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Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette - Swatches and First Impressions!

Remember when the internet was young and Albino Black Sheep was the cool place to be? If you do, you probably know what joke I'm restraining myself from making. If not, Google "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and witness what passed for humor in ye olden times.
 From the moment Too Faced announced this palette, I knew I needed it. I've come to love warm, orangey shadows since they work so well with my skin tone and eye color, and this little palette is packed full of them. Also look at how cute the box is. Seriously. Adorable.

This palette was inspired by the apparent social media sensation surrounding the shadow called Peanut Butter in the Semi-Sweet Chocolate palette (apparently I live under a rock because I was unaware of any such sensation, but I also don't own the Semi-Sweet Chocolate palette, so I probably just wasn't looking for it). It has the same delicious cocoa powder smell that the Chocolate palette shadows have and, even though some people say it also smells like peanut butter (it's a sweet chocolate scent, so I can see why), there are not actual peanuts in this product.
The Peanut Butter and Jelly palette is a standard Too Faced 9-pan eye shadow palette. It is a limited edition Ulta and exclusive and it retails for $36.
It has the same tin packaging as the other recent 9-pan palettes (Too Faced 9-pans used to come in cardboard packaging, but they phased all of them out) with a strong magnetic closure. The tin has the same adorable peanut buttery bread lady as the box. This is one of the cuter palette designs (it's different from all the others), though I'm still quite fond of the leopard print of the Cat Eyes palette.
The palette is organized in the same manner as the other 9-pans and is presented in three different rows that are labeled as "looks" (Too Faced has been getting more lax on what is considered a "look", though I feel like that gives them more freedom with what colors to include). The first shadow in each row is more than double the size of the other two shadows (2g vs 0.9g) since these are considered bases, blending colors, and highlights.
 You also get a Glamour Guide that shows you how to use the shadows to create each "look"!
I'm actually kind of impressed that each mini tutorial uses only the colors in each row.
These Guides are great places to start if you're looking for inspiration, especially if it's a set of colors that you're not familiar/comfortable with.
On to the swatches! I'm going to go left to right, top to bottom, starting with the Soft & Sweet look. The first color in this row is Spread the Love.
Too Faced describes Spread the Love as a "medium peach with gold sparkle". The sparkle is very subtle, though it is visible. This is a great color for all over the lid or to use as a highlight; you can also use it on your cheeks as a highlight! I really like this shade, and I'm glad it's one of the large shadows.
 Next is Peanut Butter, the shadow that started it all. If you own the Semi-Sweet Chocolate palette, you'll already own this shade, but since I don't, it's new to me.
Peanut Butter is described as a "matte medium orange brown". It performs very well, especially for a matte; it's creamy and pigmented and it blends without disappearing. This is another versatile shade that can be used all over the lid or as a transition color.
 The last shade in this row is Peanut Butter Cup.
This shadow is described by Too Faced as a "metallic golden bronze with gold sparkle". It performs well (as most metallics do) and the color is warm and very flattering on me.
The next row is called Rich & Creamy; color-wise, it's my least favorite look, but the shadows themselves are good. The first color is Bananas, a "soft peachy gold with fine gold shimmer".
Out of the three large shadows, this is the one with the most shimmer. It's a lot more gold than peach and is a little on the sheer side, which I actually prefer in highlight shades. Like Spread the Love, this would work well  as a cheek highlight, too.
 The next shadow in this row is Peanut Brittle. Too Faced describes this color as a "metallic burnt orange".
This is another shade that works exceptionally well with my eye color and skin tone, and I can see myself reaching for it often. It performs beautifully (again, metallic) and is very pigmented.
The last shadow in this row is Jammin', one of the two "jelly" shades in this mostly peanut butter palette. It's also the darkest shade.
Jammin' is described as a "dark chocolate with golden sparkle", but there's definitely a plum undertone to it. The sparkle is similar to Spread the Love, but I think they show up more because Jammin' has a darker base.
The last row is PB & J and it starts with my least favorite shadow in the palette, Extra Creamy.
Too Faced describes Extra Creamy as a "matte creamy beige", but to me it's a chalky off-white. It's a little more yellow in real life than in these photos, but I really don't like the color on me. It's close to my skin tone, but it's still too stark of a contrast for me to use as a highlight color (except maybe in the inner corners of my eyes, but even then it might look off). The texture is also really dry and it was patchy; I don't mind sheer highlight colors, but I don't like it when they're patchy.
In contrast to the disappointment that was Extra Creamy, we have Jelly, the other jelly-based shadow in this palette.
Too Faced describes this shadow as a "vibrant orchid", and it is a stunning color; very bright, very, well, vibrant! Purples seem to be the hardest shadows to make right, so there are some flaws here, but as far as purples go, this one is actually quite nice! You get a lot of pigmentation on bare skin, but you can really intensify it by using it over a primer or base.
The last shadow in this row, and in the palette, is Nuts About U.
This shadow is described as a "matte brown with red", which is kind of a weird description, but it fits. Nuts About U is a lot more orange/brown than red; it's almost like a way-too-orange bronzer color, without being too brick red. If that makes sense... The shadow has a nice formula for a matte and it helps round out this palette.

Overall, I love this palette! These are colors that work very well with my skin tone and eye color, and there is a good assortment of mattes, shimmers, and metallics. Out of the nine shadows, only one was a dud, though it was, unfortunately, one of the three large shades. I think the concept of this palette is both cute and interesting, and I think Too Faced did a very good job with the color selection; orange and purple work well together and I find all the colors in this palette (except Extra Creamy) to be very wearable and easy to apply and blend. If these colors speak to you, I highly recommend purchasing this palette!

Thanks for reading! <3

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