Saturday, May 7, 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Brow Box - Bathwater Blonde - Swatch & Review!

When Urban Decay first announced their collaboration with musician Gwen Stefani, I wasn't all that excited. I like Gwen Stefani (especially when she was in No Doubt), and the products looked alright (particularly the packaging), but nothing really caught my attention. Nothing screamed 'BUY ME'. However! Near the end of the recent 21 Days Of Beauty at Ulta (...that's how long this has been sitting on my desk waiting to be blogged about...) all of the Gwen Stefani UD products went on sale (except the eye shadow palette). I considered getting the blush palette (I kind of regret not getting it since the colors are rather pretty), but I ended up purchasing the Brow Box in the color Bathwater Blonde.
I've never tried an Urban Decay Brow Box, nor have I really experimented with brow powder. I've heard good things about the UD Brow Boxes, but I could never justify spending $30 on them, especially since none of the colors looked totally right on me. This Brow Box, however, is not only an excellent match for me (it was made to match Gwen Stefani, who is also a platinum blonde), but it was on sale for $15.
I have to say, UD did an excellent job with the packaging for this collection. It's visually interesting and, even though all the products have a slightly different color scheme, they all have same polka dot design so it looks coherent and well thought out.
This Brow Box is exactly the same as the other, normal ones, except for the color scheme lid design. It looks like a mini version of the palettes!
This Brow Box is in the color Bathwater Blonde and, like I said above, it was especially created to match Gwen.
In the top compartment, you get two colors of brow powder in a dark blonde and light blonde, both of which are completely cool-toned and ashy. I have a hard time finding brow products that work for me since warm-tones look really unnatural (even my natural hair color is extremely ashy) and, for some reason, cool-toned brow products are few and far between. You also get a clear brow wax to help set the powders (this is the same wax that's in the normal Brow Boxes).
The powders are soft, but not chalky, and they apply smoothly. They are a little sheer, but you can build them up; you don't really want a super opaque, pigmented brow powder right off the bat since there's a high risk of looking a little too fierce. I really like how these powders apply, and I especially like how they're perfect for people with platinum blonde/super ashy blonde hair.
In the bottom compartment, you get two teeny angled brushes (presumably one for powder and one for the wax so you don't cross contaminate them) and a little tweezers. I love how UD made these in the same color scheme as the box; I keep saying it, but there was so much thought put into this packaging and I really appreciate it! The mirror in this compartment is also magnified, so you can pluck your brows on the go (there's a regular mirror in the top compartment). The tiny tweezers do work, but they're not as good as my mini Anastasia Beverly Hills ones.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this Brow Box! I love how it's all-in-one and has almost everything I need for a polished brow look; the only other thing I would want to add is a brow gel and a spoolie brush. $30 is still a lot to spend on a brow kit (this kit is still available at Ulta and on the Urban Decay website, but it's no longer on sale), but honestly, I think I could justify it after seeing how good these Brow Boxes are (plus, other similar kits from other brands retail for about the same price). If you're interested in a brow kit like this, I would recommend checking out the UD ones, either the permanent ones (there are two colors, Brown Sugar and Honey Pot; I wish there was more variety, but you do get two different shades in each Box) or this special edition Gwen Stefani one (even though it's limited edition and has different packaging, it's the same price as the permanent ones), depending on your color needs.

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