Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My First Ever Colourpop Products! - Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow and Panda & Super Shock Shadow in Bae - Swatches & First Impressions!

I don't know why it's taken me this long to actually try a Colourpop product. I've heard nothing but good things about them, they have a wide array of colors, finishes, and products, and they're very affordable. The saddest part is that I didn't even but these myself; my wonderful, kind, generous friend  picked these out for me and purchased them with her most recent Colourpop order.
She bought me three products: two Ultra Satin Lip liquid lipsticks in Marshmallow and Panda and a Super Shock Shadow in the color Bae. Since Colourpop is so popular, plenty of other blogs have already talked about these products and colors, but I wanted to add my own thoughts to the mix.
I'd be surprised if you were into the beauty/makeup scene on the internet and didn't know what Colourpop was, but just in case: Colourpop is an online cosmetics company based in California that started with eye shadow/pigments but has expanded to also include face and lip products. Their products are cruelty-free and very affordable: for example, a single shadow/pigment retails for $5, and a liquid lip product retails for $6. Shipping is also free with a $35+ order. Again, I have no idea why I've never bought anything from them...which makes me even more appreciative that my friend bought these for me!
I'll start with the Super Shock Shadow since it's the product that started the Colourpop craze. These are pressed shadows, but they have a texture that's in-between a cream shadow and a powder; the closet thing I can think of is a Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eye shadow. It's almost like someone pre-mixed a pigment with a mixing medium (like Fix+) and then pressed it in a pot; it means that you get a ton of pigmentation!
The color my friend picked out for me is called Bae.
Bae is described as a "rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish" and it is gorgeous.
Like. Look at that. That's on bare, unprimed, really dry skin. So pretty. And only $5! I will say the texture of these shadows does take a bit of getting used to; it's unlike almost everything else in my collection. These shadows also work best when applied with your fingers, though you can use a brush. But seriously this shadow is stunning and now I want to buy every Colourpop shadow ever.
Along with the shadow, my friend also got me two Ultra Satin Lip liquid lip sticks in Panda (on top) and Marshmallow (on the bottom). These are, as the name suggests, satin-finish liquid lipsticks; Colourpop also makes a similar product in a matte formula called Ultra Matte Lip. Since these are a satin-finish product, they don't dry down completely and stay a little creamy.
These Ultra Satins have a soft doe-foot applicator and a sticker on the bottom with the shade name. Marshmallow is described as a "greyed out lavender", and it is one of the more unique colors in this collection.
This Ultra Satin was super pigmented and comfortable to wear. It does dry down a bit, but you do still have that creamy, "could-maybe-be-wearing-off" feeling and you have to be careful eating with them on. I think I've just become so accustomed to locked on, completely dry, going nowhere mattes, that anything non-matte feels kind of weird on. It's not a bad texture, but it's not one I'm used to.
 The other color, Panda, is described as a "deep pink violet" and is an extremely flattering, but still interesting, color.
Same intense pigmentation as Marshmallow and same texture concerns. This color is super pretty and it looked especially nice on my friend (she's very pale with cool undertones). Both of these Ultra Satin Lips retail for $6 each, which is a steal for the quality of product you get.

Overall, I am very impressed with these products from Colourpop. I'm super happy my friend was kind enough to purchase these for me since, now that I've experienced for myself how amazing Colourpop products are, I'm definitely going to be buying more!

Thanks for reading! <3

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