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Beauty Haul Time! - OPI, Sephora, Birchbox, and More!

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! I'm getting caught up on my blog posts today so I can get my desk cleared off and ready for my next haul (...which is already piling up on the floor in front of my desk)!

For this post, I have a moderately-sized, nail polish heavy, beauty haul to share. I already did an in-depth post on one of these items, but I did want to include it in the haul since I did include it in my haul video.

I'm still toying around with haul videos/posts vs. in-depth videos/posts and how I should delegate what items are included in which.
Admittedly, this is probably not the best day to try and post a bunch since I'm a little off today both mentally and physically, but I will do my best and I apologize for any weird wording or typos or anything of the sort that I miss.

As in the video, I'm going to start with my OPI polishes. I ended up getting a couple polishes from the Hawaii collection, along with a sale polish from Ulta. I don't know why it took me so long to get any polishes from the Hawaii collection; they're super pretty!
The first Hawaii polish I picked up was My Gecko Does Tricks.
I actually purchased this polish from Sally Beauty Supply, using my $5 coupon from when I renewed my membership! I was kind of surprised to find that the label was so different; I assume it's because Sally Beauty Supply is a, well, beauty supply store, as opposed to an Ulta or Target or something.
I really liked how this color looked in swatches I've seen online, but it looks even more awesome in person! It's like a metallic green/yellow duochrome. It is a little on the sheer side, so I used it over two coats of Gargantuan Green Grape, also by OPI.
The other OPI Hawaii polish I picked up I actually got at Ulta. This was the other color I had my eyes on, This Color's Making Waves.
See what I mean about the different labels? I know OPI is constantly changing their labels (the Hawaii collection has a font that's different from all my other OPIs), but it's still kind of interesting to see. It makes spotting fakes all the more difficult (and there are fake OPIs out there unfortunately).
This Color's Making Waves is a blue/teal duochrome with what looks like an iridescent shimmer. I was worried that it was similar to my Zoya Hazel...
But swatched side by side they look different enough for me to not feel like I have a dupe. This Color's Making Waves is on the left, Hazel is on the right.
I also picked up another bottle of OPI polish since it was on sale and I've had my eye on this color for a while now!
This is Russian Navy, a fan favorite. I'm not sure if OPI is going to take it out of the permanant line or why it was on sale or what. I'm not normally a fan of darker colors, especially dark blues and greens, but this color is so gorgeous in the bottle.
On the nail I feel like it's a little underwhelming, but it is one of the prettier navy colors I've seen. It's really, really dark so it looks almost black indoors, but there's a purple/red shimmer to it that comes out in the sunlight.
I also got some cute flipflops as a gift with my polish purchase! These only came in one size and color, but they fit me and are super cute! I do wish, though, that they said "OPI" or something on the bottom so I could make funny footprints in the sand.
Continuing with things I got at Ulta, I picked up this intriguing mascara. I have never heard of this brand (D.J.V. Miaray) before, nor is there anything else at Ulta by it (neither in store nor online, at least last time I checked), but I love tubing mascaras and I was also drawn in by the "No. 1 Makeup For Lashes In Japan" claim.
 It has very shiny, metallic silver packaging, and it talks a lot about why it is so awesome.
I love all the comments about Panda Eyes. I also can't tell if it's in Engrish or not.
It also gives you tips on how to use it, which is helpful since there aren't many tubing mascaras out there right now. Please excuse my reflections; it is very shiny.
 Along with being made in Japan, I was also intrigued by the ingredients. I have a picture of the full ingredient list, but it's super tiny and hard to read, so I'll just use the Cliff Notes ingredients instead. I don't think I've ever used a mascara made with honey and royal jelly extract. Again, I know I already love tubing mascaras, so if this performs as well, or better, than my favorite tubing mascara, Too Faced Lash Injection mascara.
At Ulta all of the Katy Perry Eylure Lashes were on super clearance (I later learned through Instagram that Eylure was partnering with a beauty blogger. Or something like that) so I bought a bunch! I've been trying to get false eyelashes to work and, while I think I'm improving, I still can't do it right. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.
These are my favorite pair out of the four I picked up. I think the extra flare on the outer corners is really sexy.
These just seemed like a nice, natural-looking pair. Also these were all less than $2 each, and I think originally they were $6ish.
I also really like this pair because they are insane. I almost want to wear these to work one day and see what people say.

