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Foreo Luna Mini - Review - Plus Birchbox Extras!

I had a Clarisonic, once. The Mia II, to be exact. I purchased one because I had heard about how amazing it was and how clear it would make your skin and how unicorns would come down from the mountain and kiss your baby butt soft cheeks if you used it. While it's not the most expensive thing you can buy for your skin, it's still a pretty big investment and I waffled about buying one for a long time before caving in. I don't have super bad skin or anything, but I seem to constantly have at least one pimple somewhere on my face, along with some acne scarring on my cheeks, and I was hopeful that my new Clarisonic would help keep my breakouts at bay and improve the texture of my skin. Unfortunately, I ended up hating it. No matter what brush head I used, it irritated my skin. If I didn't keep it out of my shower and deconstruct it each time, it would grow that weird red/pink mold that you see on shower curtains. The brush heads needed to be replaced every 3-6 months, at about $30 a pop. After about eight months of struggle, without any visible difference in my skin, I gave up and gave it to my mom. I had sworn off facial cleansing devices that weren't manual (and even then, I avoided the brush kind). Until I heard about the Foreo Luna.
The Luna seemed to be everything the Clarisonic wasn't: a solid, waterproof device (the Clarisonic is waterproof, too) with no niches for mold or bacteria to grow in, made out of hygienic silicone with no brushes to replace. Ever. It comes in a few varieties and sizes and is pretty comparable price-wise to the Clarisonic. But again, there are no brushes to replace, so it's actually cheaper in the long run. Like the Clarisonic, this isn't the most expensive skincare item ever, but at $100 for the mini version, it took me some time to mull things over before finally deciding to purchase one.
You can buy Foreo facial devices (they make a few different versions of the Luna, along with a toothbrush and an eye massager) from a few different retailers, including Sephora and Ulta, but I purchased mine from Birchbox since it was the best way to get a good deal on it. After a 20% off coupon and $20 in points, my $100 Luna Mini ended up being only $60. Plus, I was able to add on a Mystery Sample Pack! There is actually a Luna Mini II out now, but it's a lot more expensive and Birchbox doesn't carry it.

Let's start with what I got in my Mystery Sample Pack; I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about these, that some people get some really good items, and others get some not so good ones. I think I ended up with a pretty nice set, especially since I got a full size Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick in Sun Kissed!
I'm not very well versed in Cargo products, but I have liked the ones I've gotten in my subscription boxes, so I'm pretty happy to see a full sized one in this sample set.
It's a regular, thick, sharpenable eye crayon...
And the color is gorgeous! Hopefully, this is as waterproof as it says, because this would be a great color to wear to the beach, now that summer is almost here.
Along with my Cargo Shadow Stick, I got a deluxe sample of the Balm Put A Lid On It eyelid primer. I think I've gotten a sample of this in the past, but I've never actually tried it (I had a glut of primer samples, and ended up giving them all away), so I'm glad I got another one.

On to the star of the show!
The Foreo Luna Mini (I'm just going to call it the Luna Mini from now on) comes in a clear plastic case; it's very compact and well-designed and it adds to the luxury of this device (if that makes sense...). There are a few color options available for the Luna Mini (the standard Lunas come in different colors, but they correspond to a different skin type, so you technically don't get a choice of color. The Minis are designed for all skin types), and I went with Turquoise Blue. It's a little less blue and a little more green in real life, but it's a pretty, vibrant color.
In the box below the Luna Mini, you get a charger cable, a mini instruction booklet (there is a basic user manual on the back of the case, too), and and authenticty card, to use when registering the Luna Mini. It's a solid plastic card, a little thicker (but a lot smaller) than a credit card, which includes the serial number on the back.
Besides its size, one of the biggest differences between a Luna Mini and a standard Luna is the charger. A standard Luna comes with a wall plug, whereas the Luna Mini only comes with a USB charger. This makes sense, since the Luna Mini is meant more for traveling than as a stand-alone device, and why pack a wall charger if you don't have to? It's really easy to find wall adapters for USB chargers (I already own one for my iPod), so I don't mind. Plus, I can plug it into my laptop to charge, which is amusing.
One thing I wanted to point out (since I had a hard time finding any info about it myself), is that my charger doesn't fit all the way into my Luna Mini. This is as far as it would go in, even after putting on more pressure than I felt comfortable doing (nothing broke, don't worry). My Luna Mini charged perfectly fine and was fully charged in the hour the instruction booklet said it should take, so I'm not too worried about it. I just thought it was something good to mention in case someone else had the same issue and was worried.
This is the Luna Mini itself! It's a circular device, with a wider bottom and thinner top. The button in the middle is how you turn it on, down, and off. I think the standard sized ones have plus and minus buttons to change the speed, but since the Luna Mini only has two, they streamlined it. You press it once to turn it on, then you can press it again to turn it down, then again to turn it off. On the front of the device, you have a large section of thin 'touch points' (the bristles), and a smaller section of thicker 'touch points' near the top. The thinner ones are for sensitive/normal skin; the thicker ones are for oily skin.
The back of the device is convex, making it easy to hold. It also has the port for the charger (even with this hole, the instruction booklet assures me this device is waterproof; since I've been using this in my shower, I can attest to this) and is covered in thicker 'touch points'. I like to use the front on my cheeks and all over my face, then I go over it again with the backside on places where I get oily, like my T-zone. The instruction booklet has a specific way to go about it, but I kind of just do what I did with my Clarisonic. Unlike the Clarisonic, which shuts off after a minute, the Luna Mini will shut off after three minutes. Similar to the Clarisonic (at least the Mia II and beyond), it also pulsates to let you know to move onto a new area.
Here it is in the palm of my hand, for size comparison. I have smaller hands, but long fingers and I find the Luna Mini to be easy and comfortable to grip. Even though I've seen this device in person before I bought it, I was still a little surprised at how small it was. Again, the Luna Mini is designed for travel, and Foreo kind of assumes that you have a standard one at home (though it doesn't mean you can't use the Mini as a stand alone device, like I'm doing).

So what do I think of it? I've been using it everyday since I bought it, which was a few weeks ago. I can't say I've noticed too much of a difference in my skin, and I do still get breakouts, but they are less severe and they seem to clear up faster and with less redness. I feel much more comfortable leaving this in my shower than I did my Clarisonic, since there's not really anywhere for bacteria or mold to grow. It's also a lot more gentle on my skin, even if I use the thicker touch points. One thing I did like about the Clarisonic was that it felt nice on my skin while using it, like a mini massage, and this has the same effect. My skin also feels noticeably smoother right after I use it, which is another plus.

Right now, I'm very happy with my Luna Mini! I'm not going to say everyone needs to run out and buy one, but if you've used other facial cleansing devices in the past, specifically the Clarisonic, and have written off other ones because of a bad experience, I would say check out a Foreo Luna, Mini or standard, since you might like it. Is it worth $100? Maybe, I'll have to see if it really does change my skin for the better. Is it worth $60, plus my free goodies and points from Birchbox? I would have to say yes!

Thanks for reading! <3

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