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OPI Starlight Collection - Winter 2015 - Swatch and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I wanted to share with you guys my swatches and review of the OPI Starlight collection for Winter 2015!
Pa-pow! How gorge (gorg? What is the proper short form of "gorgeous"?) is this color? This is Ce-Less-Tial Is More and it was the polish I new I needed from this collection the moment I first saw the colors on OPI's website. I ended up purchasing nine out of the eighteen colors, which is a lot for me from one collection. ...Ulta had a lot of good sales on OPI. Actually, I think they still have some deals going on until Christmas, so if you like any of these, go pick them up on sale!
If you're interested in beauty/nail polish and you don't know about OPI, I'd actually be quite shocked. OPI is very well known and loved and seems to be the standard a lot of people compare other polish quality to. It's one of my top polish brands, my number one favorite being Zoya.

I believe the Starlight collection is OPI's holiday collection this year; I know for sure it's their winter 2015 collection. This collection has been out for a long time now and it should be readily available anywhere OPI is sold (though I recommend getting it at Ulta since A. they're on sale and B. you can use your coupon on them). As I said above, I ended up with nine out of the eighteen shades in this collection, so unfortunately it's not 100% complete, but I purchased these with my own money and I wanted to get shades that I knew I would use.
Since I opened with a mani-shot of this polish, I'll start with with! This is Ce-Less-Tial Is More and is the polish that initially drew me to this collection.
 OPI calls this a "pink super-glitter" (their color descriptions on the website are kind of...magical), and it's very similar to a Liquid Sand or Pixie Dust type of polish (if you're familiar with those; basically it dries with a grainy texture). I believe this is a clear base stuffed with pale pink, silver (?), and iridescent glitter. Stuffed. This polish is pretty much opaque in two coats; that's how much glitter there is! If you don't like textures, you won't like this polish since, even with two coats of top coat it was still super bumpy, but I really like textured polishes. I've noticed that there seems to be a color variation between batches; some appear to be more pink than others; my bottle is a lot more silver than others I've seen (and I bought mine at Ulta so I know it's not a knockoff), so keep that in mind if that's something you care about.
Going along with the texture-theme, next up is Super Star Status. OPI describes this as a "silver and gold glitter" (...I'm paring down the magical parts of the descriptions) and that's pretty much what it is! It's a heavy glitter very similar to Ce-Less-Tial Is More, minus the iridescence.
 To me, it looks like this is a clear base packed with silver glitter and larger pieces of gold glitter. The effect you get is a sea of fine silver with chunks of gold. Again, this is a very textured polish similar to Ce-Less-Tial Is More, so the same disclaimer applies; if you don't like textured polish, you won't like this one, even with a ton of top coat on. Like Ce-Less-Tial Is More, this is opaque after two coats.
And now I'm just going to grab polishes out of my pile randomly, so the next color is By The Light Of The Moon! OPI just says this is "silvery and sparkly" which...isn't the best description.
 I've watched a few reviews of this collection and a lot of people don't seem to like this polish, but it's one of my top three from this collection. It's very similar to Baroque But Still Shopping from the Venice collection (again...a lot of people didn't like it, but I do), except instead of a gold/platinum base with chunky silver glitter, you get a silver foil base with chunky silver glitter. The texture on this is super weird and lumpy, which is unique in my collection (minus Baroque But Still Shopping) and I read somewhere online that someone compared the texture to the surface of the moon, which makes me love this polish even more! Plus, the name reminds me of Sailor Moon ("in the name of the moon", "by the light of the moon", same thing, right? I'm pretty sure they say "by the light of the moon" at some point...). This polish is pretty opaque after one coat, but it's a little streaky so I did two.
Next up is Press * For Silver! Which is a weird name since this polish isn't really silver to me... OPI calls it a "warm rosy silver" which I suppose I can understand, but it looks more pink to me than anything. If a rose gold can still be gold, then a rose silver can presumably still be silver.
