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June 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - #girlsnightout - Indie Subscription Unboxing!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! We're going to time travel again, this time all the way back to June. For this post, I want to share with you guys my June 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month subscription!
I really debated whether or not I was going to make this post since: a. it's so far back, b. I don't have a video to go along with it, and c. I don't have a video, or even pictures, of the July bag, so I won't be making a post about that one. I decided to make this post because Vee, the owner of Glamour Doll Eyes, puts a lot of effort into her subscription service, and I think it's only fair to show you guys how awesome it is! Plus, you can occasionally purchase past OTMs, so it is still kind of, sort of, relevant.
As always, a quick rundown of important information about this subscription: it is $10 a month (it's technically $8, plus $2 shipping), you always get the special "Of The Month" full size eye shadow (valued at $6 and normally only available for purchase that month in limited quantities), and you often get extras from other indie cosmetic companies. Because Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE from here on out) is an independent company and is owned and operated by basically one person, Vee, there are limited spots for the Of The Month (OTM) subscription service. Like, 120 spots limited. And they rarely open up since people generally don't cancel their subscriptions. If you're interested in this subscription service, your best bet is to join the Facebook group since that's where all the most up to date information is posted, including release dates, product previews, and little contests.
I never know the best place to start, so I'll get some of the random extras out of the way first. Vee always includes her business cards (which are super cool since you can submit photos and be one of the pretty ladies modelling on them), and this month we got another card for All The Sparkles. I would also say that every month you get a little square sticker with the graphic from the info card, but in my September bag I didn't get one, so I don't know if that's true anymore.
You also get candy every month! The candy usually follows the theme of the month, so for June we got mints, so you can be prepared for your night out (in case anything interesting happens). I actually just like mints in general, so yay!
Ever since everyone got super excited about the charm in the January 2015 OTM, Vee has been trying to include a charm every month. Again, the charms adhere to the theme of the month, so we got a little blowdryer this month. I have no idea where Vee gets her charms (I assume it's a supplier on Ali Express or Taobao or something), but they're super cute and, like a lot of other subscribers, I'm going to make a charm bracelet using all of them at the end of the year.
As I've kind of touched on, every month has it's theme; unlike bigger subscription services, the GDE OTM tends to adhere pretty closely to it! The theme for June 2015 was #girlsnightout. I love how even the information card changes each month to match the theme! There's a lot of attention to detail with this subscription, which is one of the reasons why it's so awesome. On the front of the info card, you get the color description and ingredients of the OTM shadow (this months is, appropriately, #girlsnightout), along with a special section called TMI (Try More Indie). I love trying new products from different indie companies, but you sometimes have to be careful and make sure that your purchasing from reputable sellers. If Vee puts them on her info card, then I can be confident that they make good products that other people have purchased an enjoyed! You also get a coupon code, either especially for GDE OTM subscribers or one that we can share with everyone (sometimes you get one fore each!), which again makes it much easier to try new things! The company featured in June was One Hand Washes The Other; even though the coupon code is unfortunately expired, you can still check them out!
As the info card says, the color for June was called #girlsnightout. This color is described as a "blackened mauve with purple/pink overlay finished off with a blue and copper sparkle".
Pretty! And very wearable!
The right is swatched in indirect sunlight, and the right is in direct sunlight (...I couldn't decide which swatch I liked more). These are swatched dry over bare, un-primed skin and, if you want to increase the intensity of the color and sparkle, you can either foil these shadows or use them over a primer.
On the back of the info card, we get more information about the extras for the month (sometimes the extras spill over on to the front as well!), plus what the theme for next month is.
 The first extra we got this month is a multipurpose highlighter in the color Tiny Unicorns. Best. Name. Ever. Well, except when it has something to do with cats. If it was called "Tiny Cats and Unicorns" that would be probably the best name ever.
This multipurpose highlighter can be used pretty much everywhere on your face, including on your cheeks, browbone, and eyelids. It's even lip safe so you can basically go crazy-go-nuts with it.
Since it is meant to be a highlighter, is it very sheer, but again, this swatch is dry on bare, un-primed skin so you can increase the intensity by foiling it or using it over primer. It is described as a "sheer, pale pink gold" and it really is super versatile. I've used this as both a highlighter and an eye color and it works beautifully as both.
The other extra we got is a little pocket mirror! It came in a red velvet bag and it features a nice drawing by whoever does the graphics for GDE (is it Vee? I should probably look it up at some point since whoever does it is very talented and deserves recognition).
Not sure why I took a picture of the mirror part of it, though I suppose it's good to show how big it is. It's a nice, handheld mirror that will fit well in many different bags/clutches/wallets/pockets.
I also got a sample baggie of the color Charming Society, from the atmosCHROME collection. I believe this collection was just coming out around the time of this subscription bag, but I don't remember for sure. It is described as a "sheer duochrome of blue, green and gold with subtle gold and lavender sparkles", though I unfortunately don't have a swatch to share with you (I think there are a bunch in the Facebook group, though!)

And that's my June 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! I love this subscription service and I love supporting indie companies. If you're interested in getting this subscription at all, please check out the Facebook group. Otherwise, make sure you check out the Glamour Doll Eyes website since Vee makes a ton of neat cosmetics!

Thanks for reading! <3

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