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August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag - Prep School - Unbagging and Review!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great day! Um, let's just ignore the fact that I've been a bit M.I.A. lately; transitions, travel, work, and all that jazz make Kulla a very tired girl. Not that blogging is that strenuous, but it's hard sometimes to work up the motivation to take pictures and what-not. Actually, it's mostly just the picture taking part. Even though I have much better lighting now, I still only have a limited amount of time to take good pictures and I spend most of that time at work!

Excuses aside, let's talk about my August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag!

...even though it is September, I haven't received my September Glam Bag yet, so I don't feel quite so behind the times.
 Every month, your Ipsy Glam Bag is shipped to you safe and sound in a metallic hot pink bubble mailer. At least, that's how it should be. This month, my mailer wasn't even sealed...
It arrived to me mostly open, held shut by the barest minimum of packing tape. I'm assuming this was added at the post office and not by Ipsy themselves, since the strip of plastic that covers the adhesive was still attached.
So. Yeah. Luckily, everything was intact and even in perfect condition!
This was the bag we got for August 2015; I swear we've gotten something very, very similar to this before, but it might just be that we got the same bag, just in a different color/pattern. Regardless, I actually think this bag is pretty cute.
It also fits well with the theme for August 2015, Prep School (mostly because of the houndstooth). None of the products really fit the theme, but hey, when do they ever?
Same old mostly useless info card, but it really wouldn't feel right if they didn't include it, you know? I also feel like the pictures on the cards are getting more and more boring; I'm starting to miss the weird graphics Ipsy used to use.
On to the whole point of Ipsy, the products! I got five products to try this month as usual, though everything is a deluxe sample size (I feel like I've gotten at least one full sized product per bag over the last few months). My first product is the L.A. Fresh Eco-Beauty Good Night. night cream. This is a "highly" natural (whatever that means) night cream with peptides, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe, panthenol, folic acid, vitamin E, and a botanical complex (again, whatever that means). I was a big fan of the day cream from this line, so I'm pretty sure this night cream is going to be good, too! Even though this is a deluxe sized sample, you get a lot of product and it's in eco- and travel friendly packaging. A full size is 1.7oz for $40, making this 0.5oz sample worth about $11.70.
This next product is a bit of a weird one. This is a deluxe sample of Albertini's Divine Skin Hydrator. It is an in-shower, unscented moisturizer, which in itself isn't weird, but that fact that Albertini is brand created especially for women over the age of 40. I am not over 40; I'm not even over 30. Granted, there's really no age restrictions on body/skincare products (one of my biggest pet peeves is when people say they're too young to use an eye cream/moisturizer/serum/etc.), but it just seems odd for Ipsy to include this in my bag since I'm not in the target market (and I'm pretty sure that Ipsy knows my age). I really like that this is unscented since I have sensitive skin, but I'm reluctant to use it since I haven't liked any in-shower moisturizers I've used in the past. You basically apply to this to your still wet skin as a last step in your shower; you then lightly rinse and pat dry a bit more delicately than normal. I always feel extra greasy and gross so I don't know if I'm not rinsing enough or what. You can also use this dry if you have extra dry skin. The full size is $16 for 9fl oz, so this 1fl oz sample is worth about $1.78.
Next up is a product I had a hard time finding a lot of information about, besides what was on the Ipsy website; this is the Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Blush in the color Flirt.
This blush uses "hybrid gel technology", so it's kind of like a creamy gel in texture and application, if that makes sense. It is made out of shea butter, avocado butter, jojoba seed oil, and lavender extract, among other things.
It's a very pretty, very wearable soft rose color. Unfortunately, if you want it and didn't get it in your Ipsy bag, you may have to swap for it or purchase it from another Ipster.
I couldn't find this product for sale anywhere! I checked the Doll 10 website and it wasn't on there; I Googled it and found out that QVC carries the brand, but again, not this specific product. I have no idea if this is a full size or a sample size or what (I'm counting it as a sample size), nor do I have any idea what it's worth.
Don't worry, this next product isn't a perfume! It is in fact a very well presented...
Lipstick sample! I love these little baby lipsticks; they're cute and portable. Plus, I don't think I ever have, nor ever will, go through a whole lipstick. This is a natural lipstick in the color Desert Rose by the brand Noyah (which I have no idea how to pronounce, but assume it is "noe-yah").
It is described as a semi-matte subtle dirty pink and it is: made in the USA, not tested on animals, and is free of parabens and sulfates. Also, if you tag a post on social media with #noyah or #livedivinely, Noyah will donate a product to the homeless (it seems kind of silly to donate makeup to homeless people, but appearance is very important when it comes to finding a job).
The full size product also has sustainable bamboo packaging, so you can feel especially eco-concious when you use it. The full size is 0.16oz for $18, making this 0.04oz sample worth about $4.50.
The last item in my August 2015 Glam Bag was the most disappointing. This is a sample of the Lord & Berry Ultimate Lipcolor and Liner in the color Nude.
Whee nude! This lipliner is made with macadamia oil and waterlily extracts, along with an exclusive LXB complex (a lot of vague ingredients in products this month...) to help soften and protect your lips. It's also supposed to be waterproof!
It's actually a pretty color, and definitely something I can get use out of, but I just don't find the brand Lord & Berry to be all that appealing, nor worth the price they're asking for it. A full size lipliner is $18, making this sample (which I assumed to be about one third the size) worth about $6.

And that was my August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag! Overall a pretty solid bag, though it still suffered from the usual Ipsy issues (overpriced brands, not matching products to your beauty profile, items that aren't available for purchase). I only paid $10 for this bag, which includes shipping, so I definitely got my money's worth. As I said, all five products were deluxe sample sizes, but together they are worth about $23.98 (which is not including the Doll 10 blush since I have no clue what it would be worth).

Thanks for reading! <3

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