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Sugarpill Limited Edition Haul - Feral, Droplet, and...Trinket?!

Do like makeup? Do you love adorable packaging and unique colors? If so, you're probably already aware of the awesome, semi-indie cosmetics company, Sugarpill! If not, I highly recommend taking a moment and checking out their website and their products; you won't be disappointed (unless you only like neutrals, but even then they have some things to offer).
For this post, I want to share with you some limited edition items I purchased from Sugarpill. For IMATS (the International Makeup Artist Trade Show), Sugarpill created three limited edition items: two eyeshadows and a liquid lipstick. I was super sad that these were going to be limited to IMATS since they are all beautiful and I unfortunately could not go (I would love to go to IMATS one day, but I know they're trying to make it more of a professional even than a public one), but then Shrinkle (the creator of Sugarpill) announced that they were going to sell the left overs on the website. I was most excited about Trinket, the liquid lipstick, because the packaging (featuring artwork by Bei Badgirl) is stunning. I set my alarm, switched my lunch at work, and got ready for the mad dash to checkout when everything went up at 2pm in the Sugarpill store....

And then some things happened!
Before I get to the saga behind this order, I'm going to start with some swatches and my first impressions, since I assume that's what people are most interested in and it wouldn't be fair to make them scroll through a huge wall of text. These are not my first products from Sugarpill, but this is my first time ordering directly from them.

Everything about Sugarpill is adorable, including the box they mail your order in!
This is what's printed on the inside of the box, and the "Hi Cutie!" is the first thing you see while opening it. All of the gorgeous artwork is by Bei Badgirl; she is one mega-talented lady!
I also got a giant Sugarpill logo sticker! I think you get a sticker for free with every order and I think it can vary since I've seen a few different ones in haul pictures on Instagram. I love stickers, and this may end up on a laptop in the very near future...
I also got a little info card about the upcoming Pretty Poison lipsticks. I've seen pictures and swatches of these lipsticks (right now I think there are only two colors coming, the two being worn on this card) making the rounds on Instagram for a while now, so hopefully these will be releasing soon.
The back of the card gives some social media information and encourages you to share your haul (no encouragement needed here).
I'm just going to keep fangirling over the packaging; seriously, how cute are these boxes?
There's a kitty face on the back! I'm kind of sad I didn't get the Sugarpill kitty mascot sticker; it's super cute.
These are both vegan, cruelty-free loose eyeshadows that come in large, sifter-less plastic jars. The lids have the same heart cross logo as the top of the boxes do. I love all the thought that went into this packaging; everything is cohesive and well designed.
I'll start with Feral! This is a "shimmering orange loaded with golden sparkles" and it's inspired by Sugarpill's office cat, who is apparently named Turkey. You know I can't resist anything associated with cats.
There's even a kitty on the label!
As I said, these eyeshadows come without sifters, so you do need to be careful when you open the jars, but they're not over-filled so there's some wiggle-room.
I was really excited for Feral when it was first announced, and then I got even more excited when I saw the swatches for it because it looked like such a bright, juicy orange, but my first swatches left me a little disappointed. It was a lot more sheer than I expected, and it almost ended up looking like a pastel neon. Which is actually pretty cool, but it wasn't what I expected. I think if I use this over a primer, especially a white one, the color will pop a lot more. Since this is a loose eyeshadow, I can also foil it to increase its opacity and pigmentation, so there's a lot I can to do to make it work. This eyeshadow is $13 and is still available.
This is Droplet, the other IMATS limited edition shadow. Sugarpill describes it as a "vivid aqua with blue and green reflects". While I was more excited about Feral in the beginning, the more I saw this shadow, the more I've come to like it, to the point where I now like it much more than Feral. There's a story about how I got this shadow, and it ties in with the story of my order, but to make things short and sweet, my friend bought this for me because she is an amazing and kind person!
There is, appropriately enough, a droplet on the label. Since I don't have any other loose Sugarpill shadows (the other product I own is the Sparkle Baby palette) I don't know if they all have different pictures, but I hope they do. I love that level of attention to detail.
So. Look at that blue. Look at. It's so mesmerizing. One of the reasons why I initially wasn't as excited for this color as I was for Feral is that I assumed I had colors that were similar to it (and really, how many bright blues does one person need?), but after I went through my collection, it turns out I have nothing quite like it.
While this shadow is also more on the sheer side, it has a lot more pigmentation dry than Feral does. Again, I can use this over a primer/white base and I can foil it to make it more intense and opaque. This shadow also retails for $13 and is still available.

And those are my swatches and first impressions! For $13, you get a ton of shadow, and these loose shadows are talc-free (at least the two colors I got). I'm not curious to try some more loose Sugarpill shadow and will likely purchase some in the future when they have a restock (I really, really want Lumi, but it's all sold out right now).

Now it's story time. As you may have noticed, I do not have any swatches nor first impressions of the liquid lipstick Trinket. I ended up in a weird limbo zone where I purchased it, but I also did not purchase it. The day these products went live, I switched lunches with someone so I would be ready and available exactly at 2pm CST when they were supposed to go live. I was waiting on the webpage, refreshing every few seconds for a minute or so before 2pm, when the lipstick finally went up. I added it to my cart and I frantically went to the pages for the eyeshdows. And they weren't up yet. I panicked and refreshed, hoping they would pop up, but still nothing. I was getting worried that I would miss out on Trinket, even though it was in my cart, so I refreshed a few more times before Feral finally went up. I added it to my cart and checked out because I didn't want to waste any more time waiting for Droplet (and at the time, Feral was the shadow I wanted the most). I entered all my information, checked out, and got my confirmation e-mail for both Feral and Trinket. I was very, very happy. This whole process took maybe two minutes, max.

I don't check my personal e-mail at work, so it wasn't until late that day that I saw another e-mail in my inbox, with an urgent message for me about my order. My heart stopped. I knew that this message was bad news. I opened it up and it turns out that I had been just a little too late and had missed out on Trinket. While the site hadn't crashed (which was pretty awesome, considering how high the traffic much have been), there was a glitch that caused the system to oversell Trinket. I ended up purchasing it in a weird grey zone where it let me buy it, but there weren't any more in stock. Sugarpill expressed their deepest apologizes and said that they would make another batch of lipsticks and that I would be shipped one of those if I so chose. They also offered me the options of either waiting for the next batch of lipsticks and getting free shipping, a free lip brush with my order, or cancelling it and getting a refund; I went with free shipping. They also said that I would be added to a special mailing list regarding upcoming launches and priority access to purchase them.

According to Sugarpill, the new lipsticks should be ready to ship out in 10-12 weeks time (this was near the end of January, so I'm about four weeks into the wait), and even though Trinket is a very pretty color, I'm worried that they won't have the same artwork, which is almost the whole reason why I wanted to buy one so badly. I was also disappointed because I had wanted to get Droplet, too, but passed on it in order to try and snag Trinket, which hadn't worked out anyways. The more I looked at swatches and looks created with Droplet, the more I wanted it. I really didn't want to have to pay shipping again for one eyeshadow (even though I technically didn't pay shipping the first time), so I kept putting off buying it.

However! My friend, being the psychic genius that she is, somehow knew my inner turmoil and placed a Sugarpill order of her own, and bought me Droplet! I had no idea that she was going to do it, nor that she even knew how much I wanted it. I can't thank her enough for this kind gesture and, if you're reading, you're the absolute best friend ever!

All I can do now is wait for my Trinket to finally arrive and hope that it still has a picture of a sexy mermaid on it.

Thanks for reading! <3

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