a little harder to get a hold of then, say, Sally Hansen or OPI. You can find Zoya polishes at private nail salons, otherwise you can purchase them from (which has the full collection) or from Ulta (which has a very limited collection both in-store and online). I prefer to purchase Zoya directly from the website because there are a lot of promotions, like the one I used to purchase these polishes, or they will include freebies with your order (you generally get one or the other; no freebies on promo orders, unless the freebie is the promo).
Along with my four polishes, Zoya included two swatch plates, one for the spring 2016 Petals collection and one with both summer 2016 collections, Seashells and Sunsets. I love these swatch plates since they're made out of thick, high quality plastic and you can use the blank slots to swatch other polishes as well (most Zoya collections are six to twelve polishes and each swatch plate has twelve wells). These swatch plates are another reason why I love to order directly from Zoya.
Zoya also sent me three info/color selection booklets. Normally, I only get one of these per order, and it tends to feature the most recent collection, but it seems like Zoya is trying to clear out their old booklets since I got ones for the summer and spring collections from 2015, along with one featuring the spring collection for 2016.

PixieDusts tend to be a love it or hate it type of polish; it's a textured polish that dries bumpy and generally has some kind of sparkle (I do have some that look pretty matte, but they all seem to have at least a little shimmer). Zoya also released some Magical PixieDusts which were extra chunky and holographic, and some of these new PixieDusts seem to be somewhere in the middle; they have the fine shimmer and texture of the originals, but they also have some holographic glitter in them as well (at least three of the colors do; the other three are the original kind). You can put topcoat over these polishes if you prefer a smoother, glossier finish, but you'll need at least two coats and even then I'm not sure if it will be completely smooth. One thing Zoya does to help you differentiate your PixieDust polishes from your regular ones is give them matte caps (other special finishes have matte caps, too; regular finish polishes have shiny ones). Out of all the textured polishes I have tried, the PixieDusts are hands down the best; they apply well, dry quickly, and last forever on my nails (for some reason, PixieDusts are the only polishes I don't pick at).
On to the polishes! First up is Levi. Zoya describes Levi as a 'beige gold, textured PixieDust with medium holographic hex glitter'.
Levi is very similar in color to some other Zoya polishes, most notably Tomoko and Godiva, both PixieDusts. It's slightly darker, and has the holo glitter, so it's different enough for me to justify owning it.
I used the swatch plates for my swatches; the underside shows how the polish looks without any topcoat...
And the top is what it  would look like with topcoat! Adding a topcoat will bring out the holo glitter, but then I feel like you lose the unique-ness of the finish (again, textured polish is a personal preference, and if you prefer it with topcoat, that's completely okay!).
Next is Bay. Not sure if Zoya was trying to do a play on the word Bae, but that's what the name of this polish makes me think of.
 Bay is described as a 'sky blue, textured PixieDust with fine silver and gold glitter'. While this is one of the polishes without holo glitter, the gold glitter contrasts with the blue and gives this color a lot of interest.
I'm really drawn to blue colors, to the point where blue is to me what red polish is to other people, if that makes sense. I really like this polish; the blue is bright and saturated, but it's not dark or jewel-toned, which can make my hands look more mature.
Adding a topcoat emphasizes the contrast between the blue and gold, but it doesn't make it any more...glittery, I guess? it does with the holo glitter.
This is Zooey; I had a hard time decided between this polish and the green one, Cece. I ended up with Zooey because I liked the holo glitter and I was concerned that the green wouldn't look good with my skin tone (after getting the swatch plate, however, I think the green might actually look better than this pink).
Zoya describes Zooey as a 'classic pink, textured PixieDust laced with a fine thread of gold and medium sized holographic hexes'. I love the color combo of gold and pink, especially in blushes and eye shadows, so I was really hoping this would be a flattering color for me.
Look at that gold! This is like NARS Super Orgasm blush in nail polish form (maybe a less peach and more pink, though). I love how this polish looks in the bottle and swatched, but I'm not completely sold on it on my nails. It seems to be just a bit too warm for me (it brings out the redness in my hands).
And then there's the holo...this polish is exceptionally pretty and if you find these colors to be flattering (or you don't care, which is fine, too!), this is one I would recommend picking up.
Finally, I got Tilly. Tilly is the most interesting polish in this collection; it seems to have the most holo glitter and and a sort of purple undertone to it.
Tilly is a 'starry grey, textured PixieDust with a small holographic glitter interwoven with a darker gunmetal'; no mention of purple, though since I don't see any color that I would call 'gunmetal' in it, maybe that's what's making it purple (to me, gunmetal is almost like a dark olive grey color).
Actually, now that I look at the swatch, I do see some darker bits of glitter, but I still wouldn't call it gunmetal (they're really hard to see in the bottle, but they are there). I like how silver/pale colors look on my nails and I think this color would be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones.
Also, I think the silver really shows off the holo; this is another polish from this collection that I would highly recommend picking up, especially if you're unsure which color would look best with your skin tone.

Overall, this is an excellent collection! Not only am I happy that Zoya is bringing PixieDusts back, but they didn't skimp on the quality; these polishes perform just as beautifully as the other PixieDusts I own. Texture polish can be a little finicky, but I never have any issues with Zoya's. The only thing I would say is that you have to use more polish than you normally would when doing a second or third coat since a lot of it gets lost in the texture. All of these polishes were opaque in three coats; Tilly and Levi could probably be done with two, depending on thickness, but Zooey and Bay needs three for sure. Since PixieDusts dry so quickly and don't require topcoat, the need for a third coat doesn't bother me. I would highly recommend checking this collection out, especially Zooey and Tilly, if you're interested in Zoya's PixieDusts nail polishes!

Thanks for reading! <3

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