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April 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag - Dreamers - Unboxing & Review!

I've sat here, staring at my computer, for a good ten minutes trying to figure out a witty way to start this post. And I can't. The best I can come up with is "Makeup! Subscription! Cheap! Good! Look!" and that's way more lame than I am comfortable admitting. SO...
Let's just jump on in and take a look at my April 2016 Ipsy Glam bag, before I end up insulting the intelligence of both of us even more with my poor writing skills. I'm pretty happy with what I got this month, especially compared with what I got in my Birchbox (which I will get a post up about shortly!).
Quick Run-Down: $10 a month beauty/makeup subscription service; five (maybe more, but it's rare) deluxe/travel/full size products, along with a unique makeup bag; more likely to get full size products, but more likely to get online-only brands (which may or may not be overpriced); also more likely to get color cosmetics, but again, more likely to get products from online-only brands; earn rewards points for reviewing samples, but rewards are "expensive" (cost a lot of points) and are limited to what Ipsy is offering at that time (very similar to how Sephora reward points work); tends to have a higher value in products than other similarly priced subscription services, but again, some products are from online-only brands that have a tendency to be overpriced.
The bag this month is pretty cool; it has a festival/start of summer type of vibe, which works well for the month of April. I think the tie-dye design varies between bags; from what I can see the pattern itself is the same, but the cut and placement of it changes bag by bag, if that makes sense. The inside is the same color as the zipper and it feels like a plastic/nylon type of material, so it should be easy to clean.
The theme for April is "Dreamers", which again fits in with a festival/start of summer vibe. As with most of these subscription boxes, the theme doesn't really mean anything when it comes to the types of products sampled.
Ipsy continues to have the least informative information cards, though it's a little different this month; instead of encouraging us to share our bags on social media for a chance to win a free year of Ipsy, it just gives us a little blurb about the theme and how to look up more information on the items we got online in our Glam Rooms.
 Going in the order of the products in my Glam Room, the first sample I got is a, Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks blush in the color Peach Pink
I've gotten a few Elizabeth Mott products in sample boxes and I've generally liked them, though I believe this is one of those online-only brands that charge just a bit too much for their products. I also didn't realize that Elizabeth Mott makeup is Korean-inspired, and some products are actually made there, such as this blush, which is pretty cool!
I like how this sample came in a plastic case; it makes it super easy to depot and put in a Z-Palette. The full blush comes in an actual compact.
This is a shimmery blush in a mid-tone, warm pink shade. You can get a lot of color from it, but I like that it applies a little more sheer; I tend to be heavy handed with my blush, and sheerer products are easier for me to apply without looking clownish. A full size blush in a compact is 0.18oz and retails for $23, so this 0.08oz sample is worth about $10.
Next up is a tarte LipSurgence lip creme in the color Wonder. Based on spoilers and pictures of other people's bags, this was one of the products that a bunch of people got, and everyone who got it got it in the same color.
Tarte's LipSurgences are just chunky, twist-up lip crayons, and they come in a variety of finishes (this is just a straight creme). I really don't like these lip crayons; they have a lot of peppermint oil, so they smell and taste super minty (like toothpaste) and they irritate my lips. I would like these a lot more if they didn't have peppermint oil, but I also know that a lot of people like the minty taste/smell, so it's really a personal preference.
The color is surprisingly bold; I'm used to these being a little more sheer. It's a pretty color, but nothing unique and, since I don't like these lip crayons in general, I'm just going to pass it on. A full size is 0.1oz for $24, so this 0.05oz sample is worth $12.
When I first subscribed to Ipsy, I had it in my profile that I didn't want any brushes/beauty tools (as to how well they adhere to your profile, no one really knows). Now that I have quite the makeup hoard, I've changed my profile and embrace all the brushes and tools that I can get. This is a Crown Brush C427 Duo Fiber Blush Brush. The bristles are a taklon and sable blend, so I don't think this brush is vegan (though it feels completely synthetic to me). I really like the handle on this brush; it has indents for your fingers and it's very comfortable to hold. I don't like the brush itself, though; it feels really sparse and kind of cheap. I wouldn't mind it so much if it was a big fluffy brush, but it feels a little too compacted to apply blush softly. It's hard to explain, but I feel like this brush is trying to be two things at once and failing at both. This is a full size product and it retails for about $9.49 (which is super surprising, considering how cheap it feels. I would rather purchase a Real Techniques brush at that point).
I was super excited to see not one, but two sheet masks in my April bag! These are from Pur-Lisse and we got two different types: a blue lotus and seaweed and a blue lotus and white tea mask. Pur-Lisse is another brand that I've gotten a lot of in sample boxes, but I really like their products so I'm always happy to get more. I don't like how expensive they are; I think they're good, but they're not as good as the price they're charging for them, if that makes sense. These are full size sheet masks (I believe you can purchase them individually, which is always appreciated) and they retail for $8 (so a $16 value for both), which is really expensive for a sheet mask (some of my favorite masks from TonyMoly retail for as little as $3.50 each and you can get other good masks for around $1 each).
Lastly, I got an eye shadow single from the brand Nomad. I had never heard of this brand before, which is one of the things I actually like about Ipsy; I get introduced to a wide variety of brands and products, without having to worry about investing a lot of money in something I don't know much about.
This single is from the Nomad x Marrakesh palette and it is in the color Desert Sands. Nomad is another one of those online only brands that may or may not be overpriced; they don't offer much besides palettes and they're fairly expensive for what they are (plus the packaging looks a little on the cheap side).
I actually really like this shadow; it's a very pretty, shimmery gold, and I wish that Nomad sold individual eye shadows in these plastic compacts (all the palettes seem to be in cardboard packaging).

This shadow seems very pigmented and easy to blend, with no fallout. Granted, these shimmery/metallic shades are pretty easy to get right, but that change the fact that this is indeed a nice shadow! Since Nomad only sells products in palettes, I'm not 100% sure on the value of this shadow, but I guesstimate that it's worth around $4. 

Overall, I got three (two if you count the masks as one sample, which I think was Ipsy's intention) full size items and two deluxe-sized samples for a total value of about $51.49, which is on the higher end for Ipsy. Yay!

Thanks for reading! <3

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