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September 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag - Face Fashion - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! I hope you're all having a great day! For this post, I want to share with you guys my September 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag!
...yeah, I know, it's like the middle of October. Nearing the end of October. And I'm looking at my October Ipsy Glam Bag right now (it's sitting on top of the stack of boxes I'm using in place of my tripod). Granted, I got this bag very near the end of September (Ipsy has been having some very weird shipping times lately; I see unboxing pics on Instagram like a week before I even get my shipping notification), but. Yeah.

Anyways! Let's not dwell on things and see what I got in my September bag instead!
Ipsy Facts: $10 per month subscription service (which includes shipping and a different cosmetic bag each month), five (or more) full size/deluxe sample size makeup and beauty products (much more likely to get full sized products than with Birchbox, also more likely to get color cosmetics than skin care or hair care), a so-so rewards program where you earn points for reviewing products and referring people that you can use to "purchase" extra items such as previously sampled products (this program has improved, but is no where near Birchbox's). If you're interested in signing up with Ipsy, I'd much appreciate it if you used my referral link; you can also sign up by going directly to the Ipsy website, but I've been told that you can get off the waitlist faster if you use someone's referral link or connect your Ipsy account to your Facebook.
The bag itself this month was quite interesting; it was a light brown with a textured pattern on the lower part. It's quite unique, as far as Ipsy bags go, and I really liked it! I think this was a love it or hate it type of thing since all the comments I've heard about have been one or the other (and not in-between).
 The theme this month is Face Fashion, which basically means nothing (but it's nice to know they tried; I will admit, though, that the colors they chose are a little darker/more fall appropriate), and the back of the info card has the same "share on social media, win stuff!" as always. It's almost comforting in its dependability, really.
First up is not something that actually came in my Ipsy bag; I "purchased" this using my points! A while back, it was kind of pointless to earn points if you weren't referring a ton of people since they would expire before you got a chance to build up enough to spend them on anything. Now, there are different tiers of products you can get for different amounts of points, so now I can earn rewards and all I have to do is review my samples every month (this is what makes Birchbox so great; you can earn a ton of rewards and free stuff just by reviewing your products and I'm glad Ipsy decided to step up their game). You have to be pretty quick, though, since the rewards can sell out really quick, especially the less "expensive" ones. I got lucky and was able to get this J. Cat Beauty Lipitude Hydrating Lip Stain!
This is in the color LLS115, which is Blow Your Mind (even though it doesn't say it on the label).
It's a pretty standard pinky mauve color, but I really wanted to give the Lipitudes a try and I never felt comfortable enough to purchase these from my Ulta since they are sold unsealed. From the swatch, it seems to be a very opaque, pigmented lip product, but since I haven't worn it yet (...I have a lot of lip products), I can't say how it actually feels or wears on the lips. This is the full size of this product and it is worth $5.99.
On to my actual Ipsy products! I'm going to start with the Ipsy <3 NYX Love In Rio eyeshadow trio, since I believe most people got this in their bags in September (I saw a very small handful of pics on Instagram where they did not receive this trio, but it looks like the majority did). Sorry for the reflection; I don't know why I didn't think to open the compact...
This is a special eyeshadow trio available only through Ipsy (and only in this bag; I don't think this is purchasable at all, unless Ipsy lets you redeem points for it later one). It's not a bad trio or anything, but I'm not a big fan of NYX's Love In Rio palettes. I have so much high-end eyeshadow, that I never reach for my drugstore shadows, especially in they're singles or in smaller palettes.
The colors are also quite boring and neutral, which I also have a ton of. Again, not bad, and you can definitely make a very wearable look out of the colors, but not something that excites me. This is a full sized trio and they normally retail for $6, but on the NYX website, all of the Love In Rio trios are on sale for $3, so that's the value I'll give this palette.
I'm pretty sure I've never tried anything from Not Soap, Radio before, but I know I've definitely wanted to! I've seen this brand at Urban Outfitters and I've always been curious about it, but apparently not curious enough to purchase anything (yay for sample boxes!). This is a travel/trial sized bottle of the Liquid Freud Emotional Well-Being Hand/Body Lotion. It smells like coconut milk, mango, and vanilla and it's quite thin in texture. It absorbs quickly and the scent is soft and pleasant. If you received this product, you could have gotten it in the scent The Phoenix instead, which also sounds pretty cool. You can purchase this size bottle, along with six other scents (including The Phoenix) for $22, making this individual guy worth about $3.14.
Another J.Cat Beauty product! I've tried a few products from them before (see the first product in this post!) and, previously, haven't been the most impressed, but it seems like they've stepped up their game. I hear a lot of talk about J.Cat Beauty products on Youtube, and the two I received in my Ipsy bag this month are pretty good! This is the #MOTD Waterproof Slide-On Pencil for eyes in the color Bronze.
Ipsy makes it a point to tell you that this pencil needs to be sharpened, which is nice because it's not immediately obvious that you need to do so. It looks kind of like a gel twist-up pencil (similar to the Essence ones) and it has a consistency similar to that.
It applies very smoothly and I really like the color; not too light, not too metallic, not too dark. I haven't tested if this is truly waterproof yet, but since I personally prefer non-waterproof, it's not a big deal to me if it isn't. I had a hard time trying to find the size of the full size, but I'm pretty sure this is it, which makes this product worth about $3.99. I would really like to try more J.Cat Beauty products, but they would have to be purchased online since I don't think any of their products comes sealed, and you never know who did what with them in the drugstore (I've seen some things).
Even though City Color Cosmetics is a fairly inexpensive drugstore brand, I've been pretty happy with the quality of a lot of the products I've tried of theirs and I've heard others share the same sentiment (I will say, though, that I hated the lipstick I received in my Ipsy bag a couple months ago, but I'm picky about lip products). This is a tube of the Be Bold 3x Volume and Length mascara; this product comes in three different versions (volume, volume + length, and curl + volume), is in the color black, and is supposed to smudge-proof and long-wearing. I already have a bunch of back-up mascara that I need to get to, including a full size It Cosmetics 5-in-1, so I ended up giving this to my mom without even breaking the seal (but it is nice to see that it does come sealed!). This is a full size and is worth $5.99.
Finally, my favorite product from this month's bag: nail polish! Big surprise, right? I've seen this off and on for the last couple months and I was pretty upset that I didn't get it in my bag (I always tell Ipsy that I love nail polish and always feel slightly jilted if they sample one and don't put it in my bag) but finally I did! This polish is from Trust Fund Beauty and it is called Elegantly Wasted. Love the names!
According to the Trust Fund Beauty website, these polishes are 7-free, but the boxes say they are 5-free (I'm more inclined to believe the 5-free claim, but either way, it's still better than 3-free or even 0-free). They are also non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-fee. Elegantly Wasted is described as a dark lilac.
Pretty! This polish drys really quickly and applies easily, so I'm very happy with it! I would love to purchase some more colors from Trust Fund Beauty, but at $15 a bottle, these are just a little outside my comfort zone. If I can find a good sale, though, I will be tempted to buy more! This is a full size product and is worth $15.

Overall, in my September 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag, I got four (!!) full size products and one mini/travel size product with a total value of about $31.12. A very good bag, if you ask me!

Thanks for reading! <3

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