And that's what I got from Ulta, at least this time around! I did get some more nail polish, but it was from Sephora. Specifically, the Sephora Inside JCP.
This is a color I've been lusting after for a long time now, but that I didn't want to pay full price for. Happily, I found it on sale at my Sephora Inside JCP for $3!
 It is called Law Of Attraction and it's a heavy glitter/shimmer base of gold with bigger hex pieces of lavender glitter. I don't think this will be opaque on the nail, but it would be an awesome layering color.
I'm oddly into oranges this summer; normally I'm not a fan of orange polish, but I've found myself drawn to them.
 This is Magma, and I believe it's from the Liquid Crystal line. This is another sheer polish, but I think it would great over an orange base coat. It's really shimmery and glassy looking. This polish was also $3.
Finally, I picked up Vivacious.
 This polish is just a shimmery black/charcoal grey color. This is not a color I would normally gravitate to, but it was $2. So I bought it.
If you are subscribed to me on Youtube, or if you read my blog, you'll have already seen my in-depth review of the LORAC Resort Palette (if you haven't and are on the fence about this palette, please check them out!).
I just wanted to make a quick mention of it in this haul since I bought it during this haul-period (I guess? That sounds like such an odd thing to say). As I said before, I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle these products that I want to haul but that I want to talk more about. A lot of blogs I read don't even do these random types of hauls, but I always have one or two extra things that don't really fit anywhere else and that don't really merit a post of their own.

Finally, I placed an order from Birchbox! I love ordering from Birchbox because of all the offers/discounts they have, along with the fact that I can spend my points and get money off anything! I like to wait until an item I am interested in has free shipping (it happens fairly often; whenever a brand gets featured in a Birchbox, most, if not all, of the products from that brand will have free shipping), I get a 20% a $35+ order promo code, and I have at least $10 in points. The stars have aligned to make this happen three times now, which is fairly frequent!
This time around I picked up the Wei Multi Mask Mask Trio! I love face masks, and I've heard some people talk about this brand, so I wanted to give it a try. It was $22 for this set of three masks, plus you get a brush to apply the masks. It works out to be about the same price if you were to buy the full sizes of the masks (they're sold in sets of single use pods; if you calculate it out, the pods are worth $5.50-$7.50 each).
In this set you get a Golden Root Purifying Mask, a Kakadu Brightening Mask, and a Manuka Bee Venom mask (along with a brush).
You use each mask once or twice a week, and you leave them on for five to ten minutes before washing them off. I've heard people say that they can get two uses out of each pod, but I've also heard people say that you have to use to whole pod to get the full benefit. I really like that this comes with a brush, especially since I can use it for all my mud masks!
 Ugh, sorry how teeny these are. I wanted to include the benefits/description of each mask along with its individual ingredients. You can probably click on the images to make them bigger if you're interested in reading them. The Golden Root mask is good for blemish prone skin and for removing impurities.
The Kakadu Plum mask is hydration and brightening and has the shortest list of ingredients. Kind of surprised to see no clay or mud or anything in the ingredients; I'm curious to see what the texture of it will be like.
The Manuka Bee Venom mask is the one that I am both the most excited to try and the most scared to. I've heard people say that if you are allergic to bees, using the mask can cause a reaction. I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic, I've been stung a few times before, but not for many years. It's not uncommon to randomly become allergic to something you've been exposed to before. I also read a comment where someone expressed concern about how they harvest the bee venom, especially since honeybees have been having such a hard time lately. I never even thought about that, and I am curious how my they harvest the venom. You can't just "milk" a bee like you can a snake; once a honeybee stings, it dies. If they harvested the venom from a wasp or something (they can sting multiple times), then maybe it's possible. Also, I hate wasps.
I also picked my first Smith & Cult nail lacquer! I've had my eye on this polish line for a little while, but it's been out of stock on Birchbox. Luckily, all the colors came back in stock while my promo code was still good so I bought one! It took me a long time to decide on the color, but I went with this one, City Of Compton, because it was one I didn't think I had a good dupe of.
This polish is a little on the expensive side at $18 a bottle, but oh my god is it worth it. The bottle itself is very heavy and luxurious feeling; the cap is is super solid and it has an abstract design (it's supposed to look all crumpled and dented). It's also one of those caps that pops off to make it easier for you to apply the polish.
I absolutely love the amount of time and love that was put into the design of this bottle! And, not only is the bottle super cool, but the formula of this polish is top-notch.
It's thick and creamy, but it's super easy to apply and is opaque in pretty much one coat. I always do two coats because I'm like that, but you could easily get away with just one. Smith & Cult was created by the same people who launched Hard Candy, so you know the formula has to be good. I am definitely (when I have a coupon code and points, that is) going to be purchasing more colors from this line!

And that's everything! Not too terribly crazy, but I found some new beauty loves for the month of May!

Thanks for reading! <3

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