Regardless of the color semantics, this polish is super pretty! This is another top recommendation from this collection, though if you don't like visible brush strokes, you won't like this color. It's a foil/chrome so it takes a lot of care to avoid brush strokes, and I'm not sure if you can avoid them entirely (I'm pretty careless when I do swatches, so I don't know what it would look like if I actually took my time). But it's such a gorgeous color that I think it's completely worth it. This polish is a little on the sheer side, but after two coats I thought I had pretty good opacity.
I think I'll finish up the lighter colors before moving on to the deeper ones, so next is Is This Star Taken? This is another polish that a lot of people who reviewed this collection didn't like. OPI describes it as "iridescent icicles in smooth gold". It's a platinum colored metallic base (it's like a silvered gold) with iridescent bar glitter scattered throughout.
It looks really cool in the bottle, though some awesomeness is lost in translation when it's applied to the nail. A lot of complaints about this polish are it's texture; like By The Light Of The Moon, it does not apply smooth and it was a weird, lumpy texture. I think it's kind of cool, but I can see how other people would be put off by it. I do wish that the bar glitter aligned a little better on the nail (in the bottle they mostly all go in the same direction), but it's such a unique polish in my collection that I'm happy to have it. It's opaque in one coat, but like By The Light Of The Moon it's streaky so two coats helps even things out (but it also makes it more lumpy).
Easing into the darker colors with No More Mr. Night Sky. OPI describes this as a "dark, shimmery grey". It's definitely shimmery, but I wouldn't call it dark.
It's much more a shimmery dark taupe, though again, it's not that dark. It also has a purple/blue tinge, which leads me to believe that there is some super fine blue or purple shimmer (you can see it very well in the swatch; this picture was taken in strong sunlight, so you won't see it as well in natural light). This is a nice color; it's pretty subtle, but it's different enough from the other shimmery greys that I feel like it's a good addition to my collection. It's pretty sheer and after two coats I don't think I had 100% opacity on my nail wheel, but I think after three you'd be good to go.
Getting darker! This polish is a color I kind of grabbed on a whim; the Ulta deals are buy two for $16 or buy three for $19 (if I'm remembering correctly), so I got it just to take advantage of the deal. It's called I'm In The Moon For Love.
 Considering how I picked this color up randomly, it's starting to grow on me. It's a little different from other deep purple since it's much more fuchsia than a lot of the other ones I own. OPI just calls this a plum, but it's really more of a deep shimmery fuchsia; plums to me lean more blue. I haven't really been mentioning this, but I think it goes without saying that the formula of OPI polishes is generally quite good (and if it wasn't I would definitely be telling you). This polish applied smoothly and is opaque after two coats.
Normally, I don't like these jewel-tone types of colors, but for some reason I found this one irresistible. I think it has to do with all the shimmer in it! This is Give Me Space and OPI describes is as "night-sky-blue with sparkle".
 The sparkle is very fine and seems to be iridescent, which adds a ton of depth to this polish. This swatch picture was taken in full sunlight, so the shimmer is a little more subtle, and the blue a little deeper, in normal light, but it's still quite mesmerizing. This polish is opaque after two coats (it's not bad with one, but two evens everything out).
Lastly, we have this stunner! It's called Cosmo With A Twist and it seems to be a lot of people's favorite color in this collection.
 OPI describes this as a "subtle sparkle [that] adds depth to this purple", which really doesn't do this polish justice. It's a deep plum base with a bunch of shimmer and sparkle. In the bottle you get a lot of blue and purple shift, which translates subtly to the nail. The swatch picture was taken in direct sunlight, so the blue really shines through, but I think it actually looks better in regular light since the shift is so gentle and enthralling. Like the other shimmers in this collection, the formula is smooth and opaque after two coats.

And that's what I have from the OPI Starlight collection! It's really hard for me to pick a favorite in this collection since I love all the ones I purchased. There are nine more that I didn't purchase; I'm not a fan of creams or reds, which are six of the remaining colors. I'm also missing one metallic that I actually do want and the two super weird glitter toppers that are not very good. Overall, I think this is an excellent collection and, if any of these catch your eye, make sure to try and pick them up at Ulta while they're still on sale (and don't forget to use your coupon)!

Thanks for reading! <3

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