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May 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month - Tattoo - Unboxing and Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! I'm continuing to try and post ALL THE THINGS and time is really getting away from me!

For this post, I want to share with you my May 2015 Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month (GDE OTM, respectively)!

The GDE OTM is an indie subscription service that costs $10 a month, which includes shipping. Each month you receive at least one full sized loose shadow (the "of the month") which is valued at $6, plus extras (which can either be from GDE or from other companies). Since there are only a few slots available (GDE is an independent beauty company run by the lovely Vee), it's kind of tricky to get a subscription. I believe Vee is going to launch the new OTM website soon, but I would recommend joining the Facebook group if you're interested in getting one (there's a waitlist I think you can join).
The theme this month was "Tattoo" and, since it's also Vee's birth month (I think today is her actual birthday!), she included a bunch of fun extras!
Every month, along with the full size OTM shadow, we're guaranteed to get candy. And candy is awesome. This month we got big Sour Patch Kids!
Since it's Vee's birth month, I wonder if she wanted to include her favorite candy...if so, she has very good taste (though all candy is acceptable).
For our charm this month (which we technically aren't guaranteed in every bag, Vee has given us one each month so far) we got a pair of angel wings, which I think is very fitting for a tattoo-themed bag!
We also got some GDE business cards, a sticker in this month's themed artwork, and a business card for Native War Paints since they included a product in this bag.
I love the GDE OTM info cards; they change design every month to match the theme and they are very informative! The shadow this month is called "No Regerts", which is not a typo (though it is a joke about typos!). Until Vee explained the joke in the Facebook group, I didn't even notice the misspelling!
 No Regerts is a "deep purple with a blue-green duochrome and small spurts of pink purple sparkle".
My camera decided to make this shadow look a little more cool-toned than it is in real life; to me it looks more like a lilac than a deep purple, but it's still very pretty.
I did this swatch dry on bare, unprimed skin. You can increase the pigmentation and sparkle by using a primer and/or foiling this shadow. My camera struggled again, but I think it did pick up the duochrome and a bit of the sparkle!

Every month GDE features a different independent beauty/cosmetic company in a feature called "TMI (Try More Indie). This month's featured company is Spectrum Cosmetics. Normally we either get a coupon code that we can use and share or a code that only we can use, but Erica from Spectrum Cosmetics made us two codes; one to share and one just for us! I blanked out the code that's just for us, but the code I can share is SCTMI15, which will give you 15% off your order!

Also on the front of the info card there is info on where to review this month's OTM and a sneak peek at next month's theme, which is Girls Night Out. Intriguing!
On the back of the info card are all the extras! We got four extras this month; two from GDE and two from other companies.
The first extra is another eye shadow, called Apprentice.
Apprentice is described as a "pinky orange with a soft green shimmer and holographic sparkle".
Like No Regerts, this is swatched dry over bare, unprimed skin. I really like pinky orange shadows, especially for summer (all coral and bronze ALL THE TIME) and I love holographic sparkle! This is a lip safe shadow as well, so it might be fun to layer over a lip color!
Next, we got a Midnight Mistakes lippie from Native War Paints! This is the first product I've tried from Native War Paints, who I believe is best known for their polishes. This is described as a "pink purple color with a flash of blue shimmer".
I like that it's in a lip balm tube since it makes it easy to throw in a makeup bag or purse, though it does make it a little tricky to apply if you're in a hurry since it's a really pigmented color. It's also Grand Marnier and apricot scented and is an OTM exclusive!
 We also got a perfume balm from Black Violet! I have purchased from Black Violet before and was very pleased with my items, so I was excited to see a product from them in this month's bag! This is a solid perfume in the scent Black And Grey, which is "leather laced boots, bubble gum, pink peppercorn, and metallic vibrations". There was a coupon code on the info card which I blanked out since I wasn't sure if it was something I could share or not. The scent sounds like it would be weird, but it totally works; I think I really like scents that have leather/metal notes in them.
The last extra product we got was from GDE. This is a full sized Shimmer Me (a gel glitter that you can use pretty much everywhere) in the color Bernie.
 Bernie is described as having a purple glitter and sheen and it was named after Bernadette from Big Bang Theory.
It's a very subtle effect, but I think it will look cool to were as like a gloss shadow on it's own or to use as a highlight on my cheeks.

And that was my May 2015 Tattoo-themed Glamour Doll Eyes Of The Month! I love this subscription service and I am soooo lucky that I was able to get (and keep!) my subscription! Again, if this is something you're interested in, I highly recommend joining the Facebook group, since that's the best way to get info about when/what/where.

Thanks for reading! <3

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