Friday, May 29, 2015

Korean Skincare Haul From Forever21 & Urban Outfitters - PureDerm, Baroness, Lassie'el, The Face Shop, & Kocostar!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! For this post I wanted to share with you guys some Korean skincare products that I picked up from Forever21 and Urban Outfitters! This is another chunk from my #TreatYoSelf haul, which you can watch in it's entirety here:
If you've watched my videos or read some of my blog posts, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Korean (and Asian) skincare products. I feel like Korean skincare is a lot more focused on using really good, effective ingredients, regardless of how "weird" they are (the best example of this is snail mucus) and taking your time to treat your skin right. A lot of American skincare products seem more focused on speed and being inexpensive, and I feel that the quality of products suffers because of that.

Luckily, it seems to be getting easier and easier to find Korean skincare products here in the US, even if you don't live near an import store (it's much easier to get imported stuff on the coasts, for obvious reasons). Two well known retailers, Forever21 and Urban Outfitters, carry a pretty good selection of Korean products (Sephora is starting to carry a lot more Korean brands as well, which is exciting!) for fairly reasonable prices.
I'll actually start with what I got from Urban Outfitters, since I only got three things.
Urban Outfitters also carries a lot of TonyMoly products, including face masks and other skincare and makeup products, and I kind of regret not getting more on this trip! The closest UO to me is in the Mall Of America and, while we do get out there pretty frequently, it's not as often as I would like. There were a few TonyMoly items that I was interested in purchasing, but they were also sold at Sephora so I figured I'd get them there. Unfortunately, not only were the products sold out at Sephora, but they were significantly more expensive as well. I have always assumed that UO really pads their prices, but maybe they don't when it comes to certain brands. Regardless, I did end up with some Korean skincare items: I got two more nail therapy nail masks from Kocostar and a really adorable jar of hand cream!
 I have no clue what this says, except that it's by The Face Shop.
Conveniently, there are English (and French) instructions and ingredients. This is a hand cream in theme of an Ocelot and the scent of Cacao (it smells like cocoa butter and it is delightful). I think these are kind of the like Etude House lotions/lip balms where a portion of the proceeds would be donated towards the conservation of the animal that the packaging was based on.
It's not a purse-friendly hand cream by any means, but it's so super cute that I had to get it! The Ocelot wraps around the back and the little stem of the cacao pod twists. A little bit of the cream goes a long way and it leaves my hands feeling soft (and smelling like a floral cocoa butter). I'm not a big fan of jar packaging like this due to hygiene reasons, but I will forgive it due to how adorable it is.

Finding specific items in Forever21 is a bit of a nightmare (or, as I like to call it, the quest for the holy grail); nothing is ever in the same place twice and their stock rotates so fast that the thing you saw last week that you decided to finally get might be completely sold out. While I have been able to find some of these items in-store, I much prefer ordering online since you don't have to search everywhere (and then wonder if you missed something new and interesting). The only downside to ordering online is that you have to pay shipping; I told myself the next time I caught a free shipping promo I would place an order for a bunch of Korean skincare items. I somehow randomly visited the Forever21 website on the last day of a free shipping promo (I don't often check, so it really was completely out of the blue), so I kept my promise to myself and ordered a bunch of things!
First off, I knew I had to get more of my favorite makeup remover wipes! These are the most effective and least expensive wipes I've found; you get 30 wipes in a pack for $2.90. This is probably the third time I've repurchased the Peptide kind and the first time I've gotten the Q-10. I will say that I don't use these on my face (I think I've used the Peptide one once or twice when I was feeling very, very lazy), so I can't say for sure how well they work in that regard, but they work great for taking off hand/arm swatches! I've been using the Q-10 ones for my swatches and so far, the only difference I've seen between the two is scent (and I think I prefer the Q-10 ones!). Finding these in one of my local Forever21s can be kind of hit or miss, so I'm kind of sad I didn't pick up more (but now I have an excuse to make another order...).
 Continuing with repeat purchases, I also got another two-part snail mask from PureDerm and another Pomegranate mask from Baroness. I hadn't used my first two-part snail mask when I got another one, I just kind of assumed I would like, though now I'm not 100% sure. I like the fitted mask, even though it looks a little more creepy than a normal sheet mask, but it made my face itch a little and afterwards I broke out pretty bad. It might be completely unrelated since I tend to randomly break out (I had started a little after my facial, so that might have contributed), but I'm not sure. I'll try it again and see, but if I do break out again then I'm going to blame it on the mask. The Pomegranate mask, however, has been my favorite one from Baroness so far so I'm definitely going to keep purchasing it! I seem to really like pomegranate things, including food, which is weird because I always thought I didn't like it...
 These next two products I have yet to see in stores, though I don't think they're online exclusives. These are sleeping masks and I got one in soothing mango...
...and lifting avocado. Sleeping masks aren't too new of a concept, but these are the first ones I've tried (technically, will try, since I haven't used them yet).

There are two pods of product (one's a gel and one's a cream) and you're supposed to mix them together ( it looks like it gives you a little disposable spoon to use); then you put it all over your face, go to sleep, and wash it off in the morning.
I've heard some of these masks can be gloopy and make a mess of your pillow, but I've also heard that some absorb quick and stay on your face, so we'll have to see. I'm really excited to give these a try and, if I like them, I'll be on the lookout for more sleeping masks.
Finally, I got two bigger, more expensive masks to try. These are both hydro gel masks, which are quite a bit more substantial than paper face masks. I feel like gel masks are a little more intensive than sheet masks since the gel prevents the ingredients from evaporating and/or drying out better than paper. This first one is a two-step, two piece gel mask that is $3.90.
The other gel mask is a little different; it's actually a set of eye patches and a neck mask!  I found it kind of interesting that PureDerm packaged these two types of mask together, but I suppose it makes sense since you can do both at the same time. I've used eye patches before and generally really like them, but I don't think I've ever used a neck-specific mask before. This two-piece mask set was also $3.90.

And that's my Korean skincare haul! I wish I lived near an import store and could get a wider variety of inexpensive sheet masks (and other beauty products!), but I really appreciate the fact that Forever21 and Urban Outfitters both carry a pretty substantial amount of reasonably priced Korean beauty products.

Thanks for reading! <3

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