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March 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Unicorns! - Unboxing & Review!

I love indie cosmetics and the wonderful people who make them! You can find such a wide variety of products in colors and formulas that are not readily available from mainstream brands, either due to niche appeal or the use of more expensive and/or rarer ingredients. There are some very high quality products out there for even less than what you'd pay for mainstream products. Indie cosmetic companies even have their own subscription services, like the Of The Month from Glamour Doll Eyes!
A navy velvet bag of mystery! Hint: it involves unicorns!
Quick Run-Down: The Of The Month is an $8 a month indie subscription service from the brand Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE); it is available internationally since shipping is paid separately, the total price I pay with shipping in the US is $11; includes at least one eye shadow called the Of The Month (OTM) that is only available in the subscription service and in a limited amount individually (it retails for $6); also includes extras, which can be from GDE or another indie cosmetic company and can be anything from another eye shadow, to a face product, nail product, or lip product; if you're interested in signing up, the best way is to join the Facebook group and get added to the waitlist (since this is an indie subscription service, the spots are limited to about 125).

So much unicorn goodness!
Every month you get business cards from GDE and other indie companies that included products. I'm glad GDE went back to this old card design; there was a different one in the January bag, and it just didn't feel the same. We also got a product from Native War Paints, a company that has included products before (they also make really pretty nail polish!).
There was an additional card this month encouraging us to share our OTMs on Instagram.
Along with the OTM shadow, you're pretty much guaranteed to get candy every month (there was one month that we didn't, but only one) and this month we got Unicorn Poop and smooshy gummy unicorn head.
So much magic and sparkle. The little doodles are extra cute!
Even though it's not explicitly stated, it's pretty obvious that the theme for March is unicorns! I really like GDE's info cards, though I did like them a little more the way they were last year; they felt like they were made out of a heavier weight of cardstock, and they had info on both sides. All of the important info is still there (names, what the products are, ingredients), but I miss the extras like the Try More Indie section and next month theme teasers.
 Normally the OTM is a loose shadow, but this month we got a pressed one! GDE recently started offering pressed shadows and, after attempting to press my own shadows, I'm very impressed with their quality and uniformity. This is Unicorns. In. Spaaaaaaace. You have to say it like that, by the way.
Unicorns In Space is described as a "dark blue with insane amounts of pink and holographic sparkle". The tin is securely glued in the little plastic capsule, but it's easy enough to pry out if you want to put it in a Z-Palette.
Since this is a pressed pigment, you get a lot more pigmentation and opacity without foiling or priming than a loose shadow, but you can employ one or both to increase it. Very sparkly and shiny and the blue base is actually quite wearable without looking too dated or over the top.
The first extra for March is another shadow from GDE called Some Kind Of Magic.
Some Kind Of Magic is described as a "sheer golden pink with subtle purple sparkles".
It's very sheer, so it will be a nice shadow to throw on when you don't want to wear any color, but still want a little bit of something (I do this quite often, actually). Because it's sheer and similar to my skin tone, this will also make a great highlight! Because this is a loose shadow, you can always increase the pigmentation and sparkle by using it wet and/or over a primer (all my swatches are done dry on bare, unprimed skin).
The third, and last, product in this bag is a lipstick from Native War Paints called Unicorns Give Enchanted Kisses; when I saw the Native War Paints business card, I got excited and was hoping there would be a nail polish. But alas!
This is a chapstick-style lipstick and it is described as a "deep purple with red shimmer and a hint of purple sparkle". Unicorns Give Enchanted Kisses looks very similar to the other lipstick I've gotten in an OTM from Native War Paints, though it is a bit more on the red side.
Unlike the other lipstick I have from Native War Paints, this one is a bit more sheer and creamy. I like the vampy color, and it's kind of refreshing to see it in a softer form, especially at the start of spring. I bet you would get a very magical lip look if you layered Some Kind Of Magic on top of Unicorns Give Enchanted Kisses!

And that's my March 2016 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! I don't ever calculate the values of my OTMs, but I do know that I always get my $11 worth, plus the knowledge that I am helping to support someone's creative endeavors! If you haven't tried any indie cosmetics yet, I highly recommend checking out Glamour Doll Eyes (and Native War Paints!), and, again, if you're interested in signing up for this subscription, your best bet is to join the Facebook group and get added to the waitlist.

Thanks for reading! <3

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