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April 2016 Target Beauty Box - Hello Sunshine! - Unboxing & Review!

Let's all ignore the fact that the May 2016 Target Beauty Box is coming out tomorrow morning and take some time to talk about the one for April 2016!
These Target Beauty Boxes keep getting more and more popular and are selling out faster and faster; I believe this box sold out by 9am PST. I understand why people love these boxes; you get a lot of products for only $5-$7, but I'm starting to wonder if it's less about the value and more about the thrill of snagging one of these boxes?

Unfortunately, this box is no longer available, but it gives a good idea of the sizes and types of samples featured in this sampler box.
Quick Run-Down: the Target Beauty Box is a monthly (or so) beauty sampler box sold online by Target; it is not a subscription box and once it's sold out, it's sold out for that month; it releases on the first Monday of the month early in the morning and has been selling out earlier and earlier each time; there's no set number or size of samples, but all the brands and products are available for purchase at Target; depending on the samples, the boxes retail for $5-$10, shipping included.
The products come in sturdy, black cardboard boxes with the Target logo on the lid and the boxes include an information card with a $3 off a $15 beauty purchase coupon attached. There's not really "themes", but one side of the info card there is a little blurb about the type of products included in that months box. For April, it's "Hello, Sunshine!", though it's been so cold and rainy here.
The back of the info card lists all the products included, along with a little bit of information about them. This isn't the most uninformative card ever (looking at you, Ipsy), but it's one of the least informative. There are no sizes listed, nor are the prices of the the full size items (though, again, everything is available at Target so it's pretty easy to find that info online). This month we got eight samples, two of which are full sized. This was a $7 box, which seems to be the most common price point.
There are mostly deluxe/travel/full size items, but this month one of our samples was a foil packet. This is the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation in 20 Classic Ivory. This is a pretty lame sample, and even with the coupon on the back, I don't feel like it adds any value to this box.
This is one of the two full sized products; this is a Laneige Water Bank Soothing Mask. I really like the brand Laneige (it's the drugstore version of AmorePacific) and I really like sheet masks, so I was excited to see this was going to be in this box! I call this a full size since it is an individually sealed, complete sheet mask, but you could technically call this a deluxe sample since I believe you can only buy these in sets and not individually. I prefer masks that you can purchase individually instead of in sets since I like to mix up the type of mask I use and it can get kind of boring to use five or ten of the same masks in a row.
When I was little, I used to use Pantene hair care products all the time and I thought they were super luxurious. Now I know better, and it's been a very long time since I've used any of their products. I was initially not very excited to see not only a Pantene product, but a hair spray at that, in this box, but after reading about it, I actually might give this a try. I like that it's alcohol-free and that it claims to be lightweight and brushable. I had my hair cut super short, so I need to use some product in the morning to get it to look presentable (no more lazy ponytails for me...) and I've been trying a bunch of different hairsprays and dry texture sprays. I don't like it when my hair feels crunchy or stiff, so I'm hoping this will give me hold without any negative side effects.
It also came with a coupon! It's a pretty lame coupon; it's only $1 off of two Pantene products, so I just gave it away.
This is the other full size product in this box; this is the Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick in the color 240 Caramel Kiss.
There were a bunch of different colors sampled, and I ended up with this one. I was initially disappointed since I don't like brownish nudes, but I ended up really liking this color.

There's enough peach/pink in it so it doesn't look like a 90's brown (which look horrible on me), and I thought it was quite flattering on me. This is not a color I would buy for myself, so it's unique to my collection (which is impressive, since I have a lot of lip products).
Unfortunately, my lipstick arrived damaged. It was smooshed up at the top and the bullet had broken off at the base. I tried to fix it, but it wouldn't meld back together and it's very annoying to apply. I could try and depot it, but I know if I did that I would never use it anyway, so I'm probably just going to throw it away. I probably won't be repurchasing this product, but I will definitely look for a similar color!
One thing I like about these Target Beauty Boxes is that they're not 100% makeup/beauty products. I enjoy getting a lifestyle/health product every now and then; it helps break things up and prevents me from getting overwhelmed with similar products. Sunscreen is important year-round, but I'm glad Target included a travel-sized bottle in this box since people are going to find themselves spending more time outside spontaneously now and it will be super helpful to have sunscreen readily available. It also smells really good! It's super light, too, so it will be less irritating to skin and noses.
I love getting travel size lotions in these sample boxes; I tend to avoid putting lotion on my hands as often as I should, so I find that if I leave little tubes of it around where I spend a lot of time, I'm more likely to use it.  I liked the other Marlowe product I got in a past box, so I expect to like this one, too. I will say, though, that the scent, while light, is a little off-putting. It's a green-floral, but it smells a little...old. I might not use this all over my just due to the scent, but I'll try it on my hands and see if it bothers me.
I was actually really surprised to see that this was not a full size sample since we've gotten full sizes of this product (or at least a similar one from the same line) in the past. This is a travel pack of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. Out of all the facial wipes I've tried from the drugstore (not including the Korean ones I get at Forever21), the Simple ones have been my favorites. They don't irritate my skin and they do a pretty good job at taking off my makeup. This travel pack is nice since I can keep it in my purse for removal/touch-ups on the go (especially helpful if you're wearing a bold lipstick and want to eat), but again, I was really surprised to see that this was not a full sized pack since that's what we've gotten in the past.
Finally, we got a teeny sample of the CeraVe Healing Ointment. I'm pretty sure this is a brand new product, which is why it was included in this box. It's bascially CeraVe's version of Aquaphor; it's a petrolatum-based ointment that you use on chapped, cracked, or irritated skin to help sooth and protect it. It also includes ceramides, which is intriguing. I do like some of CeraVe's other products, so I'm curious about this one!

And that's my April 2016 Target Beauty Box! A good box, especially for the $7 I paid, but it does feel like something's missing, like it's a little less impressive than previous boxes. I definitely got my money's worth, but I wonder if Target is starting to make more boxes with less product value in order to satisfy demand... We'll have to see what the May box brings!

Thanks for reading! <3

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