Friday, May 29, 2015

Lipstick Queen - Frog Prince and Queen Bee - Swatch & Review!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post, I wanted to share with you guys two new Lipstick Queen lipsticks that I recently picked up; Frog Prince and Queen Bee! These lipsticks were part of my big #TreatYoSelf haul, but instead of doing one massive haul post, I thought I'd try breaking things up into smaller chunks. I will include the video of my #TreatYoSelf haul, though, in case you're interested in seeing what else I got!
Lipstick Queen is a higher end cosmetics brand that makes (almost!) exclusively lip products. The creator/founder of Lipstick Queen is a lovely woman named Poppy King: "When the eighteen year old Poppy King failed to find her perfect lipstick in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, she could have given up on lipstick altogether, but instead she took a rather different approach: she decided to create her own range of lipsticks." (which is quoted from the "About" section of the Lipstick Queen website). You can purchase Lipstick Queen products online, from Nordstrom, and from Ulta, which is where I got mine.
I'll start with Frog Prince.
Frog Prince is an emerald green lipstick in the tube, but it reacts with your moisture levels to change into a bright rosy pink. It's similar to It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi, but I think Frog Prince has a lot more dye in it since it's a much stronger color that stains slighty.
The box art on Frog Prince is really pretty; it's kind of like a watercolor painting. I don't normally keep boxes (well, I do, but I throw them out after a little bit), but I think I'll hang on to this one. Lipstick Queen products are on the expensive side (Frog Prince was $25), but there is a lot of care and attention to detail. The lipsticks also have a lot of really good ingredients, including shea butter and vitamin E.
I know it looks really green, but I promise it doesn't look green on your lips! Well, it does for a second or two, but the change happens very, very quickly. I think one of the reasons why they made this lipstick green, besides the Frog Prince name, is that the green color might work with the red water-reactive dye and make it more pink colored, if that makes sense.
I was asked on Instagram if the cases were made of metal, and to be honest, I'm not sure! They look and feel like metal, and I always assumed they were, but when I tap them with my fingers, they sound like plastic. They feel really luxurious and have a nice weight to them, so even if the cases are plastic, it's a high quality kind.
I was kind of surprised that the color changed on my skin (it doesn't always; since they dye is water-activated, it needs to be moist to change. Either my skin was dewy, or there was some moisture on the bullet), but I'm glad it did so I can get a good swatch! It's definitely more pigmented on your lips, to the point where it even seems to stain mine slightly, but it's still a semi-sheer color so it will look different on different people, depending on their natural lip color. The only issue I have with this lipstick is that the bullet is really soft, so I have to be careful when I apply it to prevent it from bending or getting marred.
Next is Queen Bee! ...The box should say Queen Bee here, but there is a weird printing error with mine so it says "Lipstick Queen" on both sides. Not sure how many of these boxes are out there; I got these at Ulta, so I know they're legit, but maybe there was a lot of lipsticks that got printed weird and instead of wasting the boxes, they just went with it.
This box has an artistic black and white bee on one side; the entire box has a background that looks kind of like honey!
Queen Bee is actually a lip treatment with a bronze gold finish, instead of a true lipstick. It has Royal Jelly, Chamomile and Sunflower Extract and it's scented like honey! I wish it actually had honey in it, since honey is a great moisturizer, along with it's other helpful properties.
You use Queen Bee on it's own, or you can layer it under or over another lip product for extra hydration and/or glimmer!
It does leave a soft, sheer bronzey gold color along with a ton of sparkle on your lips. I will say that this is a little odd looking if I'm only wearing it as a lip treatment and no other makeup since it's quite noticeable, even if it doesn't have much color. It's a lot more firm than my Frog Prince lipstick, so I don't have to be as careful when I apply it. It leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated and I'm really glad I picked it up as well! It's a little less expensive than Frog Prince at $22, but it's still kind of pricey; the Fresh Sugar lip treatments are about the same size - Queen Bee is 0.12oz, the Fresh Sugar treatments are 0.15oz - and the same price at $22.50, and I have to say that I like Queen Bee much better!

Overall, if you're a lip addict or are interested in more interesting and unique high end lip products, definitely check these two lippies out, along with the rest of the Lipstick Queen line!

Thanks for reading! <3

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