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June 2015 Julep Maven Box - Boho Glam Plus Add-Ons! - Unboxing, Swatches, & Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post I want to share with you my June 2015 Julep Maven Box!
Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that let's you "preview" a new collection of Julep nail polishes and beauty products each month (the products will be available to purchase individually, but you get to try them first and you get them at a reduced price). Julep is an semi-independent beauty company that started as a nail salon in Seattle, WA (which I have had a manicure at!). At first they mainly focused on nail polish and nail/hand care goods, but have since expanded to makeup, skin care, and hair care. Out of all of my subscriptions, Julep Maven is the one I've been subscribed to longest since they give you the option to skip on your box each month! There have been times when I didn't have the extra money or I wasn't interested in the new products and, instead of having to unsubscribe, and I've just skipped a few months. Since you can skip your box each month (you used to have to wait six months before you could skip, but I think you can do it right away now), and being Maven gives you perks such as a 20% discount on anything in the Julep store (I also think it still works in the salons as well) and access to the Secret Store, if you're interested in these products I would recommend signing up! You can use my referral link here and I will be forever grateful (plus I think you can get your first box for like $3) or you can just go to the Julep website itself.
The subscription is $24.99 a month, which includes shipping. Because I'm still on the old system, my boxes are $19.99, but I don't get as many customization options as the newer system.
When you pick what you want in your Julep Maven box (I get to chose between the standard Julep beauty profiles and then if there is a product with a color choice, like there was for this month, I get to pick that, too. If you sign up now, you get a lot more customization choices; you can even pay for more choices of more expensive items!) you get to add more items from a set list of products at a reduced price. If you add three or more items, Julep will give you a mystery product for free! Protip: don't ever buy anything full price from Julep. It will eventually go on sale, be an add-on, be part of a mystery box, or you will have a coupon code.
The box my products came in was huge. That postcard (it's from AmiAmi and is a normal-sized postcard) is covering my address, but is also there for a size comparison. Long ago, when you got your Maven box and had add-ons, the add-ons would ship separately and sometimes you wouldn't get them on the same day. Then Julep revamped their shipping (which has been a good and a bad thing) and started packaging add-ons with your Maven box. This has lead to some interesting packaging choices, which is what happened here! As you can see in my opening image, they basically took a Boho Glam box, threw it in a bigger box, then put in my add-ons. My add-ons amounted to only being four polishes, though, so I'm surprised they didn't use a slightly smaller box.
I'll start with my actual box! This month's collection is called The Deep End; it includes a bunch of new polish colors as usual, plus a reformulated Luxe Lip Treatment (now called Luxe Up Your Lips). The quote is from Lilly Pulitzer, who also had another quote in a different subscription box this month.
On the back of the card you get a little extra info about the new lip treatment; this time it has more pigmentation and a better formula. You could pick one of the new shades, so I went with Candy Apple.
You also get candy every month and this time it's Chupa Chups! I love Chupa Chups, though I'm kind of sad I got two Cola flavored ones. On the ingredients list there were a bunch of different flavors that I would have much preferred. Usually this info comes on a separate card, but this month it was on the back of the discount code. I believe there are a few different ones in rotation every month and, since they're not unique codes, you can use any one you want (you can find them all on Subscription Box Mom's blog; I don't know if you can use these if you're not a Maven). My code this month is GOWILD for 30% off my next order. Unfortunately, these codes don't work on mystery boxes, Sweet Steals, the Secret Store, or on add-ons, but it's still a nice deal if you're looking for something specific.
Since I already mentioned it, I'll start with my Luxe Up Your Lips lip treatment! There were four new colors released with this collection; Blushing Rose, Poppy, Candy Apple, and Sangria, and I went with Candy Apple.
These lip treatments have a special tip made out of Zamac, which provides a cooling sensation and is supposed to boost micro-circulation.
It's kind of a weird applicator, and it seems to get really messy, but it does feel cool on the lips.
These lip treatments are made out of an oil blend which includes pumpkin seed oil and vitamin E.
It's definitely a sheer color; it is pretty bright though, so I can see how this could be described as bold. I also don't have the original formula to compare it to. I was asked on Instagram how these tasted since the older formulation wasn't all that nice, and to be honest, it kind of tastes like cheap lipstick. It's unpleasant, but it's tolerable. These treatments retail for $24 each ($19.20 if you're a Maven) and they are absolutely not worth that. There are a lot of great lip products out there at the same price point (and even less!) that I would recommend over this.
In the Boho Glam box there were two polishes along with the lip treatment. This first one is Isabela, and it is described as an "Amparo blue creme".
 I'm not really into these kinds of blue (though I know other people really, really like them) but since I can't customize and I really, really liked the other polish in this box, I went with it. This color is actually kind of growing on me now, so I'm happy that I got it.
And this is basically the whole reason why I got my box this month. This is Manda and it is described as a "sky blue with golden shimmer".
 ...I probably have a few colors like this in my collection, but this is one of my most favorite shades of polish. Ever. It's super pretty and I can't wait to wear it! Again, not something I would pay full price for, but I'm so, so happy I got it in this month's box.
On to my add-ons! I had enough Jules (reward points) to get two polishes for free, so I figured I'd add on one more and see what I got for my free gift. This month it looks like we got a nail polish, Marcy to be exact.
Marcy is a special Silk finish polish, so it's basically a semi-matte with shimmer.
 Marcy is described as a "Prosecco (it's a white wine; I had to look it up...)silk" and it's surprisingly pretty! I remember seeing this in a collection a few months back and not thinking much of it, but I do really like it. The Silk finish formula can be kind of tricky to work with, but I think the effect it gives is worth it.
I did get one add-on polish from this collection; you can add on any of the polishes from the current collection, but they're more expensive than older polishes (they're $6.99 instead of $4.99) so it's not always worth it. I really wanted to try one of the new jelly finishes, so I picked up Tiffany.
 Tiffany is described as a "pink radish jelly" and it's a lot more pigmented than the previous jellies. It's looks really squishy and juicy and I love the reddish pink color! I am a little wary of these kinds of colors since they can sometimes stain, so we'll have to see if I end up really liking this or not.
I've had my eye on this polish for a long time now, and I'm glad I held out since I basically got it for free! This is Ming and it was $4.99 as an add-on, but I had enough Jules to get it for nothing.
 Ming is described as a "sheer wild orchid jelly", which is very accurate. I love the orchid color of this polish, and I actually like how sheer it is; I had a Rock Candy finish from forever ago that was kind of the same color as this, except it was too sheer. This is sheer, don't get me wrong, but you still get some color and it seems like you can build it up; not to full opacity or anything, but enough to know you have a color on your nails.
Finally, I picked up another Metamorphic Top Coat. These don't have very good reviews, which is kind of surprising since I do like the transforming effect of these polishes.
 This is Tyra and it is a "magenta pearlescent top coat". You can't really see it in the swatch unfortunately, but this polish adds a flash of magenta and it gives your polish a semi-matte shimmery finish. I already own Bjork from when Julep gave these out free to Mavens and really like it, so I figured why not get another one? There's a third top coat like this, but I think it's green and I didn't like how it looked so I probably won't be completing this trio. Again, this was $4.99 and I had enough points to get this for free as well.

And that's my June 2015 Julep Maven Box! Overall, I'm pretty happy with this box; because I had some Jules to spend, I got six nail polishes and a lip treatment gloss thing for about $28. If you're interested in Julep's products, I do really recommend checking out the site and signing up to be a Maven.

Thanks for reading! <3

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