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May 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Duos - Unboxing & Review!

Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? You guys know the drill: life happens, poor lighting for pictures, and a variety of other excuses with varying levels of plausibility. So let's cut to the chase and talk about the Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month subscription bag for May 2016!
The themes are no longer explicitly stated on the information cards (at least from what I can see), but I'm pretty sure the theme for this month is duos: duochromes, dynamic duos, and twins (the GWP for May is called '#twinning' as well)!
Quick Run-Down: $8 a month indie subscription service from the brand Glamour Doll Eyes, an independent cosmetic company; one new full size exclusive loose shadow a month called the Of The Month (valued at $6), along with extras either from Glamour Doll Eyes or another indie company; will ship internationally, price of subscription will vary based on shipping ($8 base price + $3 shipping in the US, more for other locations); limited spaces available, best way to get a chance at this subscription is to join the Glamour Doll Eyes group on Facebook and sign up for the waitlist.
Every month comes in a unique container; normally, it's in a drawstring bag, but sometimes it comes in boxes or other special packaging.
Same business cards as usual, including a 'share on Instagram' reminder card.
To go along with the duo/twin theme, the candy this month is Doublemint gum! Unfortunately, I can't chew gum due to my TMD, but husband likes Doublemint, so this is going to him.
I really like these themed info cards, though I wish the name of the theme was printed on them somewhere; you can usually infer the theme based on the names of the products, but I get the feeling this is based on a fandom or something I'm not familiar with, so all I get out of it is "duos".
The first Of The Month (there are two Of The Months for May; the theme dedication is strong!) shadow is called Doppelganger.
Kind of sad it's not lip safe... Doppelganger is described as a 'matte green base with a copper to purple shift'.
I actually didn't know this was supposed to have a matte base until I read the color description; to me this feels and looks like a satin/shimmer.
I had to include another swatch to show the duochrome! The purple shift is quite strong, though I don't get a lot of copper from it. Such a gorgeous shade!
The other Of The Month is Forever Alone.
Forever Alone is a very amusing name and it is lip safe! It is described as an 'ivory base with a green and gold shift'.
The shift isn't as strong with this shadow as with Doppelganger, but there's a lot of shimmer with a hint of green. Another very pretty shadow!
We got two extras this month (another example of  the theme! I'm quite impressed...), the first of which is a lip duo from AFK Cosmetics based on a certain dynamic duo...
The first lip product is The Hero Our Lips Deserve. How cute is this teeny, chubby lip balm tube?
The Hero Our Lips Deserve is described as a 'creamy, dark raspberry with a gentle blue-violet sheen'. It took a few passes to get this deep of color; with darker shades like these, you have to be really careful with opacity--they can work as a sheer color, but they have to cover evenly, or it will look patchy. I really like the subtle duochrome, though!
The other color in this duo is called Robin, The Balm Wonder.
Robin, The Balm Wonder is described as a 'light and springy apricot neutral with a shimmery finish'. This is definitely more of a  tinted lip balm; I think I will get more use out of this than I will out of The Hero Our Lips Deserve, but only because this is a product I can just throw in my purse and apply on the go without really having to worry about precision or layering. Both formulas are creamy and apply well and neither have a scent nor fragrance.
The last product in my May 2016 Of The Month is a multipurpose pressed powder from called Gemini.
I believe this is the first multipurpose pressed powder from Glamour Doll Eyes, and I'm always excited to give new products a try! I have a few loose multipurpose powders from Glamour Doll Eyes that I really like, so I'm optimistic about this pressed one.
Gemini is described as a 'soft pinky peach with golden sparkle' and it can be used pretty much anywhere you want, including your eyes, lips, and nails. I also like the compact it comes it; it feels nice and sturdy and it includes a legit mirror in the lid (there isn't any distortion like you can get with cheaper, more flimsy mirrors).
The color is quite subtle, but there seems to strong pink sheen to it. The description doesn't say it has a shift or sheen, but I swear it's there! I think this will make a really unique highlighter on both lips and cheeks, and it would work as an interesting, subtle wash of color for the lids.

And that's the May 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! Another great month, though I'm especially happy with it since I think I will get a lot of use out of these products (while I like the variety of colors and products I get from this subscription, the colors aren't always my favorites). We also got a ton of products this month, so I definitely feel like I got my $11. Based on a contest in the Facebook group way back when, I think that, starting in June, the themes for the Of The Months are going to be from Glamour Doll Eye customers and fans. Very curious to see what everyone came up with and what Glamour Doll Eyes chose for June!

Thanks for reading! <3

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