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Haul Time - Tons Of Nail Polish! China Glaze, Zoya, OPI, and More - Plus Swatches!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I have quite a bit of nail polish, along with swatches, that I wanted to share with you.
I know, this is the same video I linked in my last post, but I wanted to spread things out so I could spend a little more time discussing them here. I will say though, I do have a lot of polish to talk about, so hopefully this post doesn't get away from me...

So, without further ado, let's get started!
As in the video, I'm going to group things by brand, but I'm not going to go in the same order. You know, because that would be boring (...also because I don't remember the exact order. Which actually might mean I will go in the same order and just not know it).
 I'll start with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes I picked up! I hadn't really tried any gelish polishes before I got my Revlon duo in the summer Allure Beauty Thrills box (I have used Juelp's Freedom Polymer top coat, which is essentially what these gelish polishes are, so I have some experience with these types of top coats, at least), but now I'm curious to see how different brands perform. I wasn't the most impressed with the Revlon duo, but then again, I wasn't expecting to be. I ended up finding a duo of top coat and color of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels on sale at Ulta for $6.99 (the duos normally retail for about $14.99, a single polish is between $7.50-$10 depending where you buy it) and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to give them a try! I believe the duos were on sale because Sally Hansen has updated their Miracle Gel top coat and improved the formula, so I don't know how this older version compares to the newer.
There were a couple different color choices, but I went with a pretty standard minty green (standard at least for me!). This is Geo-Mint-ric and it's, well, mint green.
It's looks more blueish green here, but it's definitely more minty in real life. I'm about as impressed with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels as I was with the Revlon gelish polishes, but I do really like to use the Sally Hansen top coat with my regular polishes. It's not as thick or glossy as my Julep Freedom Polymer top coat, but it dries just as quickly and provides some gloss and chip protection.
 In the box that contained my duo, I also got a coupon for $2 off any single bottle of Miracle Gel polish (over $7.49, so I picked up one more. This is Flash-ionista and it is a medium blue full of blue glitter and purply-pink shimmer.
I got Flash-ionista from Target, so after my coupon it was only a little more than $5. It's surprisingly sheer; my swatch is three coats and you can still kind of see through it. I'm not sure if you can layer these gelish type polishes over each other or if you have to keep layering them on their own to reach opacity. It's very pretty, especially in the bottle, and if it were a normal polish I could forgive it's sheerness, but as is, not sure if this one was really worth it. There are a bunch more gelish polishes out there for me to try (including OPI and Orly), but so far, the only real utility I find with these is using the top coats with my regular polishes.
Speaking of Orly, let's talk about those polishes next! I got two Orlys on super sale from Ulta for less than $1 each. How can I say no to that? Both colors are from the Sugar High collection, which I thought was very unique in it's color selection. This polish is Plum Sugar, a plum colored cream finish.
This is definitely not a unique color in my collection (plum creams aren't very hard to find), but again, it was less than a $1, so I feel justified in owning it (you know you have a nail polish addiction when...). I do like the quality of Orly polishes and this plum is quite nice, especially for fall.
The other Orly I got is Sweet Dreams! Orly describes this as a "grey with pink pearl shimmer", though it ends up looking more like a super dusty lavender on the nail.
I'm super into these kind of off-the-beaten-path, "weird" colors right now (most likely because I have all the "normal" colors that I could ever need) and this color is just gorgeous! It kind of reminds of another Orly I really like, Naked Canvas, though it's much more purple.
Let's do China Glaze next! I have a love-hate relationship with China Glaze polish. They make a lot of very pretty and very unique colors, but the formula just doesn't agree with me. I know a lot of people really like China Glaze, and that's awesome, very happy it works for them, but for me personally, it's just not a brand I ever reach for.'s kind of weird that the bulk of this haul is China Glaze (at least, it's the brand I have the most bottles from). In the most recent collection, The Great Outdoors, there were super pretty duochromes that I basically needed in my life. This first one is Gone Glamping.
 In the bottle it looks like a gold with a blue/teal/green shift, but swatched/on the nail it looks like a sage-gold that fades into a silver. It's not the most unique (Harlow from Julep and Aggie from Zoya are quite similar), but it's different enough for me to justify adding it to my collection.
This beauty, however, is very unique and I don't think I have anything like it in my collection! This is Cabin Fever and, in my opinion, it is the standout shade in this collection.
