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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - Swatch & Review!

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for this post. I know this palette has been hyped to death and every blogger and beauty guru ever has swatched and reviewed it and it's pretty much old news now. I also know that this palette has been very frustrating to get; the initial launch on Too Faced's website did not go as planned, and from then on, when ever this palette comes back in stock, it sells out almost immediately. And it's still sold out/selling out instantly. When I was looking for shade descriptions, this palette wasn't even listed on or; the only place I could find it was on the Too Faced website (and they don't have shade descriptions).
But I love makeup and I love talking about makeup, so I want to share my thoughts about this elusive, highly sought-after palette with you! Hopefully, as hype dies down and supply goes up (though, who knows, Too Faced might even be purposefully keeping these palettes scarce), more people will able to get their hands on this palette. I got super lucky and caught a restock on right before it was posted on social media, so it's not completely impossible to get this palette, it's just that the stars have to align perfectly...
So as I said above, I got my Sweet Peach palette from This palette has also been in stock on the Too Faced website,,, and I believe Macys and/or (I couldn't find it currently listed, so I may be wrong). This palette is also in stores now at Ulta (I think Sephora, too, but again, not sure), but unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you're probably going to have better luck catching it online.

The Sweet Peach palette is Too Faced's limited edition large summer palette. It's based off of the Chocolate Bar line in design and food theme, but instead of chocolate, this palette smells like peaches. Initially, I was pretty put off by the idea of scented eye shadow; the Chocolate Bar palettes smell like chocolate because they use cocoa in the shadows, not an added fragrance, so to me those shadows aren't really 'scented', they just happen to smell like chocolate. The Sweet Peach palette, however, does have peach fruit extract in the shadows, but the scent comes from an added fragrance (which is actually higher up in the ingredients list than the peach extract!). I'm still not 100% on board with scented eye shadow, and if you do have sensitive skin, this may irritate it.
Because I ordered my palette from Sephora, I got my standard three free samples (the Kaplan MD lip stuff is amazing; I really should just buy the full sizes, but I love getting this sample when it's available)...
My free deluxe size sample with my $25+ purchase (I like Sunday Riley products, but they are pretty expensive so I try to get them in deluxe sample sizes. I was kind of disappointed by how teeny this sample is; the jar isn't even filled all the way)...
And I had to add another product to my order to get to the $50+ for free shipping. The palette itself is $49, so basically anything on the website would do, but I panicked and tried to find something that was A. as cheap as possible and B. something I would actually get some use out of. Sephora has a really nice feature where you can search for a dollar amount (say, $5) and it will show you everything on the site at that price. These are Sephora-brand charcoal swabs and they were $3. I don't really think the added charcoal does anything, but these cotton swabs are a lot sturdier than regular Q-Tips and make cleaning up makeup a breeze. $3 is a lot for 30 double-ended cotton swabs, but these are pretty impressive and you can cut them in half to get twice as much use out of them. Also, plastic carrying case is really handy.
Now that that's out of the way, we can focus on the Sweet Peach palette itself! The box has a pretty peachy pink ombre color scheme, and the back shows all 18 shadows, plus their names. The Chocolate Bar palettes have 16 shadows since two of them are larger (they're the highlight/base colors that are more likely to be used up faster than the other shadows). I think I prefer the set-up of this palette since we get two more colors to play with, and I have enough highlight/base shades in other palettes that I'm not worried about hitting pan on any one single shadow.
The palette itself is the standard metal slim tin and it has a magnetic closure. I like that the palette has the same peachy pink ombre as the box and the Sweet Peach logo.
The palette has a loose hinge so it can't hold the mirror up (I have it propped open for this picture), but I never really use the mirror in my palettes when I put my makeup on, so it doesn't bother me. I do like the cute framing Too Faced did; it's a nice design touch, but there's enough open mirror that it's still functional if you did want to use it. I like how the palette goes (mostly) from light to dark; it sounds weird, but I find palettes a lot more appealing when there's some kind of pattern or layout (I think this is just a condition of being human; our brains love patterns).

