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Ulta Beauty Love Your Hair Event Kits - Bronze Goddess, Calling All Curls, & Protect Your Color - Unboxing & First Impressions!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! Still frantically posting; hopefully I get everything done in time!

I'm going to do something a little different with these next few posts; I have a moderately sized beauty/makeup haul I have labelled the #TreatYoSelf haul!
Instead of doing one, gigantic haul post, I thought I'd try and split things up, making a bunch of posts about just one or two items. I'll embed the Youtube video of the whole haul in each post, but I think it will be easier, both on me and you!, to make smaller, more in-depth posts.

For my first post in this series, I'm going to focus on the special hair sampler sets available from Ulta during their Love Your Hair event, going on now until May 30th. There are five different kits available and I purchased three of them: Bronze Goddess, Calling All Curls, and Protect Your Color. The price stickers say the retail value of the products inside (my sets range in value from $43 to $74) and lists the price of each kit as $20. I'm not sure if it's a promotion going on only during the event, but these kits are on "sale" for $9.99 each.
I actually bought these kits in two separate trips; I initially bought the Bronze Goddess kit, thinking the samples were going to be fairly small, plus there were items I knew I did not like/would not be able to use in the other kits so I didn't want to waste my money. After I realized that you got some nice travel sized/deluxe sample sized products in these sets, I went back and snagged two more! I kind of want to get the healthy hair kit as well, but I don't think it's in stock anymore. The only kit I would not get is the beachy one; I can't use some of the products and I already know I don't like the others.
All three of the kits I got have six products each, and I believe the other two kits have six products as well, though not all the products are haircare items. The Bronze Goddess kit includes a headband and a self-tanner; the beach kit also has a headband in it, along with a sunscreen by Coola (which were the only two things I liked in that set!).
The Bronze Goddess kit has the highest retail value of the three I got ($74) and I think it's because of that huge Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner! All the kits also come with a special discount coupon for the Ulta salon; the Bronze Goddess set comes with 35% off a blowout.

I wasn't sure what the best way to present these items was; I have pictures of each individual products info and I have group shots as well. I think I'm going to stick with the individual pictures since this post is only going to be about these kits. I did not take individual pictures of the products themselves since I already had the group shots and it seemed kind of redundant. I will list the size of each product, though!
The first two products in the Bronze Goddess set are the Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner (16.9 fl oz) and the Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator Treatment (1.7 fl oz; sorry for how weird that picture looks. I apparently didn't have an individual picture and had to crop a bigger one and it just looks funky). I feel like a lot of the extra value of this set comes from the cleansing conditioner, which is the item I'm most excited to try! I was worried that the reason why they included such a large sample was that, like Wen, you have to use a ton of it on your hair for it to work, but according to the directions, you only need 6-8 pumps. I don't think I've ever used a Joico product before and I've always been kind of wary of protein/keratin masks since too much protein can actually be harmful to your hair. I have curly hair and use a lot of curly hair products, which tend to have a lot of protein in them to begin with, so I'm not sure if I'll give this mask a try or not.
 The next two products in this set are the Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine (0.5 fl oz) and a Kenra Volume Spray 25 (1.5oz). The Oscar Blandi hair oil is mostly silicone, but it does have sweet almond and jasmine oil (and no argan oil!) so I'm curious to see what it does to my hair. I never have much luck with hair oil, so I'm not expecting too much. Kenra is another brand I've never tried before; I'm not very familiar with it and I don't know of anyone who carries it besides Ulta.
Lastly in the Bronze Goddess kit there is a gold hairband by the brand Karina and a tube of St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Anti-Aging Multi-Action Face (0.5fl oz). The headband is a gold lame tied headband; nothing spectacular or different (though I just learned, by reading the tag, that Karina is made by Helen of Troy, who also makes Hot Tools and Bed Head tools). I've used a few St. Tropez products before, but I'm very cautious when it comes to self-tanning; I have very little experience with it and I'm positive I'm going to turn into an orange, streaky mess.
The next kit I got is Calling All Curls! This kit has a retail value of $48, which is the second highest out of the three I got. Even though I have curly hair, and this kit has three products that I like, I was kind of on the fence about getting it since I can't use the oil and I don't like Living Proof's products. I'm glad I picked it up, though, because even getting the three products I liked was worth the $9.99 I paid!
While this kit doesn't have a sample as big as the Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner, I do like that all the products are, well, products! The headband in the Bronze Goddess kit kind of feels like a cheapy, throwaway item (though I'm totally going to get good use out of it). This kit also came with a 30% off your first appointment at the Ulta salon coupon, but I have no idea where it went.
 The first two items in this set are items that I already know and (mostly) love! These are travel-size bottles of DevaCurl No-Poo and One Condition (both bottles are 3fl oz each). I love DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser and this travel size alone retails for about $9.50. I'm less of a fan of the One Condition (it's not conditioning enough for my hair), but it's nice to have a travel bottle of it.
 The other product I already know and love is the Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner (2.5fl oz)! Again, this is a great travel size, though I might just use it at home when my full size bottle runs out; it's kind of pricey, but it lasts forever. I'm less excited about the Living Proof PhD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment (1fl oz). I've gotten samples of this product before (though I think they've been smaller) and I never really liked it; it just doesn't seem to do anything for my hair.
Finally, I got a Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play hairspray (1.5oz) and a DermOrganic 100% Pure Argan Oil (0.17fl oz). I've used other Sexy Hair products and have generally been happy, so I'll use Spray and Play, but I just don't use hairspray often enough to be excited to sample it. If I wasn't allergic to argan oil, I'd be really excited to get the DermOrganic sample since it is 100% pure oil and you can use it on your hair, face, and body. But unfortunately, I am allergic so this is going right to my mom.
The last (at least for now) kit that I got is the Protect Your Color set. Technically, my hair isn't colored; it's bleached white/platinum blonde, but I like to use color-safe products since I find them to be less harsh on my hair. This was the kit with the lowest retail value at $43.
Like the others, this kit has six samples and all of them are haircare products. It also comes with the same coupon that the Calling All Curls set came with.
 The first items in this set are the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo (1.7fl oz) and Conditioner (1fl oz). I've always wanted to try this line (I believe this line and the new Frizz Dismiss line are the only ones with sulfate-free shampoos) but it's so pricey, even for these minis! At least now I can try them, along with four other products, for less than it cost to buy these two on their own.
 Next are two Sexy Hair products; the Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal (1.3oz) which is good for taming frizz and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (0.07oz) volumizing and texturizing powder. I always have a ton of frizz, especially around my face, so I look forward to giving the Smooth & Seal a try. I'm also interested in trying the Powder Play; there was a time in my life where I thought adding any texture to my hair was a terrible idea since it already has a lot on it's own, but I've found that using a product to add texture actually makes my natural texture more manageable. It's like going so far that you end up on the other side.
 Finally, there is the Joico Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray (1.5oz; also why are there so many different names for hairspray?) and the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Powder Spray (1.2oz). I'm pretty indifferent about the Joico hairspray; I rarely use it and now I have a bunch to try. I think I actually have a full size of the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo around here somewhere (I got it in either a Blush Mystery Beauty Box or a Glossybox), though I can't remember using it. The only dry shampoo I've found that makes my hair look better after I use it than it did before is the Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, so I don't have high expectations for this one.

And those are the three hair sampler sets that I purchased! I don't know how available these are, but I couldn't find them online so they're either sold out or they're only sold in stores (there is a third possibility that I just couldn't find them online, but it's a slim possibility). I'm not sure I would pay $20 (even though these kits are all worth more than $20), but for $9.99, even if you only like two or three products out of the six, it's totally worth it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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