In the bottle, it looks like deep gold with a pinky red shift. Swatched and on the nail, it looks very similar, maybe just a smidge more red. This color is essentially Autumn in the form of a nail polish and it is just. So beautiful. The color travel between the red and gold is very pronounced and very distracting while wearing it (in a good way!). If you can still find this polish, I highly recommend picking it up!
These next four polishes are from the City Flourish collection (which I'm not sure when it was released; it's not on the China Glaze website, but my Ulta had a special cardboard standee thing they were displayed on that listed all the colors and the name "City Flourish, so maybe it was just super old). All of these polishes were on sale for less than $1 each so, even though I'm not a fan of China Glaze, that's a deal I can't say to no to! Plus, the colors are pretty, especially this first one!
 This is Don't Honk Your Thorn and, while it wins the award for one of the worst pun names ever, it's probably my favorite color out of the four I picked up. It's again one of those slightly off, weird colors and it's unique to my collection. It's a pale, greyish beige with just a hint of what looks like silver shimmer. It ends up looking like mannequin nails on me, but in a way that doesn't make me look dead/plasticky, if that makes sense.
Next is Strike A Rose, a fairly standard bright orangey pink.
 There is also a bit of shimmer, which is nice since I'm not a huge fan of cream finish polishes, but as far as colors go, it's not super unique. Pretty, but a little boring. There were a lot of pinks in this collection, and this one was the brightest.
This is In A Lily Bit. Out of the three purples in this collection, this one was the palest. It's like a pastel lilac, which is something I surprisingly don't really have in my polish collection (at least, one that's this pastel).
 I can't tell if there is shimmer in this color or not; it looks like there might be just a hint of purple-pink shimmer, but it's subtle. I think it's kind of like the shimmer in Strike A Rose and Don't Honk Your Thorn; it's there but not there, if that makes sense.
The last color I got from this collection (and the last China Glaze) is Metro Pollen-Tin. This is another weird color that I needed in my life!
It's a bright, more-yellow-than-orange version of a macaroni and cheese color. It dries with a matte finish, so I think there are some neon pigments in it. Even though it's bright, possibly neon, and sort of pastel, it's quite opaque and should cover completely in two, maybe three coats.
Let's move on to Zoya! These next three polishes are from the Naturel Deux collection and were on super sale at Ulta! I think they were less than $1 each, but they might have been around $3. Less than $3 for sure!
I missed out on the other three polishes from this collection, but since they were more mauve-toned, I'm not sure they would have been very flattering on me. The other three, the one's I purchased, are all brown-toned. Again, not always the most flattering, but two out of the three ended up looking quite nice! This first one is Spencer, and is one of the polishes that looks pretty good on me.
 Zoya describes this a a "rich, caramel-creme", which is quite accurate. This is another mannequin hands kind of color for me, though it is richer and warmer than Don't Honk Your Thorn. I don't normally like to wear browns, but this is a very wearable and would be a good polish if you're looking to wear a brown but not sure where to start.
This is the brown that didn't work so well with my skintone; this is Chanelle.
 Zoya describes this as a "toasted almond creme", and I think it's just a bit too warm and a bit too, well, brown, to work for me. If you have a deeper, more golden skintone, I think this color could look quite pretty (and have a similar mannequin hands effect as Spencer does on me), but it's just not something for me. I'm going to keep it around, at least for a little bit, since I don't have a lot of brown and it might be useful for nail art.
The last polish I got from the Naturel Deux collection (but not the last Zoya), is Emilia!
 Zoya describes this as a "dark chocolate creme". I was a little unsure of this color at first (though it was the one that I expected to like the most out of these three), but it looks really good on my nails! It's a great fall color (the Naturel Deux collection is a fall/winter transition collection) and reminds me a lot of Marc Jacobs Bark (which I lusted after for a while but could never really justify the price for). I think if you get only one color from this collection, it should be this one!
This beauty is Aggie from the Flair Fall 2015 collection. This polish is stunning and so much so, that it makes me weak at the knees (okay not really but it is seriously. Just. So. Pretty.). When I first saw the Focus and Flair collections for fall I wasn't too interested in it, but then I saw swatches of this beauty and I needed it.
 Zoya describes this as a "gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter" and IT'S JUST SO PRETTY. In the bottle it's a bright, strong gold with bigger pieces of gold sparkle and hints of blue and green along the edges. On the nail, it's like a bright, bold gold with chunks of sparkle and licks of blue and green, depending on how the light hits it. Zoya says you use it to layer since it's slightly sheer at one coat, but opaque at three, and I would have to agree with that! The other polishes in the Flair collection (the Focus collection is all cremes) are also quite pretty, especially Tris and Giada, but hands down, Aggie is my favorite!