Too Faced learned their lesson after the initial release of the Chocolate Bar palette and printed the names of the shadows above the pans. I'm going to talk about each shade individually, going in vertical rows, from left to right. Also, all of these swatches are done on bare, unprimed skin.
First is White Peach, a matte warm cream. I don't get much use out of these types of shadows, so this one is a miss for me (right out of the gate, too...). It's super sheer, so it would make a good subtle highlight if you prefer matte, almost white colors. It was also a little on the chalky side.
 Nectar is more my style of highlight; a little shimmery (not glittery) and more gold; this reminds me a lot of Bananas from the PB&J palette. It's not super pigmented, but it blends smoothly.
 I can also see myself getting some use out of Peaches 'N Cream. It's the same matte formula as White Peach, but the color is a little warmer and peachier, and I think it's a lot more flattering on me. Again, another sheer shadow that would work best as a highlight or base/blending color.
 Luscious is a very interesting color; it's like a warm shimmery mauve (it looks warmer swatched than in the pan). I think it's pretty unique, at least in my collection, and since it's shimmery it blends easily. The pigmentation is also good and this shadow plays well with others.
In the pan, Cobbler looks like a deeper version of Luscious, but swatched it's honestly just more brown than anything. This is another shimmery shade so the formula is good, but the color is kind of boring.
Georgia is basically a dusty mauve with a matte finish. I wasn't too impressed with the pigmentation of this shadow; it's just as sheer as the first two mattes, though it was less chalky. This would be a good base/blending color.
 Just Peachy is a shimmery warm, golden pink. I really like this shade, especially since it almost has a gold duochrome look to it. The color isn't strong, but it's not patchy, and it blended well.
I wanted to like this shade, as it's the peachiest one in this palette, but I really don't like matte shadows that have glitter. The glitter never sticks, even with a primer, and the matte formula makes it tricky to blend out. I had to work to make this swatch look even and not patchy; after I had it blended, there wasn't any glitter left on my skin. The color is super pretty, and I wish Too Faced had either made this a straight matte or a shimmer.
 Caramelized is a good color, just dull. We all have a bronze/brown shimmer shadow in our arsenals and while it's a good addition to this palette (especially if you like making complete looks with a single palette), it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Good pigmentation, blends well, just boring.
This is one of the most in-congruent shadows in this palette, but also one of the most interesting. This is Bless Her Heart (the theme of this palette seems to be peaches and the South), a khaki/olive shimmery taupe. I actually like the hint of green this brings to this palette, and I can see myself experimenting with this color. It's pigmented and blends smoothly (all the shimmers in this palette performed well; I might just stop mentioning it after this one).

Bellini is a shimmery dusty pinky peach. It has a hint of gold like Just Peachy, but it's a lot of subtle and it doesn't look like a duochrome. This is a good color, and I think it would actually work well with Bless Her Heart.

Out of all the mattes in this palette, I think Puree is my favorite. It's a warm, orangey brown, which is flattering on me and on trend right now. The formula was smooth and not chalky and the pigmentation was even. I know Too Faced can make good mattes, so I was kind of surprised to see that most of the mattes in this palette were a little lackluster (not this matte, though!).
This is the other out of place shadow, Tempting. It's a good shadow, a pigmented, shimmery black, but it just doesn't fit with the rest of the palette. It will make a good liner, but I really can't see myself using this in a look if I was limiting myself to just this palette. I know why Too Faced included a shadow like this; people will complain if there isn't a dark color and/or a black in this large of a palette, but unless you're doing a smokey eye, I don't see much use for it here.
 Next is Peach Pit, a shimmery warm burgundy. The reddish/purple tint to this color helps prevent it from being another boring, everyday brown. This color would add a nice twist to neutral brown  everyday look.
Summer Yum is the another matte that I thought performed up to my expectations. It was smooth and pigmented (it looks kind of off in my swatch because my arm was still a little damp in places from my makeup wipe), and it blended well. I also think the peachy-orange brown is fairly unique color, even with all the 'warm orange brown' colors available now.

Charmed, I'm Sure looks matte in the pan, but when swatched you can tell it's more of a satin. If I have to use a matte, I much prefer these type of satin finishes since they are easier to work with (and mattes can be very hit or miss). It looks a lot more grey in the pan, but it's a cool-toned, slightly ashy brown. Out of all the shadows in this palette (except maybe the last two), this one is probably the most cool-toned.
 ...these last two shades are unfortunately the two worst shadows in the whole palette. This Delectable and it's a dark, reddish plum. Purples are always some of the worst colors in palettes; I think it has to do with the type of pigments that are used. I'm not sure why Too Faced felt the need to include this shadow; they must have known about the quality issues and and I don't think this color is really needed in a peach-themed palette. It looks like a satin finish in the pan, but it's super patchy, sheer and hard to work with, almost like a poor quality matte.
 Last is Talk Derby To Me. ...yeah. This is another matte shadow with glitter mixed in. I got more glitter to stick to my skin, but the base shadow is just a very patchy, chalky charcoal. It looks purple in the pan, but that's due to the glitter. I really, really don't know why any makeup company makes this type of shadow; they never turn out well. If I wanted a matte shadow with glitter, I would use a regular, good quality matte and then add loose glitter or a glitter topper on top of it.
As with their other palettes, Too Faced has included a Glamour Guide, with three different eye looks to try. I was going to talk about these at the beginning, but I figured you'd want to get to the swatches as soon as possible. The first look is called Peaches & Cream.
Unlike the Guides in the 9-pan palettes, these looks aren't confined to using shadows in certain configurations.

To be honest, I don't like any of these looks. They're super dark and smokey, and they don't feel summery, which what I thought this palette was supposed to be.

The biggest complaint people have about this palette is that there aren't enough peach colors. I don't think it needs more peach...but it needs something.
Seriously, look at how dark this look is. And there's almost no peach/pink.
I think the biggest issue with this palette, is that it was hyped up to be peachy and for the summer. If they had just marketed this palette as another neutral palette in the Chocolate Bar line (which it really is; it's a warm orange/peach/brown neutral palette), I think a lot of people would have been happier.

That being said, you can't deny the popularity of this palette since it keeps selling out so quickly (there are even some on eBay for $500. Please don't pay that much for this palette). It's not a bad palette; there are some unique colors and most of them perform well. But I don't think it's worth the frenzy that's surrounding it. If you want a really warm, orange/peach/brown neutral palette, and aren't worried about skin/eye irritation from the added fragrance, go ahead and give this one a try; but wait until the hype dies down and it becomes readily available.

Thanks for reading! <3

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