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June 2016 Women's Target Beauty Box - Sun Kissed - Unboxing & Review!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am not invulnerable to hype. I've made more purchases than I'd like to admit because I thought something was rare or sought after and that, if I didn't get it, I would regret it and feel left behind. Or something like that... While the Target Beauty Boxes have consistently been worth the money and definitely worth checking out every time they release, I think I purchased the June women's box not because I liked the products, but because these boxes are getting more and more popular and selling out faster and faster each month.
I didn't get the Target Beauty Box for May because the products didn't appeal to me, and, honestly, the products this month don't really appeal to me either. One nice thing about the Beauty Boxes is that you know exactly what you're going to get before you purchase them, so it's entirely my own fault for getting a box that has a lot of products that I'm not interested in trying. Not to say they're bad, they're just not for me. I think I'm feeling especially put off from this box because it was $10; the men's box was only $5 and had a lot more products that interested me, including a razor worth about $10.
Quick Run-Down: monthly-ish beauty/makeup sample box curated and sold by Target online; not guaranteed to come out each month but has been released monthly on the first Monday of the first week of the month; boxes vary in value from $5-$10, shipping included, and can come in different varieties, included men's and women's boxes (again, not guaranteed, though there has been at least one women's box each month); technically not a subscription box since you can't subscribed to it, it's first come first serve and when the box sells out, it's sold out for good.
The 'theme' for June was Sun Kissed; the themes for Target Beauty Boxes are generally vague and not really taken into consideration when it comes to product selection (though there are some products in this box that do match a summer/glow theme). Most subscription boxes with themes don't really adhere to them anyway, so it's not a problem.
As always, the back of the card lists all the products along with a little info blurb about each one. There are eleven products in this box, though three of them are foil packet samples.
When I was young, I thought Pantene was the pinnacle of luxury when it came to hair care products (that and Herbal Essences). I have come a long, long way since then and learned what does and does not work for my hair, so this product will be passed on to a friend or family member. Because of the texture of my hair, I have to be careful with what types of products I use, and even though this says it's for intense hydration, the second ingredient is SLS, which dries out my hair and makes it feel like straw. It also has a lot of added fragrance (it smells like Sweetarts) and silicone. I will make exceptions for styling products with silicone, but I don't think it should be included in a shampoo or conditioner.
Along with a shampoo, we also got a conditioning rinse: the SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Creme Rinse. I like that Target included both a shampoo and conditioner, and I also like that they included two different kinds; I prefer to mix and match my products instead of using ones from the same collection since it helps me come up with a routine that's customized to the needs of my hair (...which are many). When it comes to drugstore brand haircare, SheaMoisture is definitely one I recommend since they include a lot of good ingredients and exclude a lot of not so good ones. I'll have to double-check the ingredients and make sure this doesn't have argan oil in it (I remember I was going to purchase some products from the Fruit Fusion line but couldn't since they did have argan oil; the label for this product has bright yellow writing on a bright coral background, so it's almost impossible to read...), but if not, I'm definitely going to give this a try.
Out of all the Pixi products I've ever tried, I've only really liked two: the Glow Tonic and a nail polish in Lime Luster (and that's only because I like the color, the polish itself isn't very good). This is a Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in the color Apricot Glow and, unfortunately, it is another miss from Pixi for me.
The colors themselves, a gold champagne and an orange-toned bronze, are pretty, but the pigmentation is poor and the formula was patchy and difficult to work with. They also have that weird smell you sometimes get with less expensive eye shadow; you can really smell the talc.
Here are both colors swatched dry on bare, unprimed skin. I could probably get more out of them if I used a primer, and a sheer wash of color is sometimes better than a heavy, opaque one (not all shadows need to be heavy on the pigmentation, but I do think that you should be able to build them up if you want to), but I have so many other shadows in these exact same shades, in formulations that I prefer to use, that I don't think I'll ever reach for this duo.
Target has been coming out with these boxes, and I've been purchasing them, for so long now, that there are often duplicate products in them. This is a deluxe sample of the Laneige Water Bank Serum, and it's the third or forth one that I've gotten. Laneige is a Korean skincare brand, manufactured by AmorePacific (which is much more expensive and carried by Sephora), which piques my interest in this product (or it would if I didn't already know I liked it!). This is a great serum for summer since it's super lightweight, but still very hydrating. It does have added fragrance, but it's the very last ingredient, so there isn't much. As far as dupes go, I'm more than happy to get another tube of this stuff, but it would be disappointing if it was a dupe of a product that I wasn't so pleased with.
