Friday, May 29, 2015

Nail Polish Haul and Swatches - OPI, China Glaze, Formula X, and Models Own!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! I'm continuing with more bite-sized chunks of my #TreatYoSelf haul, this time focusing on the nail polishes I got! If there's one makeup product that I am truly an addict for and/or collector of, it's nail polishes. They come in pretty much any color and finish you can think of, and what I especially like is that they very rarely go bad; most of the time they dry up slightly and you just need to add a little nail polish thinner (please don't ever use nail polish remover to thin your polishes! It will ruin them in the long run) to get it back to normal.

As with all these posts, I'm going to include the #TreatYoSelf haul video (unless the product(s) I'm talking about have a video of their own, which a few do) in case you're interested in seeing what other fun things I purchased. Otherwise, click below to see all the pretty polishes I got!
I'm going to go in the order of the brands in my title, so I'll start with the OPIs I got!
I got two polishes from the Summer 2015 Brights collection, the first one being Can't Hear Myself Pink!
I tend to confuse the name of this polish with Hotter Than You Pink, which is from the same collection. This is a super sparkly hot pink and is an awesome color for summer! There is a blue counterpart to this color called I Sea You Wear OPI that I also want to pick up.
The other color I got from the Brights 2015 collection is Down To The Core-al. Because I love corals!
It's a gorgeous hot coral color with a slight shimmer to it. I much prefer a shimmer finish to a cream one; cream finishes just look kind of boring to me.
I also got two colors that were on sale! It looks like OPI is taking a handful of colors out of the permanent line; or at least out of the colors that Ulta carries. This is My Pointe Exactly.
 This is a super sheer pale dove grey color that I believe first come out with a ballet collection quite a while ago. I wasn't expecting this polish to be as sheer as it is; my swatch is three coats and you can barely tell it's on there. It might look a bit different on my nails since they're more beige and my nail wheel is a translucent white.
I also got Dining Al Frisco on sale!
 This is a mid-tone blue with silvery blue shimmer. It's from the Fall 2014 (I think, that or 2013) San Francisco collection. I just like blue nail polish and since it was on sale, why not? It's not very exciting, though, so I'm not sure if it will last in my collection. It's a little thick, but it's still easy to work with and it covered fully in two coats.
I also grabbed two China Glaze polishes on sale (they were buy two for $12, so less of a sale than the OPIs). I'm not a fan of China Glaze polishes, and I tend to be disappointed with most of the colors I purchase, but I figured that, since these two were more like top coats than actual polishes, if the formula was bad it wouldn't bother me as much. This is Point Me To The Party.
Point Me To The Party is from the new Electric Nights collection and I fell in love with it after seeing a live swatch video on Youtube. It looks kind of blah in the bottle, but once on you can see all the pretty neon matte glitter pieces and it looks really cool. I can't wait to try this guy out over a black cream polish.
I also got Let The Beat Drop, which is from the same collection.
This polish is similar to Point Me To The Party, except that it has orange, magenta, and pink matte neon glitter, instead of all the colors. Unlike Point Me To The Party, I like how much more intense this looks in the bottle, compared to how it swatches. I am curious to try this out over another polish; maybe like a bright blue or something to make it really pop.
Next I got two Formula X polishes on sale! ...I love buying nail polish on sale. I very rarely will pay full price for nail polish, since it makes it harder to justify having so much.
 My Sephora Inside JCP is a great place to get Formula X polishes on sale; they will either be cheaper than they are online/at regular Sephoras, or they will have polishes on sale that are still full priced elsewhere. This is Clever, from the Ombre Glitter collection and it's a purple and blue duochrome glitter polish. It's really, really pretty but since it's a metric ton of glitter in what I think is a clear base (if it's not clear, it's really sheer) so it's kind of thick and takes a few coats to build up to full opacity. But once you do, it's totally worth it.
Both of these polishes were a little more "expensive" than the sale polishes I normally get (they were $5.99 instead of $2.99 or less), but this collection is still full price both online and in Sephora stores.
This is Devious, which is another Glitter Ombre. Devious is a green and champagne duochrome (I had to look it up since I couldn't really tell; it seems to have more color in the bottle than it does on the nail) and it has the same formula and application as Clever. I really regret not getting the other two polishes from this collection (I already own Mischievous) and hope that they'll still be there next time I'm at my Sephora Inside JCP.
Finally, I got a Models Own polish! Forever21 carries these polishes (I thought they carried other Models Own products, but when I went to double check online, all I found was the Coconut Cream scented polish. I didn't even find this polish. so I don't know what's up) and I've been really interested in getting my hands on them since it's a UK brand and pretty much impossible to get shipped over to the US through normal means. I really want to try the scented collection, but the only one that's on the website is Coconut Cream and it's always sold out. I don't know if these are supposed to be in stores or not, but I've never seen them at any Forever21.
 This is Toxic Apple and it is a neon, neon green! This is from a special neon collection; the bottles are frosted to remind you that you're supposed to keep these polishes in the fridge to help preserve their neon qualities (kind of how you can put glow sticks in the fridge to make them last longer). Technically, you can store pretty much any nail polish in the fridge to extend it's shelf life, but I'm not sure if I really believe that I have keep this one in the fridge. I will say, however, that I recently had a polish actually go bad on me (I think it's the first one, ever!) and it was a neon polish, so maybe they do have a tendency to go bad faster than regular polishes. For a neon, and a green!, this polish is surprisingly opaque; my swatch is three coats and it's not too bad. You'll still be better off using it over a white base, but you could possibly get away with wearing it on it's own.

And that's my polish haul! Not the biggest haul ever, but I'm learning to edit and that I'm better off buying the brands I know I like, even if they are a little more pricey, than getting super cheap drugstore polishes. I usually end up never using my drugstore polishes (and eventually giving them to my mom) because I always seem to have a similar color in another brand that I like more.

Thanks for reading! <3

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