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April 2016 Julep Maven - Brights + White - Unboxing & Review!

Out of all my subscriptions, I've been a Julep Maven the longest. Which is kind of funny, because I initially didn't even want to sign up because I couldn't justify a nail polish-centric monthly subscription. Julep has come a long way since then (as have I) and, thanks to features such as being able to skip a month and my new customizing abilities, I've been very happy to stick around.
For the month of April, Julep went with a Brights + White theme, with bright polishes that semi-sheer on their own but pop over a white base. This is not a revolutionary concept, but I do like Julep's version; they're like a hybrid between a tint and jelly. They even included a white polish for free with any of the new sheers, which was very considerate of them.
Quick Run-Down: Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish-centric subscription service, though they have expanded to include body/skin care and makeup products; I pay $19.99 a month for my base subscription because I've been a Maven for so long (it was the original price), but if you were to sign up today, it would be $24.99 a month ($19.99 a month if you purchase three months up front); with the $24.99 subscription, you are able to completely customize what products you get in your box (within  reason; Julep does limit the value and what kinds of products they offer), I used to not be able to customize my box and had to pick one of the curated ones, but they recently let me customize at my regular $19.99 price; you earn Jules, which are rewards points that you can use towards getting free products, when you choose to receive your monthly box; the best feature of the Julep Maven program is the ability to skip a month, as many times as you want in row, it's the biggest reason why I've been subscribed to them  for so long!
So, as I said above, the theme for April is Brights + White, to go along with the new formula/finish they came out with.
On the back of the card is a quote from Rupaul, which is amusing, and pertinent to the theme for this month, since it's all about mixing and layering colors to make some really interesting nail looks.
I also got a coupon for $15 off a purchase of $30+ with the code APR15; I rarely ever use these coupons since you can't use them on sale products or mystery boxes. You never want to buy a Julep product at full price since you'll find it on sale/in a mystery box/as an add on for a deep discount.
The extra this month (which is generally candy, though we have gotten little items in the past) is a green apple Air Heads taffy. Thing. Is there an official word for these? I just call them Air Heads...
I ended up getting one of the new polish colors, though I did have my eye on a few of them. If you got any of the new sheers, Julep would include a free white polish, Bridgette!
Bridgette is just a plain white creme, and it's a brand new polish for me. I don't have a lot of 'basic' colors since I find them boring and I don't like to spend money on them, so it's nice to get one for free.

Yeah, just a plain white. Not much to say. It did apply well, though I don't know what the opacity is like since I haven't used it on my natural nails yet.
The color I picked from the April collection is Delaney. I tried to find it on the Julep website to get their color description, but it wasn't there. Which is weird. I wonder if it sold out...

It's an electric blue/cobalt; it looks super dark in the bottle, but it's actually quite vibrant.

On the right is two coats of the polish on it's own; like I said before, these are like a hybrid of a jelly and tint. They're not quite as thick as a jelly, but they're not as sheer and watery as a tint. I actually really like the formula of these polishes, and I'm kind of sad I didn't pick up the other colors I wanted.
Along with my polish(es), I got two nail care items that I love from Julep and needed to buy replacements of. First is the Brilliance Glycolic Hand and Body Scrub. This has gone through many versions, but it's essentially the same product  as it was, in a much larger tube with a better cap (I have an older version in a smaller tube with a really annoying cap that says it's just for hands). This scrub really smooths out my hands without being too exfoliating. You do have to make sure to use sunscreen after using it because it has an AHA, but that's the only drawback (and it's not even a real drawback since you should be wearing a sunscreen anyways).
The other product I got is my favorite cuticle softener/remover: the Vanish Cuticle Softener and Remover (...sorry about the redundancy). Out of all the cuticle removers I've tried, this is the one that I've found to work the best with the least amount of irritation (basically none). I really like to use this product in tandem with the Julep cuticle pusher; no other combination makes my cuticles look better.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Julep Maven subscription service; I've been skipping a lot since I really don't need any more Julep polish and a lot of the makeup stuff doesn't interest me, but now that Julep is letting me customize my box, I'm really enjoying it again! This is the first time in a long while that I've gotten three boxes in a row (I'm counting the May box, which is on it's way to me right now) and, while I can see myself getting a little saturated in products again in and deciding to skip every so often, I think I will be getting a lot more Maven boxes in the future!

Thanks for reading! <3

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