I want to be honest right from the start: I'm not a fan of L'Oreal skin care products, so I'm already biased against this product. This is a deluxe sample of the L'Oreal Revitalift Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Moisturizer. L'Oreal does this weird thing with their packaging where they make the box about twice the size of the product, but they put a picture of the actual size of it on the side. I know a lot of companies do this with things like eyeliner to help with stabilization in displays and ease of handling, but it just seems odd to do with jars since they're easy to stack and handle. There are some interesting ingredients, and even though there is added fragrance, it's the last ingredient, alcohol is the seventh and I don't think alcohol should be so high up in the ingredient list in products that are supposed to moisturizing. Plus, I have a lot of other products that I want to use up before I even touch this, so it's getting passed on.
Next up is a 10-count travel pack of Yes To Cucumber facial wipes. I think a lot of people were surprised to see that this was only a 10-pack; a lot of past Target boxes included a full size pack of facial wipes and a full size of these wipes is less than $6. I don't mind so much since I've tried these before and know I don't like them (cucumber scents bother me and I found these to be pretty rough and irritating to my skin), but it would have been nice to get a full size to pass on to someone who does like these wipes.
So...this is about third tube of the Cotz Face SPF 40 natural-tinted sunscreen I've gotten this year; normally, I'd be excited to get more sunscreen, especially from a brand that I love as much as Cotz, but this is about the only product in their line that I can't use. The 'natural-tint' is way too dark and orange for me to use; a lot of people are unable to use this product due to the tint and Cotz actually came out with a lighter version that works much better for people with skin tones similar to mine. I can see why Cotz tinted this product the way they did since it would probably look great on someone who is already tan, but it's definitely not for everyone. I wish Target had given us a different sunscreen from this brand; I feel like a lot of people will be turned off of Cotz by this product and won't try anything else from them.
The only full size product this month is an e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm in the color Bare Kiss.
It is a tinted lip balm with grape seep and jojoba oil, along with vitamins A & E. I'm not sure if everyone got the same color, or if it was randomly selected, but this product comes in four colors, including this one.
Bare Kiss is a warm, rosey mauve with a mildly unpleasant mint-cinnamon scent; I don't like mint scents to begin with, but it's quite chemical and artificial and it kind of smells the way mint gum does after you've been chewing it for a while and the sweetness and flavor has faded.
The bullet looks like a hybrid of a lipstick (opacity/creaminess) and a lip balm (flat top/shine).
The color is quite pretty, but it's very sheer and took a lot of passes to build up to this opacity. It didn't feel super hydrating or anything, so if you're looking for a little color and don't need a lot moisture, for $2, this isn't a bad deal. If this didn't smell so weird to me, I'd totally keep it for myself; it unfortunately does, so I'm going to pass this on to a family member.
Last are the three foil packets of S.W. Basics Exfoliant, Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Butter, and L'Oreal True Match Cushion foundation. I know I got a packet of exfoliant in a previous Target Beauty Box, and I also know I've gotten packets of the body butter and foundation before, but I don't remember if they were in a Target box or a different sampler pack. The exfoliant is pretty nice, though a little rough if you have sensitive skin. I like these dry type of exfoliants since they're super easy to travel with and have a longer shelf-life than a pre-mixed product. I've had a full size Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Butter before and loved it; it's super hydrating without being greasy and it smells amazing, but I don't like tub-packed body lotions since it feels so unhygienic. You can get about one and a half full body applications from this foil packet, so it's enough to know if you at least like the scent or not. The last sample I got of the L'Oreal Cushion foundation came with a variety of colors, but this sample only has one, W3 Nude Beige. I wish Target had included the variety sampler instead of just one color since they're going to run into the same problem as they will with the Cotz sunscreen: not everyone can try it, and if they do, they might not like it based on shade choice alone.

Overall, I got seven deluxe/travel sized products, one full size product, and three foil packet samples for $10, shipping included. I don't calculate the values of my Target Beauty Boxes since I know they're worth the $10, but this box seems to have a smaller value than some other ones I've gotten (I looked some things up and the most valuable sample, the L'Oreal Revitalift, is worth a little under $6. The lip balm is $2 and the facial wipes are $3, so there's $10 right there, but the other samples don't feel like they add much more to that). Since I knew pretty much exactly what I was getting when I ordered this box, it's my own fault for being disappointed with any of the products I received, but I do feel like the quality of these boxes starting to slide as they become more popular and sell out faster. I'm curious to see what the July boxes will bring (and will know better than to purchase one just to purchase one if I don't like the products in it!).

Thanks for reading! <3

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