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Small Birchbox Haul - OPI Floss Gloss, Marcelle, & Periperi - Reviews!

Hello! I hope you're having a great day! For this post I want to share with you guys a pretty small Birchbox haul.

Since it is such a small haul, I also wanted to take time to do a little more in-depth review of each item. Mostly, though, I wanted to share this haul since, with my Birchbox points and using a coupon for 20% off a $35+ purchase, I got all these items shipped for less than $5. Which is awesome.
 I debated on whether or not I was going to jump cut this post since it is a such a teeny little haul, but I do want to get a little chatty about these products, so I figured it would be for the best!
After careful (hah!) considerations, I ended up purchasing four items from Birchbox; three of which I was interested in trying out and one which I figured was a "necessity" (is there a word in English for a basic item that is not survival related so it's technically not needed but it's a staple for a "frivolous" activity? If not there really needs to be one...).
I'll start with my "necessity" since it's probably the least interesting; this Alpine Snow by OPI.
 Alpine Snow is a basic, bright white in a cream finish. It's technically part of the Brights collection since it's best utilized as a white base to help colors pop and show up more opaque (a problem with bright and neon colors). I did own a white polish from Sinful Colors (I think it was called Snow White or something like that), but I wasn't a big fan of the formula. Alpine Snow has the standard OPI formula; it applies well and is opaque by itself in two to three coats (two works great under another color, three would be best if you're wearing it on its own). This was a much needed addition to nail polish collection, which is a bit lacking in these primary, cream finish colors. Birchbox doesn't carry many OPI polishes, but I'm happy they had this one since you don't often get deals on OPI polish.
I also purchased another nail polish; this is Wet by Floss Gloss! I know the picture on the bottle is supposed to be a fingernail, but I always see a beard. Which makes me laugh.
I see Floss Gloss used quite a bit in pictures on Instagram and I've always been interested in trying it. I don't think it's carried by any retailers around me, and I hate paying for shipping, so again, I was happy to see it was a brand carried by Birchbox (because I'm a Birchbox Ace, I get free shipping on anything; if you're not an Ace, you can still get free shipping with certain promos and on products by brands that were featured as samples that much). There were a lot of colors I wanted to try (like Pony and Moon Baby), but I went with Wet since it was described as a Tiffany blue, which is one of my favorite colors. The color itself is very Tiffany blue (though it is more blue; Tiffany blue is almost more of a green) and quite pretty, but I was surprised by how small the bottle was. The bottles are $8, which is pretty standard for a mid-range polish, but they only have 5.5mL. Compared to an OPI polish, which is $9.50 for 15mL, that's quite a price difference. I thought I had received a mini-size by accident until I double-checked the size on Birchbox. It's not like they tried to hide how small it was, it's right there on the web site, but I just expected it to be the standard 11-15mL. The bottle itself, especially the cap, feels kind of retro and the brush is surprisingly short. It's a good polish, and I do want to try some of the other colors, but it seems a little pricey for the amount you get.
Next up are the Marcelle Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover Pads! I've been meaning to try these for a while, and I was even going to purchase them when Birchbox had a special on Marcelle products, but since you can only use one coupon code per transaction, I thought it would be best to hold out until the 20% off $35+ (which I think is the best coupon code; the other code was for a free full size eye makeup remover with any Marcelle purchase). These eye make-up remover pads have very good reviews on the website and, overall, Marcelle seems to make good make-up remover products, so, since I was looking to try a pre-soaked eye make-up remover pad, these seemed like a good choice. Overall, I'm pretty happy with these; the remover itself is non-irritating and removes my makeup fairly well (I have yet to find the remover, including my oil cleansers, that will remove all of my eye make-up completely in one go). The pads, though, leave something to be desired. They are very thin which makes them kind of awkward to hold on to since I'm so used to using thicker cotton rounds (though not so thin that they tear or anything), and they are quite rough, which surprised me. I thought that something designed specifically to be used in the eye area would be a lot more gentle, but the pads themselves were irritating to the skin around my eyes. Overall, it does its job, and it does it pretty well, but it's not the most comfortable product to use, especially on really stubborn makeup.
The last item I got, and possibly the most intriguing, is the Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher in 002 Happy Coral from Peripera. This is a cushion blusher (as the name implies) from Korea (as the name and non-English writing also implies) in a very pretty cheer orange/coral color.
I'm kind of surprised by how slowly cushion-type products have become available in the US. After the BB/CC cream craze, I thought that other Korea products would become popular much more quickly. As it stands, there are very few cushion products on the market in the US right now, but that number has been growing (especially since it seems the L'Oreal will bring their cushion foundation compact here). This is a cream blush in a tube that you squeeze to fill the applicator on the end, which you then pat on your cheeks.
It's actually really similar to how the Too Faced Melted lip products work. One thing that surprised me was how uncomfortable the applicator was; I thought it would be softer and squishier, so you could actually "pounce" your blush on, similar to how you use a Beauty Blender. Instead, it's a lot more stiff and you can feel the plastic under the thin puff; you have to be pretty gentle with it.
 I have two swatches since I couldn't decide which one I liked more; even though the product looks super bright and orange on the applicator, it applies very sheer and it blends out well. For being an orange cheek color, it ends up looking, not necessarily natural since humans don't really blush orange/coral, but it looks "normal" (I'm trying to elegantly say you won't look like a clown). I like the blush itself, along with the fact that you don't need a brush or any extra tool to apply it, but I wish the applicator was a little softer. I really want to try the Too Cool For School cushion blusher, but it's like $10 more so...we'll see what happens when I get more Birchbox points.

And that was my haul! Again, pretty small, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the items I got, plus I'm super happy that I paid less than $5 for all of these items, shipping included.

Thanks for reading! <3

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