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Zoya BOGO Haul! - Spring 2015 Delight Collection Plus Extras! - Swatch and Review

Hello! Hope you're having a great day! This post is going to be a closer look at my recent Zoya BOGO haul. I told myself I didn't need to buy any more nail polish, but on the very last day of the sale I caved in and bought eight polishes, which was the maximum you could buy for the the BOGO deal (you could get up to four polishes for fee). Along with the BOGO, Zoya also offered free shipping on orders $35+, and since four polishes equals $ worked out pretty perfectly.
I love ordering from Zoya; you get so many goodies! I got five out of the six colors from the Spring 2015 Delight collection along with three other polishes that have been waiting on my wishlist.
We'll start with the extras! With every order, Zoya includes an updated pamphlet that shows all 300+ colors they offer. It also includes some of the other nail items Zoya sells like remover and base/top coat. You can also see some the salon displays that Zoya offers; I also just figured out why Ulta is one of the only places I can find Zoya polishes; they only allow professional salons to sell their products, not drugstores or mass retailers and since Ultas are also salons, they're allowed to carry it (this is also why Ulta's can carry salon brands like Matrix and Redken). If I owned a salon and had to pick on brand of polish to use and sell, it would, hands down, without question, be Zoya.
I'm not sure if you have to buy a certain amount of polish to get these, but I seem to get them with every order I make; this time I even got two! These are the swatch/samplers for the Natural Satins collection and the Spring Delight collection. These are also included with the professional displays, so people can "try on" polishes before they buy them. I think it's funny that Zoya sends these to consumer orders since, most of the time, I'm buying the polishes from the collection that they're sending me the swatches of. I do like to collect them, though! Plus, since many of the collections consist of six polishes, you get six extra spaces to swatch whatever you want.
Since my order was over $30, I also got a mini 2fl oz bottle of Remove+ for free! I love how Zoya includes these freebies even if you're already getting a super awesome deal. This is a good nail polish remover, though I do like the OPI one a little bit better.

Now to the polishes! As you can see in the opening image, my polishes came shipped in two separate boxes; one that holds six polishes and one that holds three. My whole order came in a big cardboard box that was full of packing peanuts and bubblewrap so everything arrived safely. I'll start with the five polishes I got from the Spring Delight collection.
This is Daisy! Daisy is probably the most unique out of this collection and, after Tiana, the one I wanted the most. Zoya describes Daisy as a "refreshing lemon meringue yellow metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash". Fancy wording! Zoya also lists the opacity of their colors on a scale of 1 (sheer) to 5 (opaque) and labels Daisy as a 5.
My swatch is a little dark, but I really wanted to show off the blue shimmer. Which I think I failed to do, sadly. I did wear this polish and it was opaque on my nail after two coats. When you remove it you will get blue shimmer flecks everywhere, which is kind of annoying, but it's a very pretty and unique color!
Next we have Leslie, a "soft spring lavender metallic with an energizing turquoise flash". See a theme with the blue shimmer? I really like that Zoya decided to add the same color of shimmer to the three shimmer polishes in this collection; it provides a cohesiveness to the collection, plus it gave us Daisy! This polish is also listed as a 5 in opacity.
I tried again to show off the blue shimmer and I think I was a bit more successful this time. This is a little more of a warmer purple and the blue shimmer really makes it stand out in my collection.
 Rayne is the third shimmer in the Spring Delight collection. It is also a 5 in opacity and it is described as a "dewy, spring blue metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash". When I first heard about this color, I thought it would be kind of boring to have blue shimmer in a blue polish, but it's actually quite dimensional.
I was also kind of worried about getting two blues in this collection, but they are different enough that I think it's worth getting both.
On the topic of blue, this is Lillian, one of the three creams in this collection. It is a 5 in opacity as well and is described by Zoya as a "faded aquamarine with a glossy cream finish".
I had also heard that this color was very similar to another Zoya polish called Blu (which I have and love), but Blu is definitely more pastel and cool-toned where Lillian is a bit brighter and a smidge more green. Just a hint. I wore this polish in a gradient manicure and found the formula super easy to work with.
 The last polish I got from the Spring Delight collection is also the one I wanted the most: Tiana! This is described as a "pistachio gelato green in a glossy cream finish" and is a level 5 opacity.
I again heard this color was very similar to another Zoya polish, Neely (another I own and love), but, like Blu versus Lillian, Neely is a lot paler and more cold feeling (even though Tiana is a cool-tone as well). If you're not a big fan of these kind of pastels, then you can probably get away with owning on or the other, but if you're like me and you love these colors, you can own both without feeling like you have any color overlap. I also wore this in a gradient mani and again the formula was excellent.

I did not end up purchasing Eden because I'm not a fan of cream finishes (even though Zoyas have some of the best cream formulas) nor am I drawn to pink polishes. After getting my swatch wheel for the Delight collection, I actually kind of regret not getting Eden; it looks a lot nicer against my skintone than I thought it would. Zoya is having an Earth Day special right now and I am seriously considering picking up Eden.

Now for the three additional polishes I got! These are from various past collections and are all currently available in Zoya's permanent line.
First up is Cole! I don't have many orange polishes in my collection, and I really love this kind pastel-shade for spring/summer, so why not! I also got this as a semi-replacement for my China Glaze Peachy Keen; I like the color, but I'm not a fan of the formula. Zoya describes this as a "peach whisper cream (originally released during NYFW as Stella for Peter Som's SS14 Collection)" and, while it doesn't list the opacity, they do say it is full coverage.
I got a really nice opacity after two coats, so I would agree that this is a full coverage pastel orange. Also, look at that color! Gorgeous!
This is Marley, a "light baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish. A versatile, easy to apply and wear pastel shade that's never chalky or harsh." I included the little extra blurb because I do think it's important to note that this is an extremely wearable color. Zoya also lists the opacity of this polish as a 4; it's nicely opaque on my nails at two coats, but you can see some sheerness when it's on the nail wheel.

I debated between getting this color or Miley (mostly for the name...) but Miley is a lot more sheer, which is why I went with Marley. I have a couple of these chalky, pastel, cool-toned purples, but the pearl finish sets this one apart. Love it!
Finally, I got Tinsley. This polish has been in and out of my cart for a long time now. So I finally said the heck with it and got it! Zoa describes Tinsley as a "rose gold foil metallic" and it has a similar finish to Hazel and Faye, two other Zoya polishes that I love. Zoya lists the opacity of this polish as a 5 and that is both warm and cool toned.
Ah!, look at that shimmer and sparkle! It's so pretty! This is definitely a polish I would use OPIs Glitter Off base coat (or something similar) since all that fine shimmer/glitter will get everywhere when you take it off with remover, but it's totally worth it for how sparkly and gorgeous it is!

And that's my Zoya BOGO haul! I'm super happy I made this purchase and don't know what I was thinking when I told myself not to. I've been waiting to buy the Spring Delight collection for ages and there very, very rarely any deals better than BOGO with free shipping. I hope you found this post interesting and the swatches helpful when making your next Zoya purchase!

Thanks for reading! <3

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