Thursday, May 14, 2015

LORAC Resort Eye & Cheek Palette - Swatches and First Impressions!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! It decided to get cold again here and to crush all my hopes of it finally being summer. I don't know why I'm at all surprised, though, as this happens every. Single. May. The heat's been off in our apartment building for a little while, but they had to turn it back on. That's how cold it is.

So how fitting is it that I post about my LORAC Resort Eye & Cheek palette, a palette intended to go with you to warm, sunshiney vacation spots? Very fitting, I think! I'm not sure what the availability of this palette is; I know it was sold for a limited time online for $20 (I'm still convinced it sold for this at one point, but the retail sticker on my box says it was $15), then it was on Hautelook for $15 (I think; somewhere around there), and then it was in Nordstrom Racks for $14.97, which is where I got mine! There were about ten left when I picked mine up a couple weeks ago, so if you are still looking for this palette (if you're interested in it at all, I'd say get since it's so affordable!) you might be able to find it.
For less than $15 (at least if you get it from Nordstrom Rack), you get six eyeshadows, two blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter. It's a great deal and the quality of the shadows and cheek products are really good, especially for the price.

Oooo pretty!
Surprisingly enough, while I do own some LORAC eyeshadow palettes (the summer 2014 palette from Ulta and the mint holiday palette from Sephora), but I don't own any of the Pro palettes. I've heard that the shadows in the Pro palettes are better quality/better performing than the shadows in LORAC's other palettes. Unfortunately, because of this, I'm not able to compare the quality/performance of the shadows in the Resort palette to the Pro palettes, but I can compare them to the other LORAC palettes I have. And I have to say, I think these shadows are a little bit better! They have a better texture and I find the shadows to be more consistent in pigmentation and performance. I will say, though, that the blush in my mint palette is awesome and is similar to the cheek products in this palette in quality.
 The palette comes in a slim box, similar to how the other special edition palettes come. There aren't any extra samples or brushes or anything, but for less than $15, I don't really mind (though I do love getting free things!).
I totally just picked the price sticker off and underneath it says the retail value is actually $15, so I was wrong about it selling for $20 (though I swear it did...). You aren't saving anything, but I think this palette was intended to be a Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack/Hautelook exclusive anyways.
The palette itself is coated cardboard, but it feels very sturdy and it has a strong magnetic closure. It also has a really cool design with gold foil accents!
The back of the palette lists all the products and their sizes. Sometimes with these cheaper palettes, the pans are so small it's hard to get your brush in, but all the products in this palette are nicely sized and easy to use. There's also a mirror in the top lid that's big enough where you could use it to put on your makeup without much issue (which is nice since I think the idea behind this palette is that this is all you would need to pack on vacation).

The colors don't have individual names or anything , so I labeled them 1 through 10 going left to right starting on the top row, then moving on to the bottom. Which means we'll start with the highlight!
Color 1 is the most shimmery cheek product in this palette and to me it looks like a really, really pale pinky champagne color (though more pink). It comes off pretty frosty and white on the skin, though, so I don't know how well it will work on darker skin tones. It's an alright highlight, and I would use it if all I had was this palette, but I do have other highlights I like more. This is also my least favorite product in this palette.
Color 2 is a great matte light beige eye shadow. This color is almost exactly my skin tone, so it's perfect as a base shadow. This is actually one of my favorite shadows in this palette because of how close of a match it is to my skin tone! Even though it's a matte, it's not chalky and it applies well. This is a great staple color for me and I can see myself reaching for this palette just for this color alone.
Color 3 apparently did not want to exist in this reality and would not photograph straight. Rest assured that all the shadows in this palette are nice and straight and level. Anyways! This shadow is a gorgeous shimmery rose gold color. The shimmer products in this palette, as with most palettes, are the best performing and most easily blended. This isn't an uncommon color, but it is pretty and a good addition to this palette.
Color 4 is a fairly standard shimmery brown. Again, nothing new color or finish-wise, but a good addition to this palette, especially since, again, I think this palette is intended for traveling and would include all the basic necessities.
 Color 5 is the first of the two blushes in this palette. My camera kind of struggled with this color and I tried to fix things in Photoshop, but it ended up a little more salmony than it looks in real life (it's a bit brighter, more pink). This blush does have shimmer, but it's very fine and it doesn't show up as glitter on the face. This is a very natural looking color on my face, even though it is so bright, and I think that's because it's easy to sheer it out (my swatch is on the sheer side). I think this will be a great blush to layer over some of my other cream products.
 Color 6 is probably the shadow that impressed me the most in this palette. It's a matte black and it is black. It's not chalky (it is a little powdery, but nothing extreme) or patchy and it has a ton of pigment. A lot of matte blacks that I've seen in other less expensive palettes are not true blacks; they're more like dark charcoal greys. This is a real, deep, lovely matte black (my swatch looks a little on the grey side, but I promise that it's black in person).
 Color 7 is a matte dark chocolate brown and, like the matte black, this shadow has a great, non-chalky, non-patchy formula. Another uncommon, staple color, but nice to have in a traveling palette.
Color 8 is an interesting olive/khaki green with gold shimmer. This is probably the most unique color in this palette and I really like it! The only thing that kind of bugs me is that it doesn't feel like it fits in with the other shadows; I know I keep harping on it, but this palette is intended for traveling and I find that this shadow is kind of hard to use with the other shades in this set, unless you want a deep greenish smoky eye.
 Color 9 is a matte, mauve blush which I think will be flattering on a bunch of different skin tones. This blush is a bit more pigmented than the brighter pink blush. It's again not an uncommon blush color, but very wearable for both day and night (especially if you layered the pink one on top!).
 Finally, we have color 10! This is the other color from this palette that really impressed me. This is the bronzer and not only is it matte, but it's really ashy and cool-toned, which makes it perfect for contouring! It can be tricky to find a bronzer that's cool enough to not look orangey when used as a contour, and I'm really impressed and surprised that LORAC included one in this palette. Neat!
Overall, this is a great palette, especially for the $15 I paid for it! The colors in this palette aren't all that unique and you probably already own many colors similar to these (especially if you have any neutral palettes), but I like the idea that they are all included in a single palette along with cheek products, including two blushes that you can layer for different looks and a really cool-toned bronzer that's great for contouring. Even though this is an inexpensive palette, the quality and pigmentation of these products is pretty good (though I can't say how they compare to the LORAC Pro palette shadows). If you want to pick one up for yourself, definitely check out your nearest Nordstrom Rack!

Thanks for reading! <3

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