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Influenster SK-II VoxBox - Facial Treatment Essence & Facial Treatment Mask - Review!

Do you like giving your opinion about products, whether in reviews, in blog/vlog posts, or in person? To like receiving free products in order to review? If so, then you might enjoy Influenster! Influenster (that's my referral link; I like to be transparent here) is a website that you can connect your social media to to increase your social impact score in order to receive products to try for free from campaigns called VoxBoxes. You can also review products and answer other users' questions directly on Influenster to also increase your social impact score. I'm not sure how it's decided who gets what VoxBox and when (there are a lot of different categories, including beauty, food, and gaming and you can invest more time in one category over another, which has an effect on what type of VoxBoxes you get chosen for), but I'm pretty sure that the higher your social impact, the more likely you are to get them.
I've been quite lucky lately and have gotten a few makeup/beauty related VoxBoxes, and my most recent one if the SK-II VoxBox!
SK-II is not a new brand for me; in fact, I've been lusting after it for a long time now, but have never been able to drop the cash on their products (it's a fairly expensive, high-end skin care line). Even before I got this VoxBox, I knew I would love these products, because I got the exact same samples in a previous subscription box. But! I am ecstatic to get more because these two products are amazing!
The star of this VoxBox is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. An Essence is the step between your toner and serum. It's very common in Korean/Asian skin care routines, and they're just now starting to catch on in the U.S. This essence contains 90% Piteria, SK-II's proprietary and main active ingredient in its skin care products. This essence increases hydration, radiance, and it helps improve skin texture. Top use it, you shake a few drops into your palms, gently rub them together to warm and disperse the product evenly, and then press the product into your skin, including on your face, eye area, and neck.
I know this bottle looks pretty small, but you only have to use a few drops at a time, so it lasts for quite a while. Also a full size is 7.7fl oz for $205 (there are smaller sizes for less, but the price for ounce increases), so this 1fl oz bottle is worth about $26. Yup.
Along with the Facial Treatment Essence, we got a Facial Treatment Mask! This is basically a sheet mask infused with the same skin care ingredients as the essence to give you an instant hydration boost. I haven't used this mask yet, but I did use the other one I got as a sample and the results really are instant and impressive.
Like other sheet masks, you put this mask on your face after cleansing and toning and keep it on for 5-15 minutes (obviously the longer you leave it on, the greater effect it will have). Then, you peel it off and pat in any remaining product and Bam! Soft, hydrated skin! SK-II recommends using this mask once or twice a week (I do use sheet mask a couple times a week, but I constantly change it up and use a variety of masks). You can purchase these masks individually for $17 each, or you can buy them in packs to save a little (a pack of 10 is $135 at Sephora).

Even though these products are expensive, I think they do work! I've been using my other sample of the Facial Treatment Essence for about a month now, and I've noticed a difference in the texture and hydration in skin. Is it enough of a difference to justify the price? Possibly; while the mask is good, I do think I get almost comparable, one-time results from masks that are $2-$5. If I used these masks exclusively for a few months, though, I might see a noticeable difference in my skin. I want to keep using my Facial Treatment Essence until it's completely gone, then stop using it for a week to see what changes it may have made to my skin (a lot of times, it's hard to notice the slow, subtle change a product is making until you stop using it for a bit); I know it makes my skin look and feel good in the short-term, but for that price, I want long-term results.

These products were provided to me free of charge for review purposes.

Thanks for reading! <3

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