Sunday, March 13, 2016

Super Small Shiro Cosmetics + Femme Fatale Order - Swatch & Review!

I'm a big fan of indie cosmetics companies; you can find some high quality, unique products for a very reasonable price. Indie companies are much more free to experiment with their formulas, scents, and colors and, while it's much more cost effective to mass produce certain items, I find that you're much more likely to find products made out of high quality, expensive, or rare ingredients when they're from small, handmade batches.

It's been quite a while since I've really purchased anything from an indie company, so I decided to check out one of my favorites, Shiro Cosmetics, to see if there was anything new. And there was!

The last time I purchased from Shiro Cosmetics, most of their products were eye shadows with a few face powders and lip glosses. They did carry some other brands, but not many. Now they carry a bunch of indie nail polishes, which I was super excited about since it can be difficult to get certain brands on indie nail polish due to shipping restrictions. I ended up purchasing a nail polish from Femme Fatale, two lip glosses (one for me, one for a friend), and some sample baggies of shadow (these were also for a friend).

With my order, I got two free sample baggies of shadow!
The first sample is A Free Elf, from the Harry Potter inspired collection. It's a matte, olive-toned mustard yellow.
The other sample I got is Violence Solves Everything, from the Flash Ignite collection, which is inspired by League of Legends. It's a red that looks more pink or more orange depending on the light.
On to my order! I'm not going to include the lip gloss and sample baggies of shadow I got for my friend since I wanted them to be a surprise.I'll start with the nail polish I got from Femme Fatale, Maiden's Patience.
The box and bottle are pretty high quality and make this polish look more like a mainstream brand than an indie, at least packaging-wise, but the color label looks handmade.
But seriously look at this color. There were a few others I wanted to get, but this was the last one in stock and I wasn't sure how often (if ever) Shiro Cosmetics restocks these polishes. Maiden's Patience is a pale dove grey base with various sizes of iridescent glitter and this amazing aqua blue shimmer.
It is a little on the sheer side, so it takes at least three coats to become opaque, but I think it's totally worth it. Since it does have some bigger pieces of glitter, and since you're using a lot of coats, it can get kind of bumpy; if you want a smoother finish, you might need two coats of a thicker top coat.
About a year or so ago, I went through a makeup phase where I wanted to wear an entire face of gold; gold eye shadow, gold highlight/bronze, and gold lips. At the time, it was fairly difficult for me to find a good, gold lip color that wasn't just a glitter. I wish this lip gloss had existed then, because it would have been perfect! This is Felix Felicis, and it is from Harry Potter inspired collection. It is inspired by a potion for good luck!
This is my first time trying a lip product from Shiro Cosmetics, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It has a doe foot applicator and it applies very opaque and smoothly.
I'm not sure if this was a quality control issue, or if this is just how all these glosses come, but it looks like mine wasn't mixed all the way (edit: I actually looked at the sample picture on the website and that one is also unmixed like this at the bottom, so I think that's how they all come. I wanted to leave my first impressions since I think they're still important to note, but I also wanted to share my discovery). It doesn't affect the gloss since the applicator doesn't reach all the way down (which is why I think it's unmixed; Shiro says this gloss has two different forms of gold coloring, a glitter and a more molten gold pigment, and I think they put the pigment in the glitter and base and mix it with the applicator), but it looks a little unprofessional.
But it's so pretty and molten and gold, that I am willing to forgive its faults, especially since they are so minor. It also has a sweet burnt caramel/vanilla scent that is pleasant to me, though I could see it bothering people who don't like sweet scents in their lip products.

Overall, I'm very happy with my Shiro Cosmetics order! Since they are an independent cosmetic company, they do have a higher processing/turn around time than a mainstream company would, but my products shipped to me within a week (and within the quoted processing time) and they all arrived safe and sound. I'm also pleased with the quality of the products I purchased and my friend  is also quite happy with the products I purchased for her.

Thanks for reading! <3

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