Friday, February 26, 2016

Zoya Naked Manicure Mini Professional Kit - Review!

Hello! I hope you're having a great day! We're almost at the close of February, which means spring is coming soon. What that has to do with what I want to share with you today, I'm not sure, but I'm pretty excited for the end of winter and the beginning of spring and fairer weather.
This is what I truly want to talk about in this post: the Zoya Naked Manicure Mini Professional Kit! I talked a bit about this set in my previous post about my nail polish haul, but I wanted to give you guys a more extensive review. I'm actually kind of happy that I waited to make this post because Zoya just announced a special deal on this set! It normally retails for $35, but as of now, February 26, 2016, you can get this set for $20 shipped! If you're at all interested in trying out the Naked Manicure system, don't wait and definitely take advantage of this deal.
If you're into nail polish at all, you've most likely heard about Zoya's Naked Manicure system. It is a collection of special sheer polishes that help improve the look of damaged/discolored nails while still looking natural and unpolished. It's a great option for people who are trying to transition from wearing gel/acrylic nails and want to cover up any damage or for people who can't wear nail polish but who still want a well-groomed look. I avoided purchasing anything from this collection for a long time since, if I'm going to polish my nails, I much prefer to use color, but there's so much buzz surrounding it, that I finally caved in. Plus, I read that you can use the different color correctors/perfectors to tweak other polishes if you layer them.

There are a couple different ways you can purchase the polishes in this collection, so there are options for every price level: you can purchase full sizes individually, a Women's Starter Kit (which has four full size polishes), a Men's Starter Kit (which has three full sizes), the Mini Professional Kit (which has all nine polishes in mini size), or the Professional Kit (which has all nine polishes in full size). I went with the Mini Professional Kit since I didn't want to invest $98 (the price of the Professional Kit) in a system I was merely testing out, but I also wanted to be able to try all nine polishes.
In the kit, you get a little quick start guide that explains the different colors and what they're meant to do.
You can adjust the color for any skin tone by layering the perfectors, and you can adjust for discoloration by layering the Lavender Perfector with any of the other polishes, as shown here. You always want to use the Lavender Perfector first, followed by the next brightest/strongest color, and so on, for as many layers as you need (Zoya suggests two is a good amount).
All of the Naked Manicure polishes contain ingredients that help condition and strengthen your nails, so they're kind of like the equivalent of a foundation with skin care ingredients. You always want to start with the Naked Base, then layer your Correctors/Perfectors, and then finish with either the Satin Seal top coat or the Glossy Seal top coat. Zoya suggests using the Satin Seal top coat for every manicure, and then layering the Glossy Seal on top if you want a shiny look. Out of all the polishes in this kit, I'm most impressed by the Satin Seal top coat; it's unlike any other polish I've ever used. It's not a matte or satin finish that you normally see, it legit looks exactly like the finish your natural fingernails have. It also helps blur the other polishes together so your nails looks completely natural.
You do have to give it a good shake before you use it since it is a dual phase product (and by "shake" I mean rolling it between your hands so you don't get air bubbles). My one complaint is that it seems like you have to give a quick shake in between each finger (after the initial 20 sec or so shake), otherwise it ends up being a regular, boring glossy top coat. Out of all the products in this set, this is the one I will be purchasing the full size of for sure. I'm curious to see how this will work with nail art (if it will work at all). Zoya says you can use quick dry drops with the Satin Seal top coat, but I've found that it dries fast enough that I don't feel the need to use them.
These are the three colors (besides the white Tip Perfector), that I will get the most use out of. Left to right, we have the Lavender Perfector, which neutralizes discoloration and cools down other colors, followed by the Pink Perfector, which brightens and adds a healthy glow, ending with the Buff Perfector, which is for nail beds that are warm/peach toned.
Left to right in this trio is the Nude Perfector, which helps soften tones and is for nail beds that are beige, the Mauve Perfector, which helps darken tones and is for nail beds that are darker, and the Tip Perfector, which is a sheer white that "mimics a natural free edge". I was worried about my ability to paint my free edge unassisted with a thick polish brush (if you really wanted to, you could use a different brush and just dip it in the bottle), but I found it to be pretty easy, and can see myself improving with practice.

Overall, I am very pleased with this system. It delivers on its promise to give you a natural looking manicure; natural to the point that people won't even know you're wearing any polish and will assume your nails just look that good. I can't say if the promise of long term benefits holds true since I haven't used this set for that long, but I'm so happy with the immediate results that anything else is merely a bonus feature. I also really like the flexibility of this kit; the polishes all layer well with each other, so there are a ton of different color combinations that can be created. Again, if you're interested at all in trying this system, try to take advantage of the deal Zoya has going on right now; if you're reading this after the deal has expired and you have to pay the full $35, I still say go for it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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