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April 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Crazy Dog Lady - Indie Subscription - Unboxing & Review!

I love purchasing from indie companies; not only do you get the satisfaction of supporting an artists, but you can get some really unique and high quality items! One of my favorite indie cosmetic companies, Glamour Doll Eyes, even has a monthly subscription service called the Of The Month.
Last year, we got a Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit themed Of The Month, and for April 2016, we got a Crazy Dog Lady Starter Kit!
Quick Run-Down: $8 a month makeup subscription service from the indie cosmetic company Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE); shipping is not included, so for the US, the total cost of the service is $11 a month; will ship internationally, shipping costs will vary accordingly (but the Of The Month itself is always $8); includes the Of The Month (OTM) eye shadow, which is a special, full sized loose eye shadow created only for that month in limited quantities (a full size GDE loose eye shadow retails for $6); will include extra products as well, either from GDE or from another indie cosmetic company; since this is an indie subscription, spots are very limited, so if you are interested in getting the OTM, your best bet is to join the Facebook group and sign up for the waitlist.
Normally, the OTM comes in a bag, but this month we got these cute little boxes! The Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kits also came in boxes.
Along with your goodies you (almost; I think there was one time we didn't in the 1.5ish years I've been getting this subscription) always get candy. Obviously, we got dog-shaped gummies! There were a few different colors/flavors, and I ended up with blue (blue is always a good flavor).
GDE also always includes one or two business cards, plus any business cards from the indie companies featured for the month. This month is Leesha's Lacquer, a local Minnesotan nail polish creator! Leesha's Lacquer has been featured in an OTM before, and I've actually purchased some additional polishes from her Etsy. Normally, you also get an info card with some cute graphics and color description and ingredient information, but Vee, the owner of GDE, posted on Facebook that she forgot to include them in 90 or so of the mailers (it didn't fit in the box) and that if you didn't get one, you could let her know and she would include it in either your next order or your next OTM.
The OTM for April 2016 is called Pug Life.
It's a super sparkly brownish taupe (sorry for my lame color descriptions; normally I post what GDE describes the colors as but I was one of the subscribers that didn't get an info card) and it really reminds me of Pug (...even though it's not technically the color of one. It's weird).
I was really impressed with how this shadow swatched; I swatch dry on bare, unprimed skin, so I don't always get the same intensity I would get if I used these type of loose shadows wet and/or over primer, but this shadow was super sparkly and pigmented even on its own!
Like the Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit, we got a full size blush, with special label art! I think the cat one is a little bit cuter, but I am biased...
This blush is called So Fetch, and it is a neutral dusty mauve with what looks like a touch of blue shimmer (again, I apologize for my color descriptions). I think this is really similar to the cat blush we got, except that one had green shimmer.
The name So Fetch is super cute, and you can use this all over your face, including on your eyes or lips, if you don't like it as a blush. Plus, it's full sized, so you get a ton of product.
The top swatch is more sheered out, like if it was used as a blush, and the bottom is a little heavier, as if it was used as a shadow. This this is a beautiful blush, and the blue shimmer is subtle enough where it doesn't look weird (unless the sun hits it just right, but even then I don't think people would notice that much). I also really like the idea of using this product as a shadow; I bet foiling it (using it wet) would bring out the blue shimmer!
The last item in this OTM is a nail polish mini from Leesha's Lacquer called Muddy Paws! It has a white cream base with tiny matte black glitter and larger iridescent gold glitter pieces mixed in.
It's opaque in two coats, but since it does have a lot of glitter, it dries a little bumpy. I don't mind texture, but if you do, you might have to add two or three coats of top coat to smooth things out.

And that's the April 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! I thought this was cute theme, and a great companion to the Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit we got last year. For $11, I think this a good value, especially since all the products are specially made/designed and are from indie cosmetics companies. Again, if you are interested in signing up for this subscription service, please join the GDE Facebook group and make to add your name to the waitlist.

Thanks for reading! <3

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