Saturday, January 16, 2016

Formula X for Sephora Infinite Ombre Nail Kit - First Impressions!

Hello! I hope you're having a great day! For this post, I wanted to talk a little more about the Formula X for Sephora (do they still call themselves that, or are they just Formula X now?) Infinite Ombre Nail Kit.
This kit originally retailed for around $25-$30 (I tried to find it on the Sephora website, but it doesn't look like it's in stock anymore; it may still be available in stores, though) and recently it went on sale for a little under $15. I got my set from the Sephora in JCP, which usually has better sales than in the actual Sephora store or online. I was super excited to try this kit when it first came out, and now I'm even more excited since I got it for cheap!
This kit released around the same time as the OPI Color Paints and the Essie Watercolors. These polishes are highly pigmented, watery colors that are translucent; they're meant to be applied over a base color, most often a silver, and because they are so watery and pigmented you can easily create watercolor-esque designs - especially ombre effects!
This kit contains a full size Formula X polish in the color Platinum Prime and four special tint polishes in mini size. You can wear the Platinum Prime base all by itself if you like the silver finish; there's not special about it.
Inside the box, there are instructions for three different designs. The first is a standard ombre, where one color fades into another. The silver helps being out the color of the tints and the shimmer shows through. It's very easy to mix colors, though I've found they can dry quickly so you want to work one nail at a time.
The next design is a sideways ombre; I really like this design, it looks interesting and different but it's still very simple.
The last design is the most complex, and it shows what these types of tints can do that regular polish cannot. Again, you do need to work quickly, and work lightest to darkest since the colors can bleed onto the brush.
Along with the full sized Platinum Prime you get...
Boundless Berry (a magenta)...
Infinite Indigo (a deep blue)...
Limitless Lemon (a yellow)...
and Timeless Teal (a greenish blue).
The Platinum Prime color applies very nicely; even though it's a metallic finish, it barely shows any brush strokes, even when applied as hastily as I did here. You can see the translucent quality of the tints and how they mix; you can also see what I mean about working as fast as possible. I also think it's important to use more tint than you think you need to help the colors blend better. I like the colors they picked for this kit, though I wish they had a more extensive color selection like OPI. One thing I will say is that, since the tints are so heavily pigmented, they stain very easily. I tried to clean off my brushes between colors and, even through layers of paper towels, the tips of my fingers got stained. I wouldn't ever apply these tints to your bare nails; they will more than likely stain them.

And that's my first impression of the Formula X Infinite Ombre Nail Kit! This is a very interesting kit; I'm sad the watercolor/painting trend was so short lived. With a little creativity, you could do some pretty amazing things with these polishes. The original $25-$30 price for this kit was a little steep, but it's a steal at the sale price! If you can find this kit at your local Sephora or Sephora in JCP, I would recommend picking it up and giving it a try.

Thanks for reading! <3

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