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Sephora Mini Haul! - Sephora Collection Music Festival Kit, OCC After Dark Stained Gloss Test Tube Set, and a Ton of Samples!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I want to share with you a Sephora mini haul!

This haul was part of a larger haul, but I'm still trying to make more "bite-size" posts instead of giant haul posts that, admittedly, can be kind of long and dull. It's fun to watch big haul videos, but less fun to read about them!

I placed this order when Sephora was running a special where you could pick three deluxe sized samples with your $25+ order instead of just one. I hemmed and hawed over this order for a day or so, so I ended up not being able to get two of the samples I had originally wanted, but I still really like what I got.

To get up to $25, I purchased the Sephora Collection Music Festival Kit (which you can still purchase here), the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics After Dark Stained Gloss Test Tube Set (which is no longer available), and a Nano eyeliner in Blue Jean (which may still be available; it's on the sale page and it keeps going in and out of stock).
Along with my special three deluxe sized samples, I also got three foil samples, plus one bonus fragrance sample! If you want to see everything else I got, along with swatches and what I thought, then please click below!

I'll start off (well, I suppose I already started...) with the deluxe samples I ended up with:
I got a Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Sophia, a MD Solar Sciences MD Creme Mineral Beauty Balm in Light/Medium, and a Jack Black lip balm in Shea Butter and Vitamin E.
I wasn't sure about the Buxom lip gloss since I've had a few in the past and haven't been all that impressed, but it was the only other sample that was still available that I didn't already have/knew I didn't like. I'm pretty happy with it, though, since it is a pretty and very wearable color!
The first item I actually paid for was the OCC After Dark Stained Gloss Test Tube Set. This set is from the holiday season and it was on super sale; it only cost me $8 (this set is no longer available, but to give an idea of value, the Test Tube trios sell for $19)! These are Test Tubes, so they're quite a bit smaller than full sized Stained Glosses/Lip Tars, but, really, no one is ever going to go through a full tube of Stained Gloss/Lip Tar.
I'm a big fan of OCC's products, even though I sometimes complain about how fiddly their lip products can be (their Lip Tars are so pigmented that you have to apply them very precisely, which is why they include a lip brush; these are not lip products you can just throw on in the car and they can be difficult to touch up throughout the day. Even though the Stained Glosses are more transparant and sheer, they still need a precision application and can be messy to touch up on the go). Some people also don't like the Stained Glosses because of their sheerness, but I really like them for layering or for getting that juicy, jelly-like finish on your lips (like jelly nail polish). There are three colors in this set and a sheer black for layering/mixing. On the back of the package, they show a look that is all three colors mixed together with black on top to vamp it up.
Left to right is: Hedonist (intense pastel pink), New Wave (glassy neon pink; I have another tube of this color and love it for summer), Jealous (red-orange shellac), and Little Black Dress (sheer, wearable black; this is a great color for layering, similar to the Nyx Vamp It Up pencil). I'm really excited to play around with these and mix and layer them over the lip other OCC lip products I have!
For the main event, I got the Sephora Collection Music Festival Kit! I didn't take a picture of the full set for some reason, so this is the image Sephora has on their website. This is a five piece set of Sephora Collection products for only $15! That's only $3 an item and, even though of these items are on sale individually (so the actual retail value is less than the $64 Sephora says), it's an excellent deal!
The only non-makeup item in this kit is a set of green ombre bobby pins. You get 32 pins in four different shades of green and they come in a re-closable plastic packet. Pretty much everyone can use bobby pins, even if it's just for decoration, so this is a really great item to include in this set. Plus, they're green!
Next, you get a full sized Glossy Gloss in the color 31 Marquisette.
Sephora describes this color as "gold", and that's exactly what it is; a ton of gold glitter in a sheer gold base (it could be clear, but it looks gold to me).
Mmm, shiny. For how much glitter is in here, it doesn't feel gritty on the lips at all. It is a little on the sticky side, but I don't mind sticky glosses; I actually prefer them over the really slick ones. It also has a sweet, fruity scent, like watermelon Jolly Ranchers! I believe this color is currently on sale individually for something like $5-$7, but I still ended up paying less for it!
For your eyes, you get a Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof eye crayon in Peacock Blue Shimmer.
Sephora describes this as a "teal" (mmm, descriptive), which it is. It does have shimmer to it, but no huge chunks of glitter, which is nice.
I love the color of this and it's super creamy, especially for a pencil I'm paying $3 for. This would make a great chunky liner or even an all over lid color as a base.
 Finally, you get two cheek colors! This first one is Fuchsia Flash.
All the products in this kit have "not for individual sale" stickers on them.
 Sephora describes this as a "vibrant matte fuchsia", and it is! I really like how they made this a matte finish; if you're going to wear a super bright color like this, it seems kind of overkill to have any kind of shimmer or sparkle to it (though I suppose that would be totally acceptable to have at a festival). I swatched this kind of heavy, and you can sheer it out, but you do have to be careful to not go too heavy-handed with it.
The other cheek color in this set is Orange Pop.
I have no idea why this is so blurry. Sephora describes this as a "bright matte orange".
Again, really happy that Sephora made the decision to make this a matte finish! This is my favorite blush out of the two in this set, though both are awesome. I think this orange is a little more wearable than Fuchsia Flash (in part because it's easier to not go overboard with it) and I love an orange blush in the summer.

If any of these products interests you, I highly recommend picking this set up! I'm not sure if this is available in stores or not (it doesn't say it's online exclusive, but I haven't seen it in my local Sephoras), nor do I know how long this set will be available (again, it doesn't say limited edition or anything, but these are definitely summery colors). For $15, you get five great products and, while you can purchase these products individually, you get a much better deal buying them in this set.

In order to get my order up to $25 to get my three samples, I had to pick up one more small item. I went with a Nano eyeliner in the color Blue Jean.
Normally, Nano eyeliners are $5, but there were a bunch of colors on sale for $3. I've used a few Nano eyeliners in the past and have been pretty pleased with them, especially at $5 each, but this pencil was a total dud.
I really like the color of this pencil, it's a very nice denim blue, but it was so hard that I did not feel comfortable using this around my eyes! I had to press super hard just to get this swatch and it kind of hurt my hand a little. Not sure if this pencil was just dried out or what, but I ended up returning it because it was just that bad.

And that was my mini Sephora haul! Sorry to end it on a bit of a bad note (I actually forgot to talk about the Nano pencil in my haul video!), but overall I am very happy with this order, especially with the price I paid for things and all the free samples I got!

Thanks for reading! <3

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