Friday, June 12, 2015

MAC Morange Lipstick -Swatch & Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I just wanted to do a quick swatch and review of my MAC Morange lipstick from the Wash & Dry summer 2015 collection!
So pretty! If you're familiar with MAC, you'll know that Morange is a color in the permanent range and not a color limited to the Wash & Dry collection. I really wanted to get something from the Wash & Dry collection because I love special edition packaging, but nothing else is the collection was all that appealing to me. So, technically, I paid about $1.50 more for this lipstick than I needed to. But it was totally worth it!
 Morange is an Amplified Creme finish, which is probably my favorite finish  for these types of intense, bright colors.
I really want to get Candy Yum Yum, but I'm not sure how I feel about it being a matte finish and would much prefer it if it was an Amplified finish.

MAC describes Morange as a "loudmouth orange", which I think is pretty accurate. Though it's definitely an orange, it has a but more red in it, which I think makes it extremely wearable. I love how this color looks on me; it's bright and obvious and, well, orange!, but it still looks pretty and put-together, if that makes sense. It doesn't come across as if I'm trying to wear an unnatural color, even though I kind of am. The formula of this lipstick is standard for an amplified creme, which is awesome. It does stain a little so when it starts to wear down (which takes a while!), your lips don't look patchy.

 If you're looking to try a really bright, loud color but are still a little unsure, this would be a great one to start with! I think you can still find this color at MAC counters in the Wash & Dry collection packaging (at least it was still in stock at my MAC counter). If you can't find it, or don't want to pay an extra $1.50 for fancy packaging, you can find Morange in the permanent line in the standard, black packaging.

Thanks for reading! <3

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