Monday, April 25, 2016

MAC Nippon Lipstick - Swatch & Review!

Out of all the lipsticks I've ever tried, the one brand that I consistently love is MAC. I'm not MAC-obsessed; there are some products that I consistently recommend and repurchase (Fix + and the Fluid Line in Black Track), but there are a lot of their products that I really don't think are worth the price, nor the hype. But the lipsticks...the lipsticks are quite impressive (there are some duds there, too, but considering how many colors are available, there is a ton more good than bad).
What makes MAC lipstick even better (astonishing, I know), is the Back 2 MAC program; turn in six empty/used up/just-don't-want-it-anymore products (full size, non-holiday, non-Viva Glam; there are other rules which can be found on MAC's website, but those are the big three requirements), to a MAC store or counter, and you get a free lipstick of your choice (if you go to an actual MAC store, I think you can chose from a lipstick, an eyeshadow, or a lipglass, but at the counters it's limited to just lipstick). So technically, I got this lipstick for free for using MAC products!
Even the tubes are ascetically pleasing; I love the rounded shape and the glossy-matte finish feels luxurious and classy (I have a tube that is super shiny and while the effect is cool - it's supposed to look like patent black leather- the shine makes it look a little cheap).
Everything about MAC lipsticks is basically amazing.
I had a really hard time deciding what color to get; last time I Back 2 MAC'd some products, I got Heroine, which I had been lusting after for a while, but there weren't any colors this time that I felt like I absolutely needed. I've had my eye on Sushi Kiss for a while, but when I swatched it in store, I thought it would be too orange for me (...coming from the girl who owns and loves Morange...). I had a few colors in mind, but I finally settled on Nippon. Mostly for the name. Which is why I buy a lot of products anyways.
A little boring, yes, but I have a lot of bright, bold colors and not many softer, more natural shades. I have a hard time buying boring shades since I want to invest in something interesting and unique, so getting it for "free" is a plus. Also, again, it's called Nippon.
MAC describes this color as a "creamy mid-tone coral pink" in a Cremesheen finish, which I would say is pretty accurate. It's a bit more pink than coral, which I prefer (at least in this case; I love coral lipstick, especially in the summer, but it's really a neutral color on me). Cremesheen finishes are more opaque then Lustre finishes, but they aren't as opaque as Amiplifieds (which is my favorite finish from MAC). They are supposed to be on the shiny side, which works well with a neutral, natural look (glossy lips look more hydrated and youthful to me). This color isn't much different from my natural lips, but it makes them look a lot more even and full. I don't think this lipstick lasts as long on me as some of the other ones that I own, but I have a hard time telling since it looks almost exactly my own lip color, so there's no patchiness or anything. Since it is so similar to my natural color, I don't mind it wearing off a little quicker since it's so hard to tell and easy to apply on the go (unlike with a bolder shade). There is a very subtle shimmer, but it only adds to glossy look; it doesn't look frosty or glittery or anything.

Overall, I'm very happy with this color! It's the MAC lipstick formula that I know and love, and the color, while subtle and natural, is very pretty and flattering on me. Also it's called Nippon, which will never not amuse me (I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but "Nippon" is Japanese for, well, Japan! You can also read the kanji as "Nihon", which is much more common). If you're looking for a very natural, slightly sheer lipstick and you have a light/medium neutral to golden skin tone, definitely give Nippon a try!

Thanks for reading! <3

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