Friday, June 12, 2015

Aromaleigh Mini Haul - Indie Cosmetics - Purple Blush!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I wanted to share with you guys my most recent mini haul from Aromaleigh!
Aromaleigh is an independent cosmetic company that was founded in 1998, making it one of the oldest ones out there! They make loose face and eye products and are well known for their excellent formulations and have many, many colors available in collections themed on mythology, science, and fandoms (and more!).
Starting in April, Aromaleigh has been releasing a special mini collection each month called the Menagerie; an "offshoot of the Color of the Month series. The Menagerie will feature a range of products in more daring and experimental shades and finishes, which are themed around each mythical creature COTM" (quoted directly from the website).
April was the Leshy and a blue blush; this month brings us the Hydra and a purple blush!
I've actually had this order for quite a while now; I'm unfortunately just getting around to posting about it now! The June Menagerie collection will be releasing on the 15th and I am definitely going to be purchasing at least the blush, which is going to be green! I have so much makeup at this point that I'm starting to look for really unique, weird, quasi-unwearable colors and the Menagerie collections are exactly what I want. I'm also really digging the Goddess collection, a sort of "blush of the month" series, so I may pick up those as well.
But let's focus on this order! I purchased a mini sized blush and two deluxe sample sized eye shadows from the new Greek Flower Nymph series for Spring 2015. My free samples and shadows came in a baggie and my blush came seperate. Everything came in a padded mailer and arrived safe and sound. There is a $10 purchase minimum (which is understandable since Aromaleigh is an indie company), but you're always guaranteed to get free samples, which are worth about $4 on their own.
 I got four free sample baggies of eye shadow; these samples can either be current shadows or discontinued ones that are now on clearance (there's a separate website for the clearance shadows, but it can be accessed from the main site). This first one is Urraca; it is a current shadow and it is described as a "rich bordeaux with mahogany undertones and interference multichromal highlights of gold, green, and blue." Also, all my swatches are done dry over bare, unprimed skin. You can increase the pigmentation and sparkle of these shadows by foiling and/or using them over a primer!
 Next sample is Ophelia. This is a discontinued shade and it is described as the "sweetest pale baby pink with a dewdrop green highlight". It's a very unique color, especially in person!
This is Ambre, another discontinued shadow. I did two rounds of swatch photos to try and capture the best side of these shadows (they're the same exact swatches, just different lighting; my camera was being fussy) so some are horizontal and some are vertical. Ambre is described as a "rich, deep golden olive brown with highlights of pink". This is my favorite color out of the samples!
 Finally, this is Ekhidna, a current shadow that's actually a part of the Hydra Menagerie collection! It is described as a "minted green with golden undertones and a smattering of color traveling violet to blue shimmer". I think this is a color that will really benefit from foiling.
On to my order! I'll start with the two shadows I got. Both of them are from the new Anthousai Greek Flower Nymph collection and are a new formulation of shadow that's supposed to be even better than the old one! This first color is Syrinx.
 I really love these deluxe size mini jars; I don't think I will ever go through a full sized eyeshadow (ever), so I don't really want to pay for a full size, but I don't like having to deal with baggie samples. Aromaleigh is offering mini jar sizes with more and more collections (especially the newer ones), which is awesome! Syrinx is described as a "chromatic brown with gold and green shifts" and it's a gorgeous "one and done" kind of color. It has so much depth to it that it looks like a full eye look all on it's own!
I also got the color Ianthe.
 Ianthe is described as a "lustrous violet with a strong silvery green shift". This color is super pretty, but it was a little paler than I was expecting. While the new formulation is meant to be pigmented and strong without using primer or anything, I do think this color would still benefit from it. I really like the shift this one has, though!
 Now for the main event, and the whole reason behind this order, the purple blush!
This is a mini size of the Pharmakon blush from the Hydra Menagerie collection! Again, I love that Aromaleigh offers these mini sizes since I highly doubt I will ever go through any of my blushes, especially a purple one like this. Pharmakon is Greek for "poison", which is very fitting both for the Hydra and for this color.
These mini jars come with sifters, which I actually do appreciate, even though I sometimes complain about them. I can be quite heavy-handed with my blush, and the sifter helps prevent me from looking like a clown.
Even though this is a strange colored blush, I do think purple is a little bit more wearable than blue. I actually have a couple mainstream purple blushes, though nothing quite like this one. Pharmakon is described as a "vivid purple blush with green iridescence", and I think it's the green to it that really sets it apart. The bottom swatch is heavy so you can see what the color looks like while the top is blended out, like you'd use it as a blush. Pharmakon is also lip safe, but it is not eye safe in the US. It is eye safe in the EU, but use it as such at your own discretion.

And that's my order! Again, I'm very happy with it and look forward to purchasing items from the next Menagerie collection when it launches on June 15th. If you're interested in more unique colors, I highly recommend checking out the Menagerie collection; both past collections are still available (at least right now, not sure how long they'll be around) and are on sale right now! I also recommend checking out Aromaleigh if you're interested in indie cosmetics in general; they have a wide range of colors and their formulations are top notch.

Thanks for reading! <3

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