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February 2016 Allure Beauty Box - Unboxing & Review!

Ah, the Allure Beauty Box. We've had our (really high) ups and our (really low) downs, but after these last few boxes, I'm starting to think that we're on the road to becoming good friends. Or...something like that.
It has been a bumpy ride, and I have considered unsubscribing, but I'm happy I've stuck around since it seems like the quality and relevancy of the products selected has increased greatly. It also helps that Allure has been surprising us with special bonus samples, including a special extra box which I will talk about in a later post (but it's seriously awesome and I'm still dumbfounded at all the goodies they sent), which I feel makes the Allure Beauty Box more comparable to other similarly priced subscription box services that offer reward programs.
Quick run-down: The Allure Beauty Box is a monthly makeup/beauty subscription service curated by the beauty editors of Allure magazine; it is $15 a month plus any applicable tax (shipping is included in the $15 price), generally has the standard five deluxe sized/full sized products, though it's more likely to have more samples than other boxes in the $10-$20 price range; includes a wide range of brands (drugstore, mid-range, and high-end) and products (hair care, skin care, color cosmetics, etc.); no rewards program, but has started to send additional samples as a bonus.
The Allure Beauty Box also includes one of the most in-depth information booklets each month (they call it a mini-mag and the product descriptions are in the same format as they are in the full Allure magazine). This booklet includes information on what the product is, key ingredients, why Allure chose to include it in the box, the price and size of the full size product, and where you can buy it.
There is also a "letter from the editor" at the beginning of each month that explains the "theme" for the month and a quick overview of why they picked the types of products they did. Like most mainstream boxes, these themes are pretty vague and are adhered to loosely.
I like to go in the order of the booklet, so the first product in the February box is a deluxe sample of Bulgari Omnia Paraiba perfume. Unfortunately, this is also the most disappointing product this month, so I apologize for starting off on a negative note.
The sample looks like a smaller version of the full size, so in terms of quality, this is actually a pretty good sample (much better than one of those teeny vials/spritzers that you can get from perfume counters for free). I'm not a fan of the scent itself; Allure says it's a "bright and sunny" floral-citrus, but to me to smells like a citrus-scented cleanser with a hint of  artificial chocolate. Not really my thing. The bottle is pretty, though, and if you do like the scent, you get a lot of product in it. Allure also warns you to be careful while opening it since it's a dabber, not a spritz, which I appreciate. The full size is 2.2fl oz for $82, so this 0.17fl oz sample is worth about $6.30.
As odd as it sounds, I've seen this product in Ulta before and have been curious about trying it, so I was kind of happy to see that it was going to be in this box (because some past boxes have been so disappointing, I've been looking at spoilers for the Allure Beauty Boxes to help me decide if I was going to stay subscribed for that month). This is the Hello breath spray and I got the Supermint one.
This is an alcohol-free breath freshener spray and there are three different flavors you could have gotten. While I might have liked the green Mojito Mint more than the traditional Supermint, I'm just happy I didn't end up with the pink one, Pink Grapefruit Mint. I don't get bad breath often (though it does happen), but I do get that warm, cottony, uncomfortable feeling every now and then, and I'm hoping this will be a quick fix that I can carry in my purse. My only complaint is that I just noticed this product has an expiration date of 04/2016, since it's nearly halfway through March, I'm not going to get much time at all to use it. Even if I had used right when I got, that's still only two months. I'm not sure if this product just expires that quickly, or if this one is just super old. Either way, not good. This is the full size of this product and it retails for $3.79.
There's been an increase of Pur-Lisse samples recently, and I'm happy to see a bigger variety of products this time around (remember when everyone was sampling just the moisturizer? It was a good sample, but it was everywhere). In the Allure Beauty Box this month, we got the Daily Lip Nourisher.
At first I was disappointed to get a lip balm because I have a ton of them everywhere, but my lips have been in need of a lot of TLC lately, so I've been going through my stock at a pretty quick pace. Plus, this is a high-end lip balm, so it's not something I would normally purchase for myself. I like that this lip balm is petroleum-free and, according to Allure, it doesn't have a scent nor flavor. It also has a slanted plastic applicator tip, so it's easy to apply on the go without having to worry about contamination or sticky fingers. This is the full sized product and it retails for $16.
Like Pur-Lisse, Skinfix has been all over the sample box scene lately; this is the third or so product that I've received from this line. Luckily, each product has been different, and this time I got a deluxe sample of the Ultra Rich Hand Cream. You can never have too much hand cream, especially during the winter/this weird transition between winter and spring where nature can't decide what it wants to do.
Like the Pur-Lisse lip balm, this hand cream is fragrance-free, which is especially nice to use in an office environment (I wash/sanitize my hands a ton while at work, so a lot of my hand cream samples end up in my desk since I won't use hand cream, no matter how dry and painful my hands are, if it's not in easy reach). I also like that this hand cream has coconut oil and aloe (which is the third ingredient), but it is a petroleum-based lotion. The full size is $9.99 for 3fl oz, making this 1fl oz sample worth $3.33.
More Kevin Murphy products! Last time we got a Kevin Murphy hair product, I was pretty disinterested in it since I hadn't heard of the brand, but now that I've done some research, I'm a lot more interested in giving these products a try. These are samples of the Hydrate-Me Wash and Rinse, a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner duo.
Since my hair is bleached to platinum, I always look for sulfate-free products to help protect it from (more) damage and breakage. I really like that both of these products include hydrating ingredients; it's not often that I find a shampoo that has a lot of hydration as well (unless I use a cleansing conditioner, but then those don't always have enough hydration to use in place of my conditioner). The website also lists the pH values of each product, which can be very helpful to know (and often hard to find); the wash is pH 6.3 – 7.0 and the rinse is pH 4.5 – 5.5. The smell is very lemony and kind of off-putting, so I hope it doesn't linger around after rinsing the product out. The full sizes are 250mL and retail for $27.50 each, making each of these 40mL samples worth $4.40 (for a total of $8.80).
Finally, we got a sample of the Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector Advanced Multi-Correcting Gel-In-Oil, which is a very long name for a very small sample. This is a nighttime facial moisturizer that has an interesting texture; it starts off feeling like a gel, but it melts into an oil as you apply it.
I like getting skin care sample, especially when they are for expensive products that I wouldn't be able to try otherwise, but I am little disappointed in this sample since Ulta was giving it away for free at their Lancome counters at the same time it was being sampled in this box. It just kind of cheapens it for me since I'm technically paying for it in this box and I feel like Allure could have either included a larger sample or a different, more difficult to sample product entirely. The full size is 1.7oz and retails for $88, so this 0.101oz sample is worth about $5.20.

Overall, I got five deluxe size samples and two full size products, with a total value of $43.42. Not a super exciting box value-wise, but a solid assortment of products that I am interested in trying and using. This box probably wouldn't have gotten me to subscribe to this service if I hadn't already been (unlike the September box, which is the whole reason why I finally decided to subscribe), but I am content with it and will continue my subscription. Based on the extras we've gotten recently (along with the well-rounded boxes from these past months) I would recommend checking out the Allure Beauty Box if you're looking for a monthly makeup/beauty subscription service in the $10-$20 range.

Thanks for reading! <3

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