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August 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - The Little Mermaid - Indie Subscription Unboxing!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I want to share with you my August 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month subscription bag!
You're getting two-for-one in the video for reasons explained below!

We're still going back in time, but not as far as the last post (which was my June 2015 GDE OTM...). I had some issues with shipping with my August OTM, but everything worked out in the end. I also really want to give a shout out to Vee, the owner and creator of Glamour Doll Eyes since she was super helpful and patient with me throughout the whole ordeal. It ended up getting shipped to my old address, then getting shipped back since it was deemed undeliverable as addressed (even though I have postal forwarding so it should have just been forwarded to my new address as it's technically a package, but that's an issue with the post office and has nothing to do with Glamour Doll Eyes), then Vee kindly shipped it back to my correct address along with my September 2015 OTM.

It was definitely worth the wait since: a. all OTMs are awesome, and b. it was Little Mermaid themed!
I love how the baggie it came in is red like Ariel's hair and has printed sequins, like fish scales! Also you can vaguely see the shadow of my head, which is kind of ominous...hmm.
Super quick infoblast: this is a monthly subscription which costs $10 ($8 for the subscription and $2 for shipping). It is from Glamour Doll Eyes, a very awesome indie cosmetic company (which I highly recommend checking out!) and it is very sought after and limited in availability. There are only about 120 slots and there is a pretty hefty waitlist BUT! If you are super interested, I recommend joining the Facebook group, since that's the best, and fastest, way to get information about all things GDE. In your OTMs, you get a full sized eye shadow (valued at $6) in a special color created in limited quanities specifically for that month, along with some candy, most likely a charm (Vee said she would try to include one every month, and she has so far, but can't promise anything), and a couple extras.
In this bag I got the standard business cards (is it weird I kind of like collecting these? The models on the back vary occasionally and it's like collecting the roster of GDE fans) and a special sticker that has graphics similar to the info card. One thing I really like about this subscription is that almost everything (more often than not, everything!) adheres to the theme, including the info cards. Up to now, we've recieved a little square sticker like this in every OTM, but in my September OTM I did not get one, so I'm not sure if that was a mistake or if Vee didn't make them.
I have no clue what these candies actually are (maybe a mint or some fruity hard candy), but they're Little Mermaid themed! Super cute.
The charm this month is, appropriately, a mermaid! Also it's super blurry since my camera had a hard time photographing it on my table. My cat decided she wanted the sunny spot on the couch, so I had to find a new place to take pictures...
We got another extra-extra that wasn't listed on the info card, but is something we haven't gotten before. Stickers! I keep saying it, and I know I should look it up since I'm sure the info is readily available somewhere, but whoever does the graphics for GDE is very talented and I'm excited to have their work as stickers! There are also some cute special planner stickers for those who keep planners (which apparently is everyone nowadays...).
On to the info card for the August 2015 GDE OTM! Super cute; I love how Ariel and Flounder are sneaking in the background. The color this month is called It's A Mess.
It is described as a "sandy metallic beige with a spectacular amount of gold, blue, and red sparkles".
It also has a custom label!
 I have two pictures of the same swatch since once is more shaded and the other shows off the sparkle a little more. This is swatched dry over bare, unprimed skin and you can increase the intensity of the color and sparkle by either foiling this shadow or using it over a primer. It's a really pretty neutral, especially if you're looking to add a ton of sparkle but not a ton of color.

The featured TMI (Try More Indie) company for August is Blackbird Cosmetics! I've heard a lot of good things from Evolution Of A Foodie, particularly about their blushes, so I was super excited to see them featured. Unfortunately, the coupon codes (one for me and one to share) expired yesterday (the 21st), but I still might purchase something just because I really want to give them a try. I really love the TMI part of the GDE OTM since it's a great way to get introduced to reputable indie cosmetic companies!
On the back of the info card we get information about the three extras we got this month.
The first extra is the Kiss Of True Love lipstick by Beauty Bar Baby. I've been all about lip products lately (...and now have enough lipstick to last me until I die) so I was super excited to get this.
The color is described as a "pinkish red to match Ariel's lips" and it feels very creamy and pigmented. I haven't tried this on my lips yet, but it swatches beautifully.
Even though I subscribe to these boxes/bags to get cosmetics, I do like it when I get an accessory or other kind of item now and then. This is a pair of "8mm hand painted glass earrings on surgical steel posts" and they're from Its Priddy.
Oh, fancy! We also got a coupon code to use for 30% off, but I wasn't sure if it was something I could share or not, so I blanked it out. There's no expiration date, so I still might use it to purchase something. If I do, I will definitely share it with you guys!
The last item we got in the August OTM was a sample baggie from Aromaleigh Cosmetics, another of my favorite indie cosmetic companies. This is called Seirene, and I believe it was part of the Russian mermaid menagerie collection from Augustish (maybe...). I actually got the blush and perfume from that collection, so I'm really happy to get another piece of it to try (I skipped on the highlighters since I already have a ton).
Since it's a highlighter, it's very light and sheer and it has a hint of sparkle. It's described as a "cooler toned bronzer/highlighter with a delicate pink/violet shift". This is swatched dry on bare, unprimed skin so if you wanted to intensify it, you could use it wet or over a primer. I also find that my loose highlighters/blushes also look more intense when I use them over my liquid foundations. It's very soft and very pretty, though I doubt I will even make it through the entire sample baggie since I have so many other highlighters to go through...

That's my August 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! I know I say this every time, but another awesome month! This bag was definitely worth the wait (I think it took at least a month to make it to me) and again, I really appreciate the excellent customer service that Vee provides. If you're interested in trying out indie cosmetics, or just want to look at some real pretty shadows, I highly recommend checking out Glamour Doll Eyes!

Thanks for reading! <3

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