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May 2016 Julep Maven - Rainbow Bright - Unboxing & Review!

After many months of sporadic boxes interspersed with long stretches of skipping, I actually got my Julep Maven box for the third month in a row!
Not only were the polish colors especially pretty this month (lots of shimmer and bright colors), but I was also really interested in trying the new beauty product for May, the Your Lip Addiction tinted lip oil since lip oils are the newest trendy thing from Korea.
Quick Run-Down: $24.99 a month nail polish, makeup, and beauty subscription service (I actually pay $19.99 a month since I've been subscribed for so long) from Julep, a nail salon and beauty company based in Seattle, WA; a new nail polish collection releases each month, along with one or two new makeup or beauty products; you can customize your box, the window to customize opens on the 20th of each month and closes on the 24th, billing is on the 27th, and shipping is close after that; one of the best features of this subscription is that you can choose to skip a month, but still use your Julep Maven membership benefits (this is the main reason why I've been subscribed for so long); you also earn Jules (reward points) for purchases and getting your monthly box which you can spend on 'extras' (products you can add to your monthly box at a reduced price) or on a free Maven box.
The theme for May 2016 is Rainbow Bright, and you can see from the info card why I got so many polishes from this collection!
Julep used to do these larger info cards, and it's kind of nice to see them again; the more info I get about a product, the better. This is the new, featured beauty product for May, the Your Lip Addiction lip oils.
I really like this quote; amusing and very sound advice.
The coupon this month is the standard $15 off a $30+ purchase with code MAY15. One of the first rules of Julep is 'never pay full price for anything', since there is always a sale, a special, a coupon, or a discount available.
The candy/extra freebie is a pink gumball. It's supposed to be shimmery, and it kind of is, but if the allergy information didn't say it was, I wouldn't have noticed it.
The star of the show this month is the Your Lip Addiction tinted lip oil; I wanted to get this lip oil since they're kind of the new 'thing' right now from Korea (though they have been available in the US; I know Clarins has had a lip oil for a while now) and I liked the idea of a super hydrating product without a balmy/sticky texture. Julep has four colors, Covet, Obsessed, Crave, and Clear and I picked Covet, a bright pink.
When I first heard about these, I was super worried that they would have argan oil, but lucky for me, they don't! These lip oils are made with camellia oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, and grape seed oil (I think the formula is actually really similar to the Luxe Up Your Lips glosses).
The packaging is thick and chunky, but in a good way. It feels sturdy, like I could throw it in my bag and it would be fine. The wand has a flat, flocked paddle applicator that's stiff, but flexible at the base, making it really comfortable to apply the oil with. 'Comfortable' isn't the best word, but I couldn't think of a better way to describe why I like this applicator so much.
The product has a sweet, subtly fruity smell, but it tastes kind of like soap. It's not a good taste, another similarity it has with the Luxe Up Your Lips gloss, but it goes away pretty quickly. It feels really slick and oily at first, but it absorbs quick and ends up feeling like a really thin balm (and even that goes away after a bit). The color is sheer, but it's pretty noticeable, at least on my lips.
After the oil fully absorbs and/or rubs off, you do get a little bit of a stain. Again, it's super sheer, but it shows up really well on my lips for some reason. Even after all the product is gone, my lips feel soft and moisturized. It doesn't last a super long time, but it's very comparable to a standard lip balm and it's really easy to add more product without messing anything up (though I think I would have preferred the clear since I don't always want a pink flush).
I got two of the polish colors from May in my actual Maven box, and I added on two others. Julep did a great job with the polish collection for this month!
First up is Pepper, the Wonder Maven polish for May. Apparently, this is the first time I've ever gotten a Wonder Maven polish because I didn't know the labels were gold!
Pepper is described as a "cornflower multidimensional shimmer". This polish has a really subtle purple duochrome and a ton of silver shimmer mixed throughout.
Next is Francine, a "seaglass iridescent chrome".
I kind of understand why Julep calls this a chrome, but to me it's more like a metallic/shimmer. You don't get the brush strokes like you do with a chrome, and the shimmer is a lot more scattered.
This is Wilma, a 'Mojave sunrise gold chrome'.
 This is a true chrome finish; there are noticeable brush strokes, but you can minimize them with careful application. I did this swatch super quick, without much care, and the brush strokes were super minimal, so the formula is good. There's a red duochrom to this polish, which is where the 'sunrise' part of the description comes from; it's pretty, but it's similar to a few other polishes I already own.
Last is Regina, my favorite from this collection! Julep describes this as a 'nebula pink iridescent chrome'.
Again,I don't know why Julep calls this a chrome. This is a pinky-purple polish with a strong blue shift and it's surprisingly unique to my collection. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's on the sheer side, so it takes a few coats to reach opacity. I might use this on top of another polish as a base so I don't have to build it up so much.
Along with my two polish add-ons, I picked up a bottle of the Beach Tonic dry body oil. This was one of the first body oils I ever tried, way back when it first launched, and I'm a pretty big fan of it. It's not super hydrating or anything, but it's great for in the summer when it's humid and sticky and you don't want to put on anything too thick. It absorbs quickly and gives your skin a nice glow, but my favorite part is the scent. It's beachy, but not in a coconut/suntan lotion way; it's more of a floral scent, but a tropical, lush, almost fruity floral. It makes me think of Hawaii and tropical get-aways.
Because I got three add-ons (two of the polishes and the body oil), I got an extra freebie. Everyone gets the same freebie (at least from what I've seen), and this month we got another polish. I keep hoping they'll include a makeup or beauty product as a freebie; Julep has in the past, but the polishes are probably their least expensive items, so it makes sense to use them as the freebies.
The polish I got is called Becky. It's a super pretty deep purple and green duochrome, but I already own it so it doesn't really add any value to my box. If I didn't already own it, though, I would have been pleased to get it since it is a gorgeous color.

And that's my May 2016 Julep Maven box! Overall I got a lip oil, five nail polishes (one dupe), and a body oil for about $32! I used a lot of my Jules to take $12 or so off my total (originally, it was $44 or so with all my add-ons) so I ended up getting a really good deal this month. I'm not sure if I will be getting the June box; I already saw the polishes for the month and they're not super exciting, but we'll see what happens come the 20th, when the selection window opens up.

Thanks for reading! <3

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