Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another Darling Clandestine Mini Haul - Summer Collection - Review!

I have a slight addiction to purchasing things that smell. Not things that smell bad, of course, but things that smell...interesting. Good, but interesting. The two smelly products that I purchase to fuel this addiction are candles (and those wall plug-in things that are basically the same thing) and perfume. You can find a lot of interesting scents in candles, but finding a unique fragrance can take a little more digging.
Which is why I love to purchase indie fragrances! My favorite place to get unique scents from is Darling Clandestine because they are different, well-crafted, and oh so good. This is my second order in the last couple months and for this one I got three Bitsy, and one Itsy Bitsy, vials of fragrance oils from the summer collection.
All Darling Clandestine orders (at least from what I've seen; I suppose if you order a ton of products, she (Evonne, the owener) may need to put it in a bigger envelope) come in a manila mailer stamped with a shark and Jason the rooster along with a short conversation.
At the risk of sounding a little dumb, I have no idea what the meaning/joke? is behind this one.
As shown in my opening picture, you also get candy with your order! I got more Dum-Dums and banana Laffy Taffy. I love getting free stuff with my orders, especially candy. Because I am apparently five.
Like my previous order, all my vials came wrapped with in orange polka-dot paper and were in a plastic sleeve. In my older orders, Evonne used this really cool faux-old newspaper printed paper, which I kind of miss. I think she just recycles whatever paper she has lying around, which adds a layer of interest and...craftiness? Regardless, it's a good thing!
All four of my fragance oils this time around are from the summer collection. Unfortunately, these scents (except Popcreme) will no longer be available come noon today, 5/22, since Darling Clandestine will be releasing their Deep Summer collection. First up is my Itsy Bitsy, Popcreme! This is a brand new scent for 2016, and it's described as  being 'reminiscent of shaved ice soaked with the retro “tiger’s blood” syrup flavor---candy watermelon, strawberry, and a splash of coconut---and then drizzled over with cream, spilled onto a vinyl dashboard, and endrunkened with the sharp, hoppy froth of an India pale ale'. One thing you never want to do is judge a fragrance by how it smells in the bottle; you really have to wear it to experience it fully. Popcreme is fruity and sweet, but refreshing and light; almost clean. It smells like how rainbow snocones taste in the heat of the summer. One thing I've noticed about these fragrances is that the higher the 'boss level', the 'unusual-ness' level of the scent/ingredients, the more I like it; Popcreme has a boss level of 6.
Next is La La La All Right. I was pretty sad I missed out on this scent last summer, so I made sure to get it this time around. La La La All Right is described as thus: 'I built this scent on Rock’n’Roll. Sun-drenched summer breezes and road trips and cornfields and river and road. This is a very green, very earthy scent, with a similar accord to that of Fisticuffs, minus the sweetness'. I love the idea of roadtrips in the heat of the summer; bright sun and baked roads for miles. I have a lot of fond memories of summer road trips, so I was hoping this would help remind me of them. It's a very deep, earthy scent, like the description says, but there's a hint of sun-baked leaves and greenery, which comes out a lot stronger on the skin than in the bottle. The boss level of this scent is 7.
Harpy is another scent that I regretted not picking up last summer, so I had to get it this time! Harpy is described as 'sea salt and dark bay rum and lime and milk and coconut and a bit of banana. A lovely seaside scent with a bit of a bite. I have the lovely Amber Kayla to thank for requesting such a scent'. It's tropical, but not in a traditional sunscreen/coconut/sea salt kind of way. It almost smells like suntanned skin after spending a week or two on vacation at a secluded tropical resort where the weather has been perfect and everything is beautiful. It has a boss level of 3 (which kind of goes against what I previously said since I really like Harpy!).
The last fragrance oil I picked up is Tilt-A-Whirl. Darling Clandestine describes this scent as 'bright summer citrus and passionfruit mellowed with sage and other wonders. Juicy and fruity but not too sweet, candy for grownups. Created for the adorable Caitlin of the awesome Shiro Cosmetics!'. I'm not sure why I didn't get this last year, but I think some of my tastes in fragrances has changed over the last year (in that now I'm more open to all scents that aren't rose-based or powdery). Plus, I love Shiro Cosmetics, so now I get to smell like them, which is kind of weird, but cool! It's more citrusy than Popcreme, and the sage adds more greenness and freshness. This is a great scent if you like fruity scents, but don't want to smell like a teenage girl. On Instagram, @readsinbed suggested layering Tilt-A-Whirl with Harpy, which is definitely something I'm going to try (I'm wearing all four of these fragrances on different parts of my arm as I type this, so I'm suffering from a little sensory overload right now, but the progression of scents along my arms is really fascinating). It also makes me curious to see how other Darling Clandestine scents will mix and layer! This scent has a boss level of 2.

And that's my mini Bitsy and Itsy Bitsy summer fragrance haul from Darling Clandestine! New scents are going up around noon today, so you may or may not see another one of these posts very soon... If you're interested in fragrance, but a little burnt out from the offerings from mainstream, commercial brands, definitely check out Darling Clandestine; you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading! <3

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