We're on the home stretch! Time for Formula X polishes; I really love the Formula X, well, formula! but I don't ever really feel like they're worth the $12ish they retail for, so I always try to pick them up on sale. Which is surprisingly easy to do; every few months, the seasonal polishes go on sale online for $5-$6 and some polishes end up on sale at physical Sephora stores as well. However! The best way to get polish on sale is check your Sephora in JCP; not only have I found way more colors on sale than are available online, but sometimes they're as cheap as $2! While this polish wasn't as cheap as that (it was $6), but it's one that's still full price online and in the physical store. This is Photoelectric, from the Liquid Crystals collection.
 This color is described as a "purple and blue micro glitter in sheer bright blue". It's definitely sheer and take a few coats to build up (it would probably work much better as a layering color than as a stand alone color), but be warned: this color stains! My cuticles and nails ended up with a bluish tint after I took this color of, but it wasn't anything a little baking soda scrub couldn't take care of. I did not use a base coat, however, so you may be able to prevent staining by using one.
This next polish is Determined from the Brushed Metallics collection (a love-hate collection of matte shimmers) and again, was on sale for $6 at Sephora in JCP but full price online and in the physical store.
It is described as a "matte metallic taupe gray" and it has a blue shimmer running throughout. This is one of the colors I really wanted from this collection, along with Singularity, but that I didn't want to pay full price for since the formula is pretty hard to work with (the only companies who can do matte shimmers well are Zoya and sometimes Julep). I actually even bought an Essie color from their Cashmere Mattes collection because it was similar to this one, but nothing ever beats the original.
This last Formula X is actually one I got from the physical store. This is Spark from the Superwatts collection and it is on sale for $5 both online and in physical stores (though I oddly didn't find it in my Sephora in JCP).
 This color is described as a "orange rainbow mega-glitter" and it's such a pretty layering color! The base is a sheer orange  and it's packed with orange iridescent glitter in various sizes. I don't know if you can really build this up to opacity on it's own (I did try, but after three coats the glitter was far too chunky to continue), but when I layered this over other colors (especially Zoya's Aggie), it is stunning! It's so sparkly, it's distracting. Which is exactly what I want in my polishes!
Last brand, last two polishes! This is Bright Lights-Big Color and I got it on sale for just under $5.
 This polish is  an orangey coral with a fine gold shimmer. It's not very unique, and I admittedly don't wear red all that often, but this was another case of "it's on sale, I need it". It's not a bad polish; it has a good formula and the color is quite nice, it's just not all that special.
Last, but not least, is Worth A Pretty Penne, from the OPI Venice Fall collection.OPI describes this as a shimmery copper, but it also has a hint of rose gold to it.
 It's super pretty in the bottle, but I was kind of worried that it wouldn't look very flattering with my skin tone (I tend to have issues with warm mauvey/rose colors), but it's just coppery enough that it's beautiful on my nails! It can show brushstrokes, but if your careful (or don't really mind all that much, like me), it's pretty much a non-issue (just something to be aware of). I initially wasn't excited for the OPI Venice collection, but then, as always, I saw it in real life and fell in love and had to buy a few polishes (I got this one and Baroque But Still Shopping and I still have my eye on Gelato On My Mind).

And that's everything! At least nail polish-wise... I think I did let these pile up for a little too long, but there have been so many good deals on polish lately that I just can't help myself!

Thanks for reading